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October 03, 2010

Starcana Weekly Horoscope: October 4-October 10

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The Moon enters analytical Virgo on Monday October 4 and it may feel a bit frustrating if we're trying too hard to make sense of our emotions and trying to put them into order. If we can successfully just let go of the urge for perfection, we've already tackled most of the problem.

Mercury squares Pluto on Tuesday October 5, and our perspective zeros in to information that has been hiding in the dark. Pay attention to practical details our views intensify. The Virgo Moon will feel like dissecting it all, which will only encourage unnecessary nervousness and suspicions thoughts. Try not to allow issues for control to brew or mislead you from your own guided path. Stay focused.

Moon enters Libra on Wednesday October 6, and we're seeking emotional stability. With certain aspects throughout the day, we may experience frustration as we try to figure out who we should please. A healthy balance will be necessary in order to make the day feel satisfying for everyone involved.

New emotional seeds are planted on Thursday October 7 as a New Moon in Libra rises. Our deepest and darkest internal energies begin to fertilize, as emotions and ego harmonize. Our dreams and goals have great potential to sprout new growth if we nurture and care for our visions. Think about what the focus is, and where we want to see areas in our life to begin and develop. With the New Moon in Libra, our aspirations should revolve around creating a wholesome balance in our relationships (platonic, romantic, professional, and estranged), but also with the relationship with ourselves. Other areas to concentrate on that are related to Libra, would be with legal issues, kind acts, material possessions, finances, and self worth. One note that I may add, is that wishing for others to pursue action is not the right approach, as we can not 'magically' make others do things that we want against their will. Create the intention to enhance our own personal growth - especially as Venus stations and retrogrades tomorrow. Affirmations are short phrases that are always helpful in specifying our needs, like small prayers to the Universe. Candle colors to burn at this time would be pink for love and nurturing energy, with white for universal stability, truth and justice. Be mindful as you put the vibes out there, as our thoughts become a part of us now. What we may wish on others, is also wished upon ourselves. Libra (like nature and the Universe) always acts as boomerang to create a balance.

Mercury will conjunct Saturn on Friday October 8, and our communicative thoughts become strong and grounded. The way that we transmit information is predetermined, creating accuracy as to what we expect, what we are wiling to accept, and what we will work for. Moon also enters Scorpio, and sensitivities deepen and become dark. We take cover and withdrawal from the world in order to conceal emotions that are slowly escalating with fear and suspicion. The more we detach from the outside world now, the more we internalize and gain self-control and personal power. So within, so without.

We have several planets that are in retrograde: Jupiter (Expansion), Uranus (Innovation) and Neptune (Transcendence). These planets that appear to be in reverse, increase our abilities to send us into 'reverse' as we step backwards to re-member, re-morse, re-act, etc. We are digesting these vibrations, creating inner expansion, inner innovation, and inner transcendence. In other words, we must be cooked and finished on the 'inside', before we are served and can act on the 'outside' world. Understanding this, we will experience Venus as she stations and prepares to retrograde for the next few weeks ahead. Our world that Venus governs (love, luxury, all relationships, values, finances, materials, desires, and self-worth) are on hold temporarily, as we 'step backwards' to reconnect with our required needs. Don't be influenced by any outside influences right now, as this is a time to re-center and reconnect with who we REALLY are, while being in touch with our emotions and self-worth. When we begin to understand our true selves, is when we attract what we want and deserve - and this can only be done through genuine work on our soul.

Our being and who we are; will most likely be determined by who (or what) we attract - so if you lack something in your life, then you lack that very same thing within yourself, which will be why you can not attract it . For an example, if you believe that you will never find the right mate, your belief makes that true. If you want respect, you need to have self-respect. Venus in retrograde is about self-love and falling in love with ourselves all over again. Be sure to also check out the musings of my pal Astrogrrl, as this can be quite a challenging period for some. Knowledge is power, and to gain your power, you must do as much research as you can! If you lost yourself through some difficult or confusing periods and have a need to reconnect with your core, you may enjoy my latest meditative practice about finding yourself and knowing your true purpose on the AstroCreep and TarotFreak blog.

Happy birthday to my husband and better half, who is the air beneath my wings. I love you!

Our desire to retain privacy from the limelight continues with the Scorpion Moon on Saturday October 9 and Sunday October 10. These vibrations spell creativity and passion until Sunday evening when Luna gallops into Sagittarius and we're all about partying with the world! And be sure to read your personal sun signs Astro-Tarotscope for October!

Make it a great week and shine on!

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