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February 07, 2007

Earth Goddess - Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn

These are my own original interpretations for the Court Cards, along with my creative descriptions of the elements and the astrology signs. As above, so below - I share the light AND the dark of each personality. Sincerely,

About the Earth Goddess...
The Goddess within the earth elements is a practical soul. She is the natural Provider. The Earth Goddess is strong and she is determined to succeed in her goals. She works hard, and is always working to structure and build- in both personal and professional areas of her life. She works hard for herself and for those she loves - to bring security, business, and reputation. Earth has a goal, and it is to work, build, provide, and own. Like our grand mountains... earth provides us stable land with rocks, and trees to build out homes and cities with. She provides us with rich soil to grow fruits and vegetables to feed us.

Earth is solid, raw, breathtaking, secure, and plentiful. She supports and provides us with many gifts. Her appearance is both earthy and strong. Take a look at her strong bone structure, and her dark hair and eyes that resemble her very own soil. Saturn (Capricorn), Venus (Taurus), and Virgo are Earth Goddesses.

Get to know the wonderful gifts that the earthy signs bring in our lives, and understand their pain when they feel betrayed - HERE.

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February 01, 2007

Sagittarius or Pisces

Dear Starcana - I am dating to two guys one is a Sagittarius and the other Picses, which is bad and which is good and why?? Should i run or stay??

Hi Rum -
I threw out some cards on your question: Knight of Pentacles (reversed), six of pentacles, and two of pentacles (reversed).

Without a date of birth for either guy - I will go strictly with the general sun sign / zodiac personality descriptions.

You are an Aries, which is a fire sign, and life can be a delicious dip in a bowl of cherries with the playful Sagittarius. He is guarranteed to bring you laughter, passion, and spontaneous adventures. The down side is that Sagittarius is also a fire sign. There will be power struggles between the two of you, and as much as you enjoy a good challenge or heated discussion - he does too. You can continue fighting and being stubborn - as you both enjoy a good competition. As a mutable sign, he eventually gets bored, and will just get up and leave for a new adventure.

Picses is the cozy little fish who is all about sensual lovemaking, pampering you for hours, and in a few hours... doing it all over again. His water can help tame the excitement and rage that most fire signs are imbedded with - but his water (and emotions) can completely dowse your spirited fire, and leave you bored and lifeless.

The decision would be up to you Rum, but if you prefer a stronger soul to keep up with your warrior spirit - then the Sagittarian might be more your style (at least until he gets tired of all the questions and drilling that you can be known for.)

As mentioned earlier - I pulled a few Tarot cards... and neither guy stood out more than the other, so I would probably suggest for you to run... especially since you have many goals of your own. Your goals seem to be put on hold - with too much if your concentration on these two guys.

You can also enjoy it while it lasts - but dont be afraid to go out and party with your friends. You never know who you can meet!

You can always visit my Goddess descriptions for the elements. I wrote them to describe females - but you can interpret them for the guys too! :-)

Fire Signs and the Sagittarius

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Release Emotional Pain

Dear Starcana - When will I find love again?? Will it last?

Hello Mona -
I drew the 3 of pentacles (reversed), temperance (reversed), death (reversed) for your question. You are finding your independence and self worth through your personal journey right now. I think that anything that you want, including love in your life - is available to you. It is about experiencing what YOU are capable of adding to a relationship - because of your self confidence and especially - liking yourself. Someone has taken those important qualities away from you, and right now... it is important to work hard in rediscovering yourself first.

As you do this, you will be able to let go of emotional hurts from your past that will give you permission to trust others again. How long that will take - is up to you. You can concentrate on your own personal healing - or you can continue to bring this pain along with you, which can act as a heavy anchor - restricting your progression toward love and personal fulfillment.
I would suggest that you take a temporary break from searching for love and enjoy being Mona again.


Express Your Deepest Fears

Dear Peichick,
Your email only had two names with two birthdays... and no question attached - so I will assume you need an answer of the two existing energies and if this is something that would be lasting. I pulled the 6 swords, the 3 of cups (reversed), and the page wands (reversed).

He is doing his best to understand you and not assume anything in regards to your relationship with this person. I see him very balanced, yet less emotional which seems to cause you concern. I am seeing your sadness with feelings of rejection - although that is not his intention to make you feel this way. There is a good chance of you making a decision to let this one go, or continuing to stay in this relationship - although you seem unsatisfied or unfulfilled. Rather than letting things go (because I do see your attachment) - try to be bold and express your deepest fears with him. Give him a chance to respond to your unhappiness - rather than accepting this at a loss - because I do see potential.


Promises or Heartache

Dear Starcana, My question: Is there a future with the mate I am with at the present?

Hello J... The cards that are prominent are the the king of wands (reversed), 7 of pentacles (reversed), and the 3 of swords.

Unfortunately, I do not see this particular person offering a strong future to you. There are signs of impatience, lack of understanding, and disagreements that will continue to get between the two of you. It seems as if the both of you are waiting for the other to change and give in. The energy and emotions invested into this relationship only lead to heartache... although there is already a lot heartache now. A new male friend will come along and offer you his compassion and friendship to mend your broken heart.
Keep your heart and your eyes open.