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November 30, 2008

Astrological Happenings, December 2008 Astrological Happenings for DECEMBER 2008, we find our hearts galloping and energized from last month's New Moon in Sagittarius. We'll experience passion and excitement during the next few weeks, along with speed and accidental 'wrong turns' in the direction of our goals - thanks to Uranus turning direct within the last few days. Be sure to take some deep breaths, to slow down impulsive actions at this time. Transformative Pluto left Sagittarius after 12 interesting years, and entered Capricorn on 11/26, which help to gain perspective and organization to reach our goals. It is a joyous time to celebrate our personal experiences and growth from hard lessons learned, while sharing our stories with friends and family. Use creativity and imagination to overcome any detours, to enjoy a smoother ride for 2009.

As needy Venus sits beside giving Jupiter 12/1, we find ourselves over-doing our actions now, from over-shopping, over-eating, over-drinking, over-working,and so on. Find time to calm the mind with meditation or some old-fashioned quiet time. Then in the next few days, Venus enters independent Aquarius on 12/7, and our individual desires and needs might be craving spontaneity for the next few weeks - forcing us to take totally different steps to figure out what we really want. And while it's okay be a little selfish now and then, just be sure to let loved ones know your intentions, to avoid some major misunderstandings. Bossy Sun squares Uranus on 12/10, and we will be totally focused on getting our way. Be kind to those who cross your path. Whether these steps are from deep determination or from sheer spite, expect to either be bulldozed over from oncoming individuals, or possibly yourself bulldozing those who get in the way. Slow down and plan accordingly during this pushy time, wear your seat-belts, and be sure to have car brakes inspected.

Chatty Mercury enters Capricorn, and minds are focused on wise investments for more beneficial outcomes. Practical Christmas gifts may be on the agenda at this time as well, rather than the latest gadget or fashion trend. On 12/12, agitated egotistical Mars feels entitled to be in the spotlight, and rudely clashes head-on with unconventional Uranus. This energy could have us feeling controlled or pushed into a corner - and possibly angry and defensive. Someone could also be looking to vent in a major way. Communication is more than likely, not expressed clearly - and could very well accelerate the situation. Use patience and caution on this day. Read the directions, or look both ways before crossing traffic. Ground any surplus of energy with stress-management activities like yoga, meditation, or just taking a long walk with your ipod and favorite music. Take a hat or umbrella, as weather could also be overactive and forceful. The Full Moon is a bit gentler as she rests in earthy Capricorn on 12/12. With good preparation from earlier weeks of effort (and no temper tantrums), timing could provide us with a happier experiences with closer steps to reaching projected goals, or possible success.

Emotional, promotional, or financial expectations, along with enthusiasm may feel pretty stifled on 12/15, as self-absorbed Mars confronts grumpy Saturn. Release frustrations around this time, and don't jump to conclusions - as this is a chance to exhibit patience and teamwork, and creatively putting everything in order. Challenges deliver us opportunities , to be careful of what we are wishing for. Watch out for road rage behavior at this time, or unexpected confrontations. These uncontrollable cosmic vibrations should finally begin to settle down around the Winter Solstice on 12/21, as the Sun also enters business-minded Capricorn. This free horoscope from suggests that we should be feeling good about what we have worked and accomplished so far, so that we can relax and turn our interests toward helping and giving to others. As the energy and excitement of Hanukkah and Christmas nears.. Mercury sextiles Uranus on 12/24, and releases magical energy into the air, where holiday scrooges could surprise others with a last minute gift! The Moon also enters Sagittarius, giving us permission to allow other people into our homes and hearts. Look your best, as you never know who you might meet! Everything and everyone will be expressing generously, which could surprise us all with more gifts, more friends, more family, as well as more food, more drink, and more opinions. Curb thy tongue, and let opinions go in one ear, and out the other.

2008 closes with competitive Mars in Capricorn, and the New Moon in Capricorn. Positive energy to launch the new year with realistic goals, in both personal and professional areas of our lives. A quiet, somber mood could take place on New Year's Eve, as over-worked Saturn turns retrograde. The Moon in Aquarius dares us to be different from the rest. Celebrations could be quieter, with an earlier sleep schedule, as New Year resolutions are restructured, living life more responsibly. Please be safe, and don't drink and drive - and may 2009 deliver, what you put into it! 

Happy New Year!
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Starcana TAROTSCOPE - December 2008

The *One Card Message* for December 2008 - comes from Five of Wands which suggests that everything will be active as well as over-active for the coming weeks. We will have no idea where we're coming, or where we'll be going - if we don't take the necessary time to stabilize our actions with an orderly plan. Our old attitudes and old ways will be challenged, forcing us to change, to revamp what is working for us, and to remove what isn't working anymore. Frustrations and impatience will be overwhelming during this month, possibly making us feel like we need to work 'faster and harder' to achieve our emotional or financial goals. Resentments, anger, and fear could also rise, making us defensive of our vulnerable emotions and intentions. Choose quality, over quantity at this time.
As the season changes, from Autumn to Winter, change in our life is also inevitable right now. While change can be frightening for some, it can also be quite exciting. It is important to feel adventurous with strength and courage, and simply follow the wind to take direction. It is a time to stop fighting the current, in order to relax, to exhale, and to digest the coming opportunities that are drifting our way. Tackle one project at a time, with one emotion at a time. Cross it off your list of to do, and feel the burden lift. Allow each step, each failure, each doubt, to intuitively steer you in the right direction toward success, for the growth of your own soul. Allow this spark to mold and transform your ego and confidence, into an ever-lasting light of spirit.

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November 04, 2008

Astrological Opinion - Obama vs McCain

In regards to some of the questions that I have personally received about your Obama versus McCain questions, along with my views, I just thought that I would gather my thoughts and write something for everyone, from the presidential race, Obama's grandmother a passing, and those who claim it was just another trick up Obama's sleeve to win votes.

I'm not studied in politics, so this is simply my own humble opinion. First, Obama doesn't need to "fake a strategy" to win. He beat Scorpion Hilary Clinton (who was my personal democratic preference). He also had already won a big chunk of influential votes.... ALL before the passing of his grand mother.

In a very GENER AL astrological explanation - Obama has tons of Leo planets to gain natural attraction and popularity - just like Madonna, Jennifer Lopez , Mick Jagger, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Robert Redford, Hulk Hogan , Robert Deniro, along with our past president Bill Clinton! Leo's pride themselves on leadership, honor, and strength. They also stand out and grab people's attention, whether they want to, or not. Obama's natural gift of speech and intellect comes from his clever Gemini Moon ( Mercury aka communications).

With the challenging comments and attitudes regarding Obama, with his color, race, background , experience, etc, I have this to add: As transformational Pluto slowly exits Sagittarius, and enters toward into Capricorn... a very important lesson for us all to learn, is to use our gained wisdom and knowledge to make choices, rather than using personal assumptions and harsh judgments - for our own personal convenience.

As an example, certain individuals feel that only a white person should have a chance at the presidential status, and not a Black man, nor a Muslim. Their attitude is that in order to run the country in the right direction, you must be Male.... with a religious Christian/Catholic background, with a good head for business. These qualifications are obviously out-dated, and have failed the test and our country - since Bush is a male, he's white, he's a business man, and he's a religious Christian. He supposedly met all the  conditions required, and he managed to hurt all our American citizens, American businesses, American families, along with hurting the rest of the world who depend on our country.

We, the American people, ALL have the freedom to pursue our own ideas of American dream. The real beauty of the United States, is that it is filled with a beautiful mixture of Caucasians , African- Americans, Muslim- Americans, Latin - Americans, Asian - Americans. Italian- Ameri cans, German- Americans, Indian- Americans, Mexican- Americans, and etc. Together, we are all One. Each of make America what it is.

So if an American (he OR she) is black, white, yellow, red) has worked responsibly to obtain the necessary years of education, along with the years of experience, and sacrifices to reach their goals - the rewards are there for the taking, despite color, race, age, etc. Obama grew up black , in a white world. He was also raised by a single mom. He knows what hardships are about, and what life is like for those who are less fortunate. I personally admire his hard work and effort to graduate at the top of his class in Harvard. My friend just informed me (since I am not trained in politics) that he also was the first ever African-American, to be voted to be president at Harvard. Whether Caucasian, African-American, Indonesian, Muslim... who cares! THAT kind of achievement and drive deserves supreme credit and a grand applause! 
But again, with Pluto lessons in the philosopher Sagittarius, as well as Spiritual Pisces in Logical Aquarius - we are to look past a person's shell (their skin and attached misfortunes) - and instead, look into their heart and their intention.

So today, we have big frustrations happening in the Universe, which of course, is interesting on an important day like today! A MAJOR 'Tug-of-War' is going on between Saturn ( Mr. Traditional) who opposes Uranus (Mr. Change). This will have many asking... Should we continue with old-fashioned and out-of date paper and pencil (because it's safe), or should we dare to stray into the unknown, toward change with the future of technology (because change represents growth)?  Same difference with the presidential race - Republican or Democratic? Black or White? Old or New? 

As an optimistic Sagittarius (yes, we always see the glass half full), I am personally leaning towards change for the future myself... with a Democratic win. But as we all know, in any game - long- lasting strength and stamina is a must! So I believe it will be a unique day, and interestingly close between the two parties. It's hard to actually say which way it will end up though, because despite his age, McCain is quite capable of determination and grit! I have a very high respect for the honorable John McCain and what he stands for, but again, I believe change is inevitable. But Uranus is wild and freaky at times, and he's use to surprising us when we least expect it, so I'd say it won't be over until the fat lady sings!!!

So with this, I say - May the "BEST Man for the Job" win...  because our children will depend on him, America will depend on him, as will the rest of the world. 

It's gonna be an interesting night... time to make the coffee.

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November 02, 2008

Free Horoscopes - Free November 2008 Horoscope

Astrological Happenings
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Starcana Horoscope
Free Monthly Horoscope for November 2008 starts the month with a New Moon in passionate Scorpio, with tiny emotional seeds planted - with a new determination to finally release "what's not working anymore" - in order to find ourselves. The next few weeks can either be very pleasurable, or very disturbing - which will all depend on our attitude about letting go of old influences and old attitudes. This is all about cutting the cord, and removing the burden - to finally move forward.

On 11/02 Daylight Saving Time ends, and sleepy Neptune finally turns direct after 6 stifling months, allowing the flow of our emotions and creativity, to stir inspirations and dreams once again. Party on! Venus squares Saturn on 11/03 and we could find ourselves struggling with 'what we want' and 'the amount of work involved' to get what we want. Expect frustrations and denial to rise when the going gets tough!

And if the week couldn't get any better - inner conflicts rise quickly as Mercury enters Scorpio on 11/04, as some of us may be seriously considering quick and easy options to upgrade our life, or situations. We will also experience the powerful energy of traditional Saturn opposing alternative Uranus. We could break an ongoing trend or attitude to find our way. Use good judgement before any action takes place during this time. This energy will have a ton of tension tugging away on each end, 'to do' or 'not to do'.

Then with this historical event happening in the presidential votes... we experience, traditional and old-fashioned Saturn, representing McCain and the republican party, verses the alternative change of Uranus, Obama and the democrat party. I personally feel that the electrical current will be energizing a strong change for the future. Especially with Mars and the Sun sitting in Scorpio, also influencing an aggressive push for movement - but may the 'best man' for the job win.

On 11/10, the vibrant Sun sextiles optimistic Jupiter, and trines outrageous Uranus - and we could be feeling extremely positive and confident, with a smile from ear to ear. This is a powerful day to reach out to important contacts, who could benefit us both personally and professionally. Be bold, take smart chances, and reach for the stars! Venus then enters mountain-climbing Capricorn, conjuncting power-driven Pluto on 11/12, boosting responsibility and effort, to possibly upgrade your position in your life plans. Dress to impress! The Full Moon arrives on 11/13 and rises with plentiful Taurus, grounding our ideas and thoughts with another shot of luck that seems to come out of nowhere. The wheels start turning as Jupiter teams up with Uranus. Continue to work through doubts and fears, as you could feel like efforts may be a waste of time when the Sun and Neptune square later on this day. Time will pass, so stay motivated.

If you have been slacking on going after your goals, you may get a burst of energy around 11/16 as steamrolling Mars enters risk-taking Sagittarius. Most of us will find ourselves challenging our own efforts, and trying harder now. Work hard, make smart decisions, and be sure to get proper rest. On 11/17 Mercury squares Neptune and we could begin procrastinating again and getting off course. This is why proper rest is encouraged. Later in the week, on 11/21, Powerful Sun also enters adventurous Sagittarius, allowing creative thoughts and optimism to guide us on our journey. Enlightenment arrives, as spiritual Jupiter trines responsible Saturn - and have you reaping what you have sown. (Hope you've been a lot less naughty, and a lot more nice for the past few months!)

On 11/23, we will also have Mercury joining the Sagittarian party, and we will enjoy having more friends and family around us. We Sagittarian's enjoy the old saying, 'the more the merrier!'. All work and no play could stifle the creativity. All of this busy movement in the planets, will help us along on our journey... if moving forward is part of your goal. If we haven't let go of the necessary burdens that have been weighing us down on our goals, fatigue and frustration may set in. Gently peel away the layers of mold in your life, from certain individuals who stunt your growth, to old attitudes or resentments that keep you focused on memories, rather than on the future.

On 11/26, transformational Pluto finally packs his bags after 12 years in Sagittarius, and finds a new place to decay - as he lands in Capricorn for the next 15 years. Pluto's motion offers a good kick in the pants to those who need it, and offers reconstruction of one's weaknesses - which will come with a heavy price, if you want to enjoy the rewards at the end of the rainbow. Always remember, that underneath all the challenges of change - lies opportunities for growth.

On Thanksgiving Day 11/27, we have a New Moon in motivating Sagittarius, and you will need to be your own life coach for the next few weeks. Communicate your fears and goals with yourself, and at the same time - be a good listener! Sagittarius' New Moon energy provides us with generous gifts of spirit, inspiration, laughter, and growth - if we choose to fly higher than the rest, pursuing love and happiness.

Give thanks, and share your blessings with family, friends, and those less fortunate. Be gracious and show gratitude for all that you have. Be grateful for life's hard lessons that you have experienced, and the gifts (both good and bad) that you have received during the process. Respect the Universe - as what you have sown - you have received. Appreciate your wisdom, and be thankful for your blessings.

Free-spirited Uranus also makes a major direct move today - after 5 stale months of the unknown. Expect the unknown to shatter, and have you plunging into making some serious future decisions. This positive change forces a long overdue situation to shift, allowing us to finally exhale, and chase the life again. By making the right choices during these busy weeks in November, we could REALLY feel like today is the first day of the rest of our life! Enjoy! And keep on smiling!

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Starcana Tarotscope
One Card Message for November - comes from the powerful Magician, who suggests that what we seek, we already have. Trust what you know, and who you are at this time, rather than following the crowd. Use precious time to learn more about yourself, to know what you want in your life, and what you will need to do - to achieve it. Research educational writings, feed the brain with knowledge, and listen to wisdom from past failures. You are your thoughts... and what you believe, will happen.

Use these weeks in November to remove overpowering negativity from your personal space. Communicate your goals with the Universe, with yourself, and with those who matter. (Those who matter won't mind what you are doing for yourself, and those who mind won't matter.) Choosing to grow is personal decision and a sign of mature responsibility, for any age. You are separating yourself from the normal crowd, and growing as a responsible individual. Those who choose to stunt our growth with unjust behavior and negative opinions, will be limited from our time, or simply left behind. We are in control of our life, and creating the world that we want, and choosing who will join us for the ride. From this point, we can only move forward now - and relish in the rewards of healing; body, mind, and spirit.

Know realistically, what you want and can have in your life tomorrow. Cut the cord from emotional attachments (whether favorable or unfavorable) to figure out if what you are holding onto, and if it (or he/she) benefits your development to achieve happiness - or if it (or he/she) distracts you from your goal, and hinders your progress.

Tomorrow's excitement of enchantment and brilliance is sitting in your hands. Are you ready to create it?

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Happy Birthday Scorpio!
Born October 23 - November 21.... Scorpio is the sign of the scorpion. They are magnetic, forceful, sexual, and Spiritual. Once you have been stung by a's hard to get them out of your skin. These original interpretations from let you know that the Scorpions are incredibly passionate, persistent, and intense. This sign is ruled by Pluto, the planet of transformations and regenerative forces in life. Scorpio is a female water sign and is fixed, which creates a very determined person with great power. The Water element of their strong emotions runs deep and powerful. Some Scorpions are known for being terribly secretive, insanely jealous, or even violent. Often at times, they might seem as if they are impassive or unapproachable but their obsessive emotions, like the tides of the ocean, come at you in full force. They also love a good mystery, so the less you reveal about yourself, the more they will be inclined to try and figure you out. Their best color is black for letting go. The sign of the Scorpion rules the bladder and the genitals, which can make them prone to venereal diseases and bladder infections.
Celebrity Scorpions: Keith Urban, Cherry Jones, Chad Kroeger of Nickleback, Jenny Mccarthy, Julia Roberts, Dwight Yoakum, Ellen Pompeo, Joaquin Phoenix, Meg Ryan, Roseanne Barr, Ciara, Sean P Diddy Combs, Bigg Snoop Dogg, Ethan Hawke, Tonya Harding, RuPaul, Leonardo DiCaprio, Demi Moore, Weird Al Yankovic, Sally Field, Jimmy Kimmel, Winona Ryder, Hilary Clinton, Nick Lachey, Billy Graham, Charles Manson, Condoleezza Rice, Brad Paisley, Kelly Osbourne, Jack Osbourne, Corbin Bernsen, James Pickens Jr., Harry Hamlin, Chris Knight, Bill Gates.

What's New! in November
In light of my November horoscope - life is truly what we make of it - and I am pretty content with what I have created. Is there room for improvement? Oh....of course there is! Geez, if everything was picture perfect in my life, I would get totally bored and restless. I've been active with my personal life, as well as with my professional life. Other than my website and phone readings - my metaphysical business has been keeping me busy with fair readings, along with Halloween tarot parties. It's been a blast and I have been experiencing a lot of fun! I enjoy meeting new people, and while helping them, I also get to share some laughter, some tears, and a cool connection. I've tried expanding my hours for those of you that have requested evening hours, but I doubt that my hours will continue this way, with as much as I have going on. ummm, can you say 'burning the candle at both ends'?

I've been so occupied, that I had to turn down a VERY cool invitation to do intuitive readings and experience supernatural activity in an old building in Connellsville PA. That would've been SO cool. I love all that paranormal stuff - especially since that is the very thing that got me started into all of this! And geez, if that wasn't bad enough, I didn't even get to really celebrate Halloween (my FAVORITE holiday!) and dress up this year - cause I was just too pooped out! I am definitely going to have to structure my time better and stick with it. And everyone knows how we Sagittarian's NEED our freedom for fun - in order to inspire any creativity! ::ugh::

So what did I do to celebrate Halloween, since I stayed home to recharge my batteries? I watched the sci-fi channel 'Ghost Hunters LIVE' as paranormal teams inspected old Delaware buildings for ghosts and other strange occurrences. Then exactly at midnight, I turned down the tv, lit a candle, and did a yearly reading for myself with a 12 month zodiac tarot spread! (How cool is that!?) LOL, yea, it doesn't take much to get me excite! But if you're interested in having your own yearly Zodiac Tarot spread done for 2009, you can request one when purchasing a "Wickedly Generous Email Reading".

(Oh, and speaking of hours - don't forget to adjust your clocks on November 1, 2008 as Daylight Saving Time ends at 2am).

I've also created some extra offers on my site, like reading specials, earning free minutes for a reading, a first time caller special, purchasing gift certificates, etc, all available on my Starcana Specials webpage.

Something else that is new, is that I have recently become a contributer to Curb Magazine, of Westmoreland County with my horoscope column 'Astrological Happenings'. How cool is that?

And during my entertainment performances, I had a cool headpiece created for my party costume - and being very pleased with Nessa's chain work, I wanted to share her artistic talent and metal chain website: Nessa's Leather & Chain for anyone who might be interested in their own design! Thank you again Nessa! :o)

Last... if you are interested in getting some insight about your life, relationship, or situation - try my service for 10 minutes on my local number, for only 20.00 (I accept Mastercard, Visa, and Discover). My schedule is 10am-6pm est, Monday thru Friday. Call: 724-832-9283

Happy November, don't forget to vote, and enjoy your holiday!

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