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May 30, 2010

Astrological Happenings Horoscope: May 31 - June 6

The compassion and kindness that we may normally share with others begins to flatline on Monday May 31 as Neptune in Aquarius begins her retrograde journey until November. As Neptune puts her motion into reverse, so does the unconditional love and understanding that is attached to it. The care and sympathy that we share with others is now preserved for our own self-healing. We have five months to detach from what we have been yearning for, and transform that energy into self-love - by remembering and releasing that which has not comforted our hearts. We are not fooled so easily by the illusions that romantic relationships or professional partnerships can deliver. We internalize and protect our heart, to help us reconnect with our own source of imagination, faith, and dreams. Creative Neptunian pursuits that we may find ourselves diving into can include wellness, music, yoga, art, and meditation - to reach nirvana. On the flip side, some may choose to escape reality as a way to find heaven in areas of alcohol, sex, drugs, food, and other areas to avoid a healthy change in order to find joy. We are reaching deep within our souls to find our own aspirations, vision, and truth. It's time to listen to listen to the music that our heart wants to sing. Inspire yourself, to create the world that you are looking for. The Capricorn Moon sets the right mood to stabilize our emotions so that we can take of what matters most - our family, reputation, and work.

Moon enters Aquarius on Tuesday June 1, encouraging us to put our sensitivities on the side and to do the right thing. We're inspirational, full of hope, and handle life intellectually. A Moon/Sun trine adds opportunity and growth between our emotions and self-esteem. Make the day shine.

The Aquarian Moon still has us in a strategic mood on Wednesday June 2, and we try to figure out how to make this a better world. A grim feeling may overwhelm us with a Moon/Mercury square that causes a disruption between our emotions and our head. Work with an idea that is realistic and achievable - rather than setting yourself up with something that is unreachable.

Our day mellows as Moon gently rocks her way into Pisces on Thursday June 3. We're daydreaming with the music that is playing in our head while creativity stirs our soul. Encourage brainstorming in your work and promote romance to invite love. A Moon/Mars opposition in the earlier part of the day could have us a little edgy and reacting too quickly. Later, a Moon/Pluto sextile adds sparkle to ignite passion and intimacy. We're ready to explore our private fantasies and share our deepest darkest secrets.

Advancing or relating with others could be struggle on Friday June 4 with a Mars/Neptune opposition. We may be ready to move on something too quickly without thinking it through first - possibly hindering a favorable outcome. Illusions could cause careless or deceitful behavior. Use extra caution, and don't give away trust so easily now. Clumsiness may be unavoidable if we're not paying attention. It's just as important to watch our footing and where we are stepping. A Moon/Sun square can cause friction between our heart and our strength. Use patience to make smart decisions today.

A Moon/Saturn opposition creates an aura of discontentment and grumpiness on Saturday June 5, and nothing may please or make us happy. Things may not get finished or resolved. Working harder to achieve satisfaction may feel like we're trying to move a mountain. Be aware of the stress of the day, work slowly, and know when to give yourself and/or others a break.

Moon enters Aries on Sunday June 6, and we're much quicker to respond and take control. Energy increases while we see the possibilities ahead. Jupiter also enters Aries for the next three months, expanding our need to venture into the unknown. Curiosity may get the best of us now as Jupiter teams us with Uranus, making our new direction and dreams more intriguing and sparkly. Aries represents the individual self. Add Uranus and we're rebellious against the same old patterns and people. We dare ourselves to find the courage to head in the opposite direction - to do the unthinkable. Add Jupiter, and we expand and explore life in a grand way. Our ability to take risks and face fears can bring great blessings and a new appreciation for life. Like everything else, planets have a bright side, but also a 'not so bright' side. Depending on where they lay in your natal chart, Uranus and Jupiter have the ability to enhance an abundance of ego and entitlement. Assuming that luck is on our side may block our vision and lead us down a different path. Know which cards to play, and what to keep. Knowledge is power, so play it smartly. Later, inner fears scratch at the surface with a Moon/Pluto square, and our reactions communicate a need for solitude. Find quality time to calm, and if that is impossible - pop in a flick where everyone can escape into a movie and not share insecurities.

On a personal note, I was a fan of LOST. I thought it was rather cool that the show was born in 2004, and became a huge success while Uranus was in Pisces 2003 - 2010. Uranus urges us to use our brain to find solutions in puzzles and LOST always brought the intrigue to keep us interested. In Pisces, the focus would be on dreams, the unknown, death, and an end of a cycle. While a new life waited for group, they weren't aware that 'their cycle' had ended - causing them to feel 'lost' and confused. Uranus /The Awakener, always sent signals to help them wake up from their dream - to see life as it is, rather than as imagined.

Compare this thought to your own chart by looking at what house Pisces rules, and where you may have had your own illusions that created guilt, confusion, endings, and the way you perceive life. This is where Uranus forced you to SEE and not be 'lost' anymore. You should have found illusions and masks evaporating. We managed to survive an end of a cycle, allowing direction to become visible to us again. The dream is over. Iit is time to let go and move on. Concentrate on creating the world that you want to live in.

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Make it a great week!

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Astrological Happenings, by Starcana, Suzi Dronzek

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May 23, 2010

Astrological Happenings Horoscope: May 24 - May 30

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There's a lot of cosmic activity going on in the heavens, and hopefully you are rolling with the waves, rather than against them. This weekend had some powerful oppositions for us to deal with, and depending on some of the choices that we were faced with, this week Monday May 24, will start off on a cool note as a Libra Moon strives to detach from sensitivities. As we concentrate solely on the facts, we leave no time to take anything personally. Utilize the scale's cardinal energy to tackle projects to keep the mind busy to access inner balance.

We're likely to find more comfort in concentrating on our own lives as Moon enters Scorpio on Tuesday May 25. With our emotions in a vulnerable place, we can feel easily threatened and be a little too observant of others. As suspicions grow, so will our obsession to get to the heart of the matter. We can experience strong waves that disturb our inner calm, so it will be important to quiet pent-up feelings... but with Venus in protective Cancer we may find it is easier to hold on to our insecurites and brood.

Our self-doubts could weigh heavy on us as Sun inconjuncts Pluto on Wednesday May 26, where we may unknowingly choose to 'fix others' in order to avoid our own personal transformations. Ignoring our own truth will create a false of happiness, and lead us in a path of confusion. As Moon squares Mars, we feel ignored and stifled, with an aggressive need to react. With Luna still in the predator mode of Scorpio, it will be much wiser to channel the energy into a healthier place. Meditation is suggested, as well as working positively with the energy of your personal tarot card message.

Emotions are conveniently stuffed into our backpacks as we get back to life and the living on Thursday May 27, when Moon enters optimistic Sagittarius. We choose to not be a slave to our feelings, and aim for fresh air and sunshine. With a Full Moon beaming brightly, her light shines on travel, communications, higher knowledge, and being 'in the moment'. The Sagittarian Full Moon brings great illumination upon the truth, and answers are retrieved now - which promote great movement in our life. This new insight will help us to discover if we still learning, or if we have learned a great lesson that we must teach to others. This Moon can be a bit of a LOUD 'know it all', so beware of boasting. Listening is a more purposeful deed, that the need to be right.

But to recap, we had a New Moon in Taurus back on May 13, blessing us with a new emotional approach to an old problem. It was suggested that we make the intention available, asking the heavens for a shiftindirection. Taurus represents Mother Earth energy, so we were to plant 'something' into our worldtoproduce growth - whether an idea, a wish, a thought. Then our own effort, we should see the truth and movement of our situation produced by the light of today's Full Moon. Have you begun to reap what you have sown?

A major transit happens today as Uranus, also known as the 'Great Awakener' enters Aries for the next eight years. To catch up with where we have been, so that you understand where are are going, Uranus traveled through Pisces from 2003-2010. Think about some of the significant changes that have taken place for you during this time period. Pisces is the last sign of the zodiac, representing our dreams, escape, and our endings. For the past seven years, Uranus was waking us to the leftover debris that was still in our lives - our burdens, unnecessary emotional attachments, self-defeating behaviors, and so on. No more guilt, remorse, or excuses. Uranus woke us to the dreams and deceptions in our lives. Enlightenment and awareness rebelled against the fog in our minds. Uranus enforced that change was needed within our lives, causing a series of bumps in the road, so that we could see life from a different perspective.

Now that we have completed a long cycle, Uranus slides into courageous Aries, with a promise for a new beginning. Aries represents the first sign or baby of the zodiac, fresh starts, and the self, or number one. We can now treat ourselves to the enhancing opportunities are promised to deliver personal changes, individuality, and self-expression. We see all in a new light, everything is shiny and sparkly that keeps us faced to the future, rather than to the past. We return to our natural being. We come alive, and get a second chance to change for the better. Uranus electrifies, shocks, and takes great risks to chase dreams and be the person we are. We let go of individuals who distract us from our growth, or we let go of stale thoughts. Our social circle expands as we literally 'come into ourselves' and exploit our uniqueness. We appreciate being one of a kind, and insecurities are put to rest as we embrace our inner geek.

My personal thoughts as to what I can see happening during the following years, is that a big change in our individual characters will be developing. Each sign carries positive and negative traits, and in Aries we will see the honorable knights in shining armor rise, doing the 'right' thing because it's the 'right' thing to do. We may see a substantial increase in those who wish to protect honor and justice again, like in old careers like attorneys, officers of the law, military, as well as a development in 'homemade heroes' who take matters into their own hands. Education will expand into importance, professors, teachers, and even the job of parenting - to illuminate, and teach morals and good behavior. Now Aries has its dark side too, and can be very selfish and greedy. We could see villains, terrorists, and criminal activity increasing - which will actually balance out the work for our newest superheroes. I also imagine that bullying will increase until we have the proper shift of brave souls who take a stand to make a change - and Uranus is all about making positive changes. While Pluto (transformation) in Capricorn (foundation, family, and reputation), will continue to reveal and remove crooks, thieves, and 'bad guys' - to help renew the world with come much needed integrity, respect, and decency.

Aries rules the head, face, brain, and I believe that Uranus could trigger areas associated with these areas... from changes in the muscle and nerve reaction on our face, be it the skin, vision, brain, hearing, our mouth - so just be sure to get your regular yearly check-up's, as precaution can be sometimes be the best medicine. We could see an increase in energy level and metabolism, but if we're not using it properly, we may expect to experience high measures of irritability, anxiousness, and worry.

In the Tarot, The Fool (Uranus) leaps into the heart of The Emperor (Aries), encouraging us to change the way we rule our lives. We become liberated and take bold risks to change our world, which frees us from incrustation. Sitting on our throne to protect the home-front and reputation just isn't cutting it anymore, and we crave excitement and adventure. We want to show ourselves off, expose our talents, and see what's going on outside these four walls.

Earth-wise, Uranus interconnects with Mars (Aries ruler) surprising us with more fire-related situations, from domestic fires to wild fires, along with an increase in lightning, fierce winds, and volcano activity - which can be interpreted in The Tower card, as fire falls from the heavens, lighting up the sky and earth.

We may ignore our desires and logic temporarily on Friday May 28, as Moon inconjuncts Venus and Mercury. If uncertainty leaves you feeling confused, take a suggestion from the Sagittarius moon... Go take a walk and get some fresh air!

Frustrations may get the best of us on Saturday May 29, if we allow challenges to get in our way. Search for creative solutions. Moon becomes settled as she grounds herself in warm Capricorn, enabling us to react more civil. A quiet evening with close friends or family may help to close the circle and give us a sense of belonging.

I recently posted a new article Tarot Affirmations for Backbone and Integrity on the Astrocreeps and TarotFreaks blog. Whether or not you have an interest in the Tarot, you may have an interest in the concept that I created behind the image of this card. Here is a short blurb:

"...think about a specific issue that you have been struggling over. What are dealing with, and how does it affect you and your life? What would you eventually like to accomplish from this situation, once you get through the chaos of tough decisions? What genuine action have you contributed, in order to create a favorable solution?" Jump over to this article to read more >>

After four months of being retrograde, Saturn stations on Sunday May 30. The Taskmaster took a few steps backwards, from Libra (personal relationships, professional partnerships, enemies) and fell into the root of issues when he re-touched upon Virgo (our service to others, work, health, habits). This gave him a permit to assess the weaknesses and potential breakdowns that were stressed - helping us to recognize that blame wasn't fixing the problem anymore - as we are part of the blame. We now have have a chance to start rebuilding our lives with this brand new knowledge, and eventually repair the way that we relate to others.

Make this a great week!


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Astrological Happenings by Starcana, Suzi Dronzek

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May 17, 2010

Weekly Astrology Insight: May 17-May 23

Monday May 17, We start this new week with some big self-indulgence accompanied by Venus/Jupiter square. Venus rules our money and relationships, and we just can't seem to get enough of love and security. We probably don't know what we want, or why we need it - but thanks to today's hungry Cancer Moon - we know that we want it, and we want it now.

In regards to personal relationships and professional partnerships - be on the lookout for entitlement and false promises. Someone could manipulate a situation, and be willing to say or do just about anything to get their way. With money and finances, try to avoid taking any risks, especially during the earlier part of the day. Trust shouldn't come lightly, so use caution, ask the right questions, and read between the lines. It would benefit us greatly if we detach and practice awareness. Know where our limitations lie.

"Self-respect is the fruit of discipline; the sense of dignity grows with the ability to say no to oneself." ~Abraham J. Heschel

Later this evening, a harmonious aspect between Sun/Jupiter allows room for opportunities to be produced. Our confidence beams brightly as we take direction and lead, with wisdom and clear communication as part of our team. Someone is bound to be in a good mood and smiling ear to ear! Continue detaching to stabilize your personal vibrations as tension increases with tomorrow's Venus/Saturn square.

Tuesday May 18, We have powerful lessons that can be learned about the way we handle our relationships and money with Venus/Saturn square. Rather than moving forward to face fears, someone may choose to charm instead, to dodge responsibilities. Inner struggles, blame, and possible disagreements can be possible. Be willing to be creative and do what is needed to meet other's halfway. Money, work, and finances could take a blow if we refuse to be responsible and disciplined. Communicate honestly, clearly, and gently.

Promises for growth are delivered later, with a trine with Venus/Neptune and another with Sun/Saturn. This can prove to be quite beneficial and rewarding for those who aren't afraid to step up to the plate to do what is right - but for everyone involved. It's time to make magic happen! Luckily, Leo Moon will provide us with the right amount of confidence and encouragement to take center-stage, to take it all to the next level.

Wednesday May 19, The afternoon is filled with intensity, so hold on tightly to the reins of your emotions and behavior. Todays Leo Moon is quick to react instinctively, rather than waste time strategizing. The emotional energy of the lion produces raw and honest performance, with no patience for deception nor corruption.

Someone is bound to be confused or misleading with Sun/Neptune square. Something has the appearance of looking exceptionally shiny, but buyers beware. Perhaps something becomes lost, or someone conveniently avoids the truth. Either way, a piece may be missing from the puzzle, and Mercury/Pluto trine enhances our vision to cut through the illusions. Interruptions and annoyances can agitate us with the Venus/Uranus square, giving us a need to break free from relationships that limit us - physically, emotionally, or mentally. Sparks can fly now... either negatively in a challenged partnership - or excitingly in a 'love at first sight' meeting. We're attracted to something or someone that normally wouldn't appeal to us, as we seek independence and originality. Some of us could be humming 'You can't always get what you want, And if you try sometime you find, You get what you need' from the Rolling Stones ~or~ 'and if you can't be, with the one you love honey, then love the one your with'. I think you get my drift.

Tonight, Venus leaves Gemini along with the need to socialize, and enters Cancer who yearns to travel back home, or within ourselves. We crave to be nurtured and coddled. If we aren't getting what we need from others, then we become self-reliant and take care of ourselves. The next four weeks can add much confusion if the passive role is played - wanting to be loved in one moment - then putting our walls up in the next. There's a lot of cat and mouse game playing, but unfortunately no one can figure out who is the cat, and who is the mouse. Some will enjoy the grudge that sits on their shoulder now, and no matter how hard we try to make sense of things, there's a very good chance that we won't figure it out. As doubts and sensitivities can be overwhelming now, 'alone time' seems to benefit us more, so invest wisely into ourselves to replenish the soul.

Thursday May 20, A strong energy of positivity and illumination shines over us with Sun/Uranus sextile, which can create phenomenal potentials. Our individuality and original ideas sparkle and stand out from the rest - as we stand in the center of our Universe. Our popularity and personal power is strengthened, allowing us to rise to great heights. We're in-control and have great faith in who we are, and where we are going now. We know our purpose, and tonight's Virgo Moon is willing to work hard to perfect our future steps. Make an extra effort to get out and to be seen today.

We have changes in the way we present ourselves as Sun shifts from slow and immovable Taurus, and dashes his way into speedy multi-tasking Gemini. Nothing is going to hold us back as we release the heavy weight of burdens, to set sail into the great wide open during the next four weeks. If you haven't experienced the busyness of communications, fresh socializing, and restless energy coming your way, you will!

Friday May 21, In the wee hours of the morning, Pluto and Mercury trine Virgo Moon. We could find ourselves waking bright and shiny from a deep and restful sleep, or our dreams could have proved to be quiet insightful. Today's moon can keep us in a serious mood for a Friday - but this can be useful for tying up loose ends at work to have a carefree weekend.

Saturday May 22, Try to get most of your work done in the day, as there are a few bumps in the road in the evening as Luna bounces in and out of a few tense aspects. Virgo Moon can have us much more critical than we need to be, but by the end of our day she enters Libra and we can be much more fair with others - as well as with ourselves.

Sunday May 23, Another day of emotional challenges, but what can help a lot, is simply knowing and preparing for it. Then we are not pressed with surprises, if we stay alert. Luna continues to rock our waves, but luckily in Libra - we respond intellectually. We can be challenged to change with two oppositions between Jupiter/Saturn rx and with Venus/Pluto. We'll be pulled into two different directions, and obviously the stress will increase to create movement. The experience may be controlled if we flow and allow ourselves to be flexible, if we are looking to expand and grow. Otherwise, our resistance can wear us down and cause something to snap. With Jupiter/Saturn we're caught between taking risks to move ahead, or pacing ourselves with steady determination. Jupiter says "more, more, more!" while Saturn is finessed with self-discipline and only takes what is needed. This can upset relationships, our work and service to others as Saturn retrogrades, demanding dedication and commitment - while Jupiter pleads for plenty of space to move about. Our difficulty to identify what is restricting us, can cause blame and excuses - rather than looking within. With Venus/Pluto, we are torn between holding on and letting go. Venus in Cancer will have us clutching on tightly to emotions and memories, which causes clouded complications as to what what we need to let go, in order to rebuild with Pluto in Capricorn. This can be quite a love/hate connection, and the way to truly make good sense of it all is to drop your guard to follow Saturn's world of reality, and face facts.

Make it a great week.

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May 09, 2010

Weekly Astrology Insight, May 10 - 16

Monday May 10, A Moon in cardinal Aries allows us to start the week on an energetic note. Normally we can be in a pretty good mood with the enthusiasm of Aries ruler Mars, but as Mercury is stationing, this can create a bit of mental tension. Aries Moon has a reputation for acting to quickly, and with Mercury in slow Taurus, we're a ball of uncertainty, asking ourselves 'do we jump ahead', or 'do we stay put'? Before jumping the gun, be sure that all steps are covered before moving forward. Show leadership on the job today, and display a willingness to be a team-player to avoid stealing the spotlight. You may want to consider meditating on my latest post Tarot Affirmations, Seven of Wands for Confrontation to avoid emotional eruptions.

Tuesday May 11, Mercury stations 6:27pm and prepares to turn direct. Over the next few days, the fog will dramatically disappear from our minds, allowing communications to improve and flow more easily. In the tarot, we are The Magician (Mercury) and we will remember that we have the tools and ability to get achieve our goals. Our confidence returns, as we know that the show must go on. Before jumping onto the stage, remember that timing is everything if we are to have a successful performance. Know exactly what you hope that your magic will project for your audience.

Wednesday May 12, The hurried energy from the past few days becomes still and self-contained as Moon enters Taurus 2:48am. Emotionally, we're calmer and thinking about what we can do for ourselves to produce a gain and advantage in our life. What we have accumulated (our materialistic items and money) must be separated and weeded, in order to make way for the new.

Thursday May 13, A bump in the road is likely to cause inner conflict as Moon squares pushy Mars 11:42am. We feel pressured to try an alternative path to achieve a goal, but change in our routine may not be that easy. Be in-control of your own behavior, and avoid outbursts.

A New Moon in Taurus 9:04pm blesses us with a new emotional beginning. A 'blessing?' one may ask. Sure, and if you look at it this way... we still may have the same old problem in our life... but we are honored by the grace of the Lunar Goddess to respond differently to it this time. With what exists in our life, we now can ask for a shift in direction. Taurus represents Mother Earth energy, so we are to plant 'something' into our current world to produce growth. An idea, a wish, a thought is buried within the energy that exists between our soul and the Universe. We then fertilize and mulch our intention to grow with genuine work and nurturing. With the right amount of personal investment, we should see our thought producing fruit by the light of the Full Moon. The Taurus bull can be resistant to change, but if seduced correctly, deep inner strength and endurance will rise to claim our desires.

To detail your own intention, look to your natal chart and see what house Taurus rules, and where this New Moon will be placing her seeds. In my own chart, Luna will be at twenty-three degrees in my eighth house of inherited resources, sexuality, healing, death, and transformation. I will need to steer this emotional energy to make necessary eliminations to recycle what isn't working anymore, reproducing personal power and growth. Venus rules Taurus, and with my Ascendant in Libra (also ruled by Venus) and my natal Venus lounging in my fourth house - dramatic changes can be applied in my physical image and first impressions (First House) and the way that I nurture my home, home business, family, and self (Fourth House). Since my business is in my home, a significant change in the way that I work in it, can lead to great growth and an extension to what I already have. I must remember to sift and segregate during this period.

In the tarot, Taurus and Venus are both represented in The Empress. She sits graciously in her content life, her surroundings are fruitful and continue to bring goodness in her life. Her belly is heavily swollen and close to birth. What we have created in our life sits amongst us like a loyal best friend - keeping us happy, nurtured, and safe. From whatever we have built in our life, now awaits new life. A part of our life, relationship, career is ready to sprout and take on a new life.

If you would like to get more details within your own chart to create more more awareness of the changing times, you may generate your own chart on, or let me create it by purchasing a chart and personality report from my astrological services, or purchase a telephone reading from me, and I will email you an image of your birth chart, free of charge!

Friday May 14, Moon enters chatterbox Gemini 9:18am, and we're ready to come out of ourselves to explore he outside world. Expect phone calls, texts, emails, and socializing to increase. A bit of a snag is possible as Moon inconjunct suspicious Pluto 6:17pm. We can enjoy our evening by mingling with friends, family, and welcoming new contacts.

The cosmic skies are clear on Saturday May 15, and as Moon sextiles Mars 6:42pm, we bravely take charge to make Saturday plans happen.

There's a lot of cosmic activity in the skies on Sunday May 16, which may be guaranteed to fluctuate moods. As Luna enters her natural home in protective Cancer 1:46pm, sensitivities could become overwhelming. We experience a natural need to care for others, but save some of this drive to perform self-nurturing in the evening, to replenish what we gave away. A hot bubble bath with sea salt, ocean sounds in the background, and a lit candle can quench the soul!

- As major shifts are happening, and yes, even for me.. I was looking for clarification as to what I have been feeling and reading for myself in the tarot and chart for the past few months. After a decade of solely consulting with myself, I found myself needing guidance from an outside source and decided to get my first reading in over a decade. So where does a practicing reader get a reading? Well I turned to Theresa Reed, The Tarot Lady, a fellow colleague who I got to know over the past year through Twitter and our creation of AstroCreeps & TarotFreaks Forum and Blog. I was completely ecstatic and satisfied with her professionalism and accuracy, and I highly recommend her if you are in-search of a tarot reading.

- With the crazy tremor experiences that I have been having, I recently came across a beautiful post by Christine Delorey called: 'A Message from Mother Earth', and here is a heartfelt 'clipping' that I thought you might enjoy: "Don’t you feel me quaking? Don’t you see me desperately throwing off the pain I am forced to endure through the pressure valves you call volcanoes? Don’t you hear me screaming or see me writhing as you arrogantly have your way with me, every day and every night? You chop down my forests which, you foolish children, are your own lungs manifest – and you wonder why you’re having such a hard time breathing. You fight with each other like spoiled brats always finding some ridiculous justification for your putrid stinking wars. And you say, so pathetically, “I just want some peace of mind.” Read the Full Article >>

- Mother Earth IS speaking, but Is anyone listening? I've made a number of recent tremor updates to my own intuitive vibrations journal for those with an interest.

- Read Starcana May 2010 Tarotscope for your personal tarot card.

Make it a great week!

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May 02, 2010

Weekly Astrology Insight, May 3 - May 9

Monday May 3, Mercury trines dissecting Pluto 8:01am, and communications harmonize generously with regeneration. We are encouraged to reorganize our lives by eliminating the toxicities and nonsense that we have burdened ourselves with. With Mercury and Pluto in retrograde, our vision may not be completely clear - so it will take more effort on our part to review and re-focus on our goals ahead, so that we can see past 'the obvious' and get to the root of the matter. Retrogrades help us 'take a few steps back' as we travel into our past, so that we can re-examine and re-think our next steps. If we work 'hand in hand' with Pluto and Mercury, we can develop great awareness and clarity - to help us rid the clutter that we have been so desperately hanging on to. Spring-cleaning rids the dirt in our lives, so utilize this time to rid cobwebs that also exist in our minds. This is a time to break unhealthy patterns and quit bad habits, to get a new attitude and find happiness. Today's serious Capricorn Moon helps us to roll up our sleeves and do some hard work to improve our public status. Reputation, morals, and family is what matters, and we're focused on repairing and enhancing it.

In the tarot, The Magician (Mercury) and Judgment (Pluto) work in partnership in this life spread. We are to use important life lessons that have been learned (Major Arcana) in order to move forward. Like the confident wizard, we must use the magic of clear communication to achieve what we are seeking. We must also act as our own judge, separating facts from the illusion, so that we may replace peace for unnecessary pain.

Tuesday May 4, Sun squares Mars 9:09am, creating much inner conflict and explosions between ego and passion. With both signs in fixed energies, fiery needs can react violently if stifled or limited. Obstacles can create disagreements, immature behavior, harsh words, and selfish acts. Pay attention to what our own actions may be communicating (Mercury retrograde), and where misunderstandings may happen. It would be wise to use this excessive amount of energy for physical exertion like work, sex, exercise, etc. Excessive force can damage and burn bridges. Actions speak loud and clear. Use extreme caution when driving, using machinery, and around flammable products - as carelessness is heightened with impatience. Sparks are waiting to fly. We're desensitizing as Moon enters renegade Aquarius 4:52pm, and our approach can appear quite frigid as we ignore human compassion with cold hard facts.

In the tarot, The Sun suggests that are in pursuit of happiness, but challenged by The Tower (Mars), where we are about to completely renovate a situation and our life, acting solely on ego. The Tower breaks down the areas that are not working for us anymore, but spontaneous shifts without explanation will be like pulling the carpet out from someone's foot - causing turbulence and an end to a chapter. Strategize plans for adjustment, or suffer the consequences.

Wednesday May 5, Cinco de Mayo, celebrate safely.

Moon squares self-centered Sun on Thursday May 6, 12:15am, creating inner tension between the emotions and ego, causing inner frustrations as to who we are, and what we need.

Endearment and sympathy are delivered as Moon enters sensitive Pisces 5:34am, Friday May 7. We reach an agreement between our feminine and masculine sides as Venus sextiles Mars 5:55pm, creating a sweet inner balance. We know what we want, and we act to seize it. Make yourself available, as magic happens. Positive changes and growth are accessible in our relationships and finances, which are ruled by Venus. Any course of action that we take can be charmed with consideration and kind gestures. Friendly agreements and strong attractions increase new friendships and budding romances, while boosting favorable energy between personal couples and professional partnerships.

All feels right as Moon sextiles Sun 6:10pm, Saturday May 8. Who we are, and what we desire, are in-sync. The vibrations that we send off are attracting popularity and positivity. Shine on.

A gentle Pisces Moon starts the day quietly, and sets a soft tone for Mother's Day, Sunday May 9. Communicating our feelings is magnified and instantly reflected. Later, our mood becomes chivalrous and energized as Moon enters Aries 5:29pm, craving excitement and adventure. A nature hike with the loved ones, or a trip to the ice cream parlor could be the icing on the cake! And last, for ALL those who 'mother', embrace your Inner Goddess with The Empress Affirmation.

Check out Starcana May Tarotscope for your individual sign.

Make it a great week!

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