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July 31, 2010

Astrological Happenings, August 2010 Monthly Horoscope

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Greetings! I have finally got back to doing my monthly horoscopes that I have been promising myself to get back to! I've been overloaded between work and consultations, home and family, as well as my need to continue working on side projects. Sooner or later, I do accomplish my goals LOL. Maybe I don't have as many hands as I use to! As Saturn transits my twelfth house of karma, with Jupiter and Uranus transiting my house of work and service to others, I am doing my best to change, reorganize, and finalize the way I throw myself into my work. Quality versus quantity. Man, that's tough - especially after plunging into work as Pluto transit my Sun for over a decade. Times are changing that's for sure, and I am trying to practice what I preach. During this shift, I am also in my 5 life cycle, which has encouraged me to expand myself and my work. With this knowledge, I decided to take my 'mind and spirit' work, and add 'body' into it by practicing yoga again. It's been about ten years since I've done it, and these old bones just aren't getting any younger. I am learning the positions while studying the meaning, history, anatomy, and spiritual connection. It's ALL part of my new venture. My goal is to eventually be a cool old lady who is healthy, fit, and can still do all the right moves!

I hope that you enjoy my new monthly updates!

August starts out in a heated fury as Jupiter (expansion) squares Pluto (transformation) on Tuesday August 3, and then on Wednesday August 4, Mars (aggressive energy) opposes Jupiter (abundance) while Mars (assertion) squares Pluto (elimination). We're energizing our warrior moves as Mars transits Libra, to bring peace and balance into our relationships with others, as well as with ourselves. As Saturn (karma) also transits Libra (relationships and partnerships), we may begin to see the reaping of what we have sown. Awards are being generated for those who have invested, and for those who haven't invested. All is balancing as life is constantly moving and evolving. Mars and Saturn are both direct and in fuel gear. Pluto (release) is retrograde, and going back to see if we need to get rid of anything else that just isn't working for us anymore, especially as Jupiter (higher knowledge) is retrograde during our own pursuit for happiness. In the theme of things when you hear many of us speaking about times that are 'crumbling and breaking apart', we could be seeing a strong shift in unusual weather and earth behavior. There is a great movement happening, and will be seen physically, mentally, emotionally, or spiritually. In most areas, we do have a choice as to what we are willing to sacrifice to create a positive outcome. But either way, change is inevitable. As above, so below. As within, so without.

Venus enters Libra Friday August 6, where she returns home for the next six weeks and feels most comfortable. Venus rules relationships and money, and we're willing to dedicate ourselves to work for what we want. Rather than waste time, we are ready to act and pursue. Venus is supportive, warm and kind, and she softens the cold steel mind of the Libra scales, so many of us will find more politeness and kindness embedded in our approach with others. Transactions with money, finances and business should be running smoother. Company sales numbers could rise. Relationships are either new and connecting, or steady relations are recreating something for the better now. Be available to communicate, negotiate, romance and flirt! All is sweet. If you enjoy my interpretations of astrological happening, sign up for this newsletter: at

On Monday August 9, we have a New Moon in Leo, which encourages us that it is time to begin a brand new emotional cycle. It is time to open ourselves to the dark moon, and to share our dreams and aspirations with her quiet silence. As we pray/or affirm the goals that we hope to reach, keep in mind that while Luna is in Leo - we should creatively revolve our wishes around romance, children, creativity, and fun adventures. Then to fulfill our half of the cosmic contract with the universe, we must go out and invest ourselves wholeheartedly to make our hopes happen. As a creative soul, I enjoy adding tools to my practice. In this sort of exercise, so I will use candles in the shades of gold and orange, which are filled with Leo's confidence and courage to face the wild jungle of life. I also create my own affirmations ahead of time, so that they are perfect and can lead to no misunderstanding. Creative visualization comes natural for me, and for this assignment, I will usually lay out a few tarot cards to enhance the vibrations. For an example, the Queen of Wands will be used to represent my Leo moon. She has a heart of gold, who is creative, brave, and honorable in her intentions and actions. The Seven of Wands would probably sit right along side of her, defending her integrity, fearlessly confronting obstacles that may lie ahead. While I have a few ideas to target as my dreams, my attention at this moment keeps returning to two individuals that I had recently met, whose intent was to mislead and cause harm to another. This sort of stuff just aggravates me. But as this energy continues to call for my observation, I am thinking of asking the universe during this lunar cycle to award these two people for what they distribute. For that, i would lay out the Justice card to represent truth, justice, and karma. Only balance is being suggested ~ nothing more and nothing less. And recently, I have heard from so many who have consulted with me that they have suffered intentional pain and harm from others (which again, is something that just burns me up) so I will most likely create an affirm that is universal. Then I take action to 'seal the deal', like writing, exposing it, and sharing with others. And what the cards actually do is add an image to our story and mind ~ but again, tools aren't really necessary when you are genuine in your heart. But this should give you a pretty good idea if you are a beginner who would like to experiment with your own New Moon practice. I'd love to know what you will do during this fiery New Moon. You are welcome to share your comment at the bottom of this month's post.

A person who performs good Karma (deeds) is always held in high esteem. ~Rig Veda

Ooh... Perseids meteor showers on the night of Thursday August 12, sets around 10 p.m. On Friday August 13 Uranus stations and is preparing to retrograde through Pisces for the rest of the year. While Uranus wants to make things happen and cause big changes and happenings - we now must remove our plans along with this energy from our external world and begin to internalize it. So what happens now, is that before we take charge and make any huge shift in our lives, we are asked to sit and think on it for awhile. We must look for our own inspirations and seek faith within ourselves, deciding on what we need to modify and alter in ourselves - to keep our dream(s) alive. Many storms will brew inside us as we search to find our true selves while detaching from all that we have learned and experienced - that made us who we are today. Follow along with my August Tarotscope for your monthly sun sign tarot message to keep you aware of your direction.

As Jupiter opposes Saturn on Monday August 16, these two might planets can create turbulence as we can experience strain from others. It's a boxing ring between happy-go-lucky Jupiter in one corner and seriously responsible Saturn in the other corner. It will be important to communicate our goals clearly to avoid tension as we approach a new Mercury retrograde.

We have Mercury stationing Friday August 20, and for the next three weeks we can see flaws, errors and misunderstandings developing in areas that are ruled by communications. Technological toys, computers, mobile phones, mechanical appliances, and conversations begin to go whacky and breakdown. If you are aware that problems are beginning to take place, take care of it immediately. Clear up confusion between you and another, back up your computer, get a check-up on you vehicle, and so on. This retrograde is a reminder as to what we need to take care of, if we are to find some inner peace ~ as Mercury rules the mind, which is where stress and tension will cause worries, fears, and doubts. if you know where it's coming from - this is the time to confront it and finally end it. This isn't the best time to sign contracts, agreements, or purchase major purchases - but if you must - be sure to read all the fine print and do your research.

Two extremely dominant and controlling planets create aggravating challenges on Saturday August 21 as Saturn squares Pluto. While Saturn can be tough, he will still play by the rules. On the other hand, Pluto is slippery and uses her manipulative schemes to get her way. Beware of power games, as it isn't looking pretty. Choose the higher path.

Sun enters Virgo on Monday August 23 and for the next four weeks we get a little taste of their perspective on life. Virgo is a perfectionist, and we are looking for better ways to improve. Our minds are busier, and if we don't have good control, we can become scattered and worried. Virgo is also a workaholic and to keep our minds busy, work can become our best friend, so we will be sure to find something to keep ourselves occupied. Our focus on summer is also decreasing now, and we're beginning to concentrate on areas of personal development. We prepare ourselves for the cooler weather for Autumn, work, school and education. It's a time to get serious and back to work (Virgo's favorite pastime). It's a time enjoy working in the kitchen with cinnamon apple pies baking in the oven, along with homemade stews and soups to smell up our home. We begin to spend more time indoors as the light of day shortens, so we work on fixing up our homes for the colder weather, while organizing our money and finances. We're working more seriously on ourselves, and we're becoming conscious of our physical health and our food intake. We may invest into a health club now, and into vitamins, exercise equipment, herbs, and so on. Many will be looking for new jobs around this time, as well as starting new jobs. Crops and ripe fruits are are ready to be harvested for 'pickin and cannin'. Promotions and raises can be delivered. After all the hard work that we are investing, we will soon be ready to reap what we have sown - so plant your seeds well..

We close August with a ripe Full Moon in Pisces on Tuesday August 24. The intentions that we inquired upon at the New Moon are at a peak, and we should be receiving information and answers regarding it's progress. Pay attention well. If you feel that you are missing the signs, use the magical Pisces energy to stir up creative questions to ask before you go to sleep, as the night can be quite productive with dreams that speak to us. Make it a month to shine!

Suzi Dronzek aka Starcana, has been practicing with the intuitive arts, astrology and spiritual tarot for over twenty years. To compliment this month's cosmic report, personalized consultations are available for questions regarding personal development, relationship guidance, life direction, and more. For more information, contact me at: 724-832-9283 or visit:

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July 25, 2010

Astrological Happenings Horoscope, July 26-July 31

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Our day starts out a bit fuzzy on Monday July 26, with a Mercury/Neptune opposition. Despite preparation and facts, something will still feel like it's missing, which will add confusion into our day. Don't lose 'your touch' with yourself, just add a sprinkle of imagination into your agenda to see you through. Soon enough, a Sun/Jupiter trine comes along to brighten the day to add cheer, popularity, and opportunity. We may only want to see possibilities from our own perspective as the fixed energies of the Aquarian moon defy everything else, but it benefits us greatly to be aware of the potentials of new doors opening in the future.

We have another Saturn/Uranus opposition that is here to give us our last kick in the pants (if we still need it). Saturn represents tradition, old patterns and same old behaviors... while Uranus symbolizes futuristic changes and the revolutionary times of technology and evolution. Something that has been worn-out is bound to change, and basically because it has grown as much as it possibly can. It's like trying to squeeze water from a dry sponge, and eventually you need to look for another resource. We need to use the same thought as to where change is needed in our current living. It's a fact that we can see major shifts happening in current world events, as well as in recent outbursts from nature, earth, and man. Electrical currents are vibrating into the earth, and we shall have fire being stirred in the mountain. (i'm not sure why this is coming to me, but I am keeping it in.) As we are all connected as one in this Universe, we will also experience great eruptions in our individual worlds. I'm not saying eruption in a negative form, but more in the terms of evolution and necessary growth happening in sporadic outbursts in our professional lives, our personal relationships, and in our own personal development. We can run, but we can't hide from the naturual advancement that life and the living delivers to us.

“The goal of evolution is self - conquest”. ~Elbert Hubbard

So if we're still in that mental mode of thinking that we may still be able to get 'one last drop' of water despite the tough wringing on that tattered, ripped-up sponge, our luck has run out. So depending on what issues you have going on in your life right now, this is the calling that you need ~ especially if you couldn't get up the nerve to change (Uranus) your old ways (Saturn) and throw away (Pluto) the few decayed shreds of sponge. Oh what a drama queen I can be LOL. My point in sharing the story in the way that I do, is to make it easy to understand, as well as to relate and learn from it. Not everyone will experience the changes, as it depends on our chart, as well as on choices that we have made in life. I've had my own share of 'chaos' a while back with my tough Leo adolescent as I was busy helping him to become a healthy and responsible individual who can survive the world, despite his teenager resistance. Things are calm now, as faced issues and negotiated a fair and mature plan for BOTH of us. But if resistance is still lingering around your situation, you could very well see the fireworks begin to spark.

But for the last few years, Saturn has been transiting Virgo (our work and service for others) and teaching us moral responsibility through self-analyzation and heavy hardships. Saturn has no patience for complainers who find it easier to make excuses and blame others, rather than looking at our own flawed thoughts and behaviors. His heavy fist has caused much pressure in order to help us prioritize as to what we are truly searching for in our lives, and while Uranus was transiting in Pisces, our options would have given us a choice as which direction that we should swim in, as Pisces is the symbol of two fish, with one moving forward, and the other backward.

“Evolution is not a force but a process. Not a cause but a law." ~John Morley

The fish that swims forward relies totally on their own efforts if they want to survive life in the big ocean. The fish in backwards motion is fearful of the hard work that is needed to face the rough seas ahead and relies on excuses, as well as imagination that everything will just work out fine, all on it's own. Like the symbol of Yin/Yang, the Pisces image creates the same movement, meaning we all have a choice as to what direction we want to flow in life. And as Pisces is the last sign of the zodiac, we end a long cycle that determines that direction - which allows us to start new. So now we have Uranus, who is here to make it happen, whether we want to accept it or not, it doesn't matter anymore. Uranus is in Aries now, who is God of War. We have the option to create BIG changes (Jupiter is also in Aries). We can either be the admirable soldier who seeks peace for BOTH parties with negotiation and agreement to lay down our swords, or we can be the aggressive warrior who seeks peace for his own world, despite the ruin of others. We ALWAYS have a choice. Uranus is the force of nature and of the gods, and you can't prevent a storm or evolution from happening. So what's your option? Change WITH the new course. When something is 'wiped out' - you can either view it as 'devastation' or 'a clean slate' to start fresh. It's YOUR choice, and your emotions and attitude will decide on your direction.

“Most species do their own evolving, making it up as they go along, which is the way Nature intended. And this is all very natural and organic and in tune with mysterious cycles of the cosmos, which believes that there’s nothing like millions of years of really frustrating trial and error to give a species moral fiber and, in some cases, backbone.” ~Terry Pratchett

Recently Saturn entered into Libra (relationships and balance) and in this particular opposition with Uranus - if we learned our lesson through the available years of self-discovery - Saturn will reward and help us to achieve our goals. Professional partnerships and personal relationships begin to mend through equal responsibility of both parties involved. Inner peace follows, as karmic debt is paid. On the flip-side, for those who have failed to mature, or take genuine action to confront flaws and build trust, shall be rewarded for their own investment, coming up empty-handed. For a happy relationship with family, friendships, professional and romantic partners - hard work (Saturn) is expected from BOTH parties involved - so that BOTH individuals can benefit. In Libra, great action and strength is produced to create fairness. 'What's good for the goose, is good for the gander'. One way or another, we will find the inner peace that we are searching for, whether that be in a relationship with others, or in solitary but healthy relationship with yourself. Do you still need help to decide what to save and what salvage in your life? Need direction? Sometimes a little guidance from an outside source can go a long way, which is why I offer affordable and personalized readings. For more information, please visit my website.

I'm also sending out a quick HOLLA and Happy Birthday to my baby boy! He's making his way into life and the business world successfully, and he is TOTALLY rocking the world! Happy birthday kiddo, you really make your mama very proud - every single day!!

Today, Mercury enters Virgo and joins in with the rest of the rat-pack of Saturn, Mars, and Venus on Tuesday July 27. This powerful stellium is tilting our astrological charts with it's mighty weight, and as big shifts are moving our life around, we also have great potential to be flexible in the mutable energies of Virgo, while not losing our footing or ourselves in it's earthy elements. We're stemming off from our being, and extending ourselves to reach higher places, and today's Aquarian Moon is an ally who's ALL for long distance travel!

We have a variation of aspects which will be causing our moods and behaviors to fluctuate in many levels on Wednesday July 28. As Moon enters Pisces, experience yourself as 'the little fish who could' to swim forward and let warm waters wash away attachments of the day. Get in touch with your inner child and allow your imagination to create something magical to enhance your progressive journey. Like what you are reading so far? Sign up for my newsletter and have articles delivered to your email address.

A calming day as Moon gently sways in the serene waters of Pisces on Thursday July 29. Mars now leaves earth-bound Virgo and enters Libra, and our energy level slowly increases, but we still have weighty Saturn to steady our pace. Mars is our energy source, and alone he is courageous enough to fight the world alone. In Libra, Mars reacts more on an intellectual level, preferring to confront issues and talk it out. He's fighting for chivalry and honor for BOTH parties. This energy adds much more cleverness to refine Mars' firecracker reactions, which strengthens his ability to act strategically. Add Libra's airy element to Mars ball of fury, and we have instant fuel and a purpose to make life happen! This is the attentive soldier, who is not afraid to draw his sword and fight for what he believes in, and lucky for Mars, he has Saturn to fight beside him.

Luna drifts away from the sleepy feelings of Pisces on Friday July 30, to enter the brave world of Aries. We're ready to attempt foreign territories and experience new roads on our journey. With strenuous aspects throughout the day, tension could rise and have us ready to react instantly and defensively. Use energy wisely instead and get involved in a new project. A Mars/Uranus opposition is HIGHLY reactive today and could cause angry an disagreement with a major change involved. Uranus can be cold and insensitive, and Aries moon will be defensive if anyone challenges him. Sexual activity increases, along with a craving to escape from daily routines, and try something totally different. Surprises and accidents are possible. Weather could be strange, storms possible, and unexpected fires may take place. Use caution walking and using the steps. Have patience with heavy machinery, and beware of high speeds and angry drivers.

Tension and stress is in the air on Saturday July 31 with a Mars/Saturn conjunction. If we work 'hand in hand' and lower our ego, this pair can create and construct beautiful things. If respect and compassion is unavailable, these are two very dominant and controlling energies that can be cruel sitting in emotionally cold Libra, testing another's strength while jabbing at their weaknesses. With the Moon still in the fiery realms of Aries, force is a keyword, and it's probably a good idea to force ourselves to back off and avoid unnecessary drama. Utilize the power of the planets to take action and create something awesome in your world. Oh, and I am not missing Sunday, I am moving it into the August scope.

Make it a great week and shine on!

Suzi Dronzek aka Starcana, has been practicing with the intuitive arts and illuminating shadows for over twenty years, creating awareness with spirituality, astrology, tarot, and energy for inner guidance, truth, and a better tomorrow. Professional consultations are available, and for more information, contact me by phone: 724-832-9283 or visit my website:

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July 18, 2010

Astrological Happenings Horoscope: July 19-July 25

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We quietly flow into a new week on Monday July 19 as Lady Scorpio Moon encourages us to keep a low-profile today. We are susceptible to the fragile vibrations around us ~ and by remaining low key, our emotions are quieted. Be careful as to how we respond to others, and listen well while the energy intensifies. Use this energy as fuel to get ahead in business.

A confusing Sun/Neptune inconjunct on Tuesday July 20 leaves us a bit dazed and somewhat out of touch with reality. As imagination streams in, enjoy this surge for expanding creativity. Later, Luna dances her way into the happy feet of Sagittarius, and we're in a more carefree mood. Involve yourself into some physical activity like aerobics, yoga, traveling, etc., or escape into a great book! Enjoy the mood shift! If you've been considering getting a reading with me, but still not sure... check out some awesome testimonials by clicking on the 'Review' Tab on my Facebook Fan page!

In the last few months, Taskmaster Saturn (discipline and responsibility) has been transiting through Virgo, teaching us much about ourselves and being morally responsible for our own actions. After working individually through some of these challenging lessons, we now get to graduate and put our accomplishments into good use as Saturn re-enters Libra (personal and professional relationships) on Wednesday July 21. By distributing some of his heavy weight around, lessons will be tested as we approach new challenges with our connections with family members, friendships, romantic and work partnerships. Saturn will be enhancing our karmic experience as we begin to reap what we have sown. As we acquire necessary knowledge about working hard for the relationships that we want, we can use this as a tool to create inner AND outer balance. If you're looking for a more specific direction and struggling to make choices or sense out of your job, relationships, spirituality, or life direction, I am available if you would like to consult with me privately.

On Thursday July 22, the Sun leaves Cancer and enters into elegant Leo for the next four weeks. Rather than settling for what life hands us, we find our inner strength and we do what we need to get 'ours'. We come out of our shell and out of hiding, to approach and explore this new world that we are envisioning. We're in a great place as Leo is the natural home of the Sun. We're beaming with love, joy, and courage. Just as the Sun comes out shining each and every day - so does Leo's proud spirit. Self-expression and creativity is highlighted now, along with leisurely activities, romance, chancy adventures, and children. Enjoy family, friends, love, work, and life - and don't forget to look your best - as fortune can be found on center-stage.

Luna travels into Capricorn on Friday July 23 and rather than hoping for a lucky hand, we choose to be in control and work hard to achieve our goals. We have four planets that are in retrograde.. Pluto, Neptune, Uranus - and now Jupiter joins the rat-pack and is in retrograde until December. When it comes to generosity and good fortune, we will need to depend on our own resources to receive it. Jupiter retrograde will help us to find our own inspiration and redesign the way in which we believe. With the outer planets in retrograde, they take a longer time to journey - so we've got plenty of time to learning more about recreating ourselves.

A quiet day in cosmos on Saturday July 24 with not much to affect our decisions, other than a sweet opportunity as Moon/Venus trines, so make it a day to remember. How is July stacking up with your personalized July Tarot card message?

Thunder rumbles in the heavens on Sunday July 25 with a Jupiter/Pluto square, and where we have hope to expand and grow, letting go is not so easy. Problems may be much larger than what we originally planned. As quick as the ball may fall into our hands, it falls out just as fast. This isn't very friendly energy and if not handles correctly, it can be rather explosive. Someone could try to take the law into their own hands, while others are changing the rules of the game. With Moon entering into Aquarius, and then developing into a Full Moon, it's no doubt that the answers that we have been searching for will present themselves to us. Our behavior will be more on the intellectual side, but be forewarned, as this moon lacks compassion and warmth. Someone's looking for a change in a BIG way, so it's a good time to start learning how to negotiate.

Peace is not the absence of conflict, it is the ability to handle conflict by peaceful means.

~Ronald Reagan

Make it a great week and shine on!

Suzi Dronzek aka Starcana, has been practicing with the metaphysical arts, intuitive astrology and spiritual tarot for over twenty years, blending intuition with logic to create practical solutions. To compliment this week's cosmic report, personalized consultations are available for your questions regarding self-growth, relationship guidance, and life direction. For more information, contact me by phone: 724-832-9283 or visit my website:

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July 10, 2010

Astrological Happenings Horoscope: July 12-July 18

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We have a little quieter days ahead, as a Leo Moon starts our week and struts her stuff on Monday July 12. No matter what the eclipse delivers our way, we are emotionally prepared to defend our good intentions and lead ourselves (and others) into the right path. But let's face it, if we are gonna be da boss, we better dress like we are! Beautify yourself, and get the works! The clothes, jewelry, skin treatments, and especially the hair! Feed your brain with knowledge, pamper yourself, meditate, de-stress, and make a stand for the right reasons.

With a very busy weekend, I'm posting my planets for the week early so that I can send off a reminder to my loyal followers and friends that I will be appearing as a guest tonight Sunday night (July 11), on Theresa Reed's Blog Talk Radio show. We'll be talking about tarot, and doing some FREE LIVE readings, so you're all invited to stop by and give us a little HOLLA! Listen to the show, 'friend us', hang out in the chat-room, or call in to get a free reading, by dialing (646)716-4465. Be there, Sunday Night, July 11, 2010 @10:00 PM CST. Bookmark or get an email reminder at:

Although a Venus/Jupiter inconjunction can causes us some confusion with our relationships and money on Tuesday July 13, A Venus/Pluto trine will reveal hidden opportunities that unveils loyalty and healing, so stay alert and listen. Utilize the Leo Moon to control quick emotional responses, and simply experience this as a chance to open your heart and do what you do best - which is love.

Luna travels into meticulous Virgo Wednesday July 14, and with a number of aspects that increase our awareness to seek perfection, our emotions may feel a bit off-balanced if we choose to concentrate on the flaws rather than appreciating it for what it is. Music is a great source of relaxation to prevent mood swings. Move beyond criticism and create something positive with meditation, creative visualizations, affirmations, or donating your time to help another and paying it forward.

With a group of planets traveling in Virgo now (Saturn, Mars, Venus, and the Moon) this can increase our need to improve - by cleaning, disinfecting, searching for imperfections, and being nit-picky. While the Virgo energy means well, fault-finding (even when it's meant well) isn't accepted well. Rather than focus on others and risking the potential of tipping the cart of cleaning fluids - use this quality time to freshen up your own part of the world. If you're looking for a more specific direction and struggling to make choices or sense out of your job, relationships, spirituality, or life direction, I am available for personalized consultations.

Moon is still working her way through calculating Virgo Thursday July 15, and it really is great energy to use when taking better care of ourselves, our work, finances, and checkbook! Much energy arrives later with a Moon/Mars conjunction and Moon/Sun sextile which may feel challenging, but it's really encouraging us to be imaginative in finding 'a better way', as inner rewards are awaiting us.

Luna sails into impartial Libra on Friday July 16 which helps us to react more intelligently. We're eager to negotiate for our right to have inner peace and balance. With a number of fluctuating aspects to Luna, the way that we mediate to get our point across will most likely be tested throughout the day. Words are powerful today - be clear, concise, and make time to listen.

A quiet day in the cosmos Saturday July 17, we are free do as we choose. Communicate and socialize, sweet talk, flirt, and have a super duper day!

Moon flows quietly into Scorpio on Sunday July 18 and our sensitivities begin to increase. Understanding and compassion are available as rising waters enhance our abilities to feel and experience. If insecurities begin to float to the top, make quality time to find to remove them by pulling within.

As a quick note, I do not have the time or interest to send out random emails to advertise and spam - but I am getting a lot of 'junk email' that says that the sender is from myself. If we have not done a session and have had no correspondence on social networks, then it's spam - so do not click on any of the links. The only links that I will ever advertise are either listed on my website, and on my blogs.

Make it a great week and shine on!

Suzi Dronzek aka Starcana, has been practicing with the metaphysical arts, intuitive astrology and spiritual tarot for over twenty years. To compliment this week's cosmic report, I am available for personalized consultations for your questions regarding personal development, relationship guidance, and life direction. For more information, contact: 724-832-9283 or visit:

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July 04, 2010

Astrological Happenings Horoscope: July 5 - July 11

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We start this week with the pioneering spirit of Uranus on Monday July 5 as he stations and prepares for his retrograde journey. If you haven't already felt the tension and excitement that he delivers, you will, as we experience major changes on an inner level. Typically Uranus is rebellious, liberating, and disorderly in the world around him, but rather than his energy causing chaos on the outside world, we now begin to internalize them. Our personalities will be super-charged with strong electrical currents that are searching for a new thrill to disrupt society, our workplace, and our relationships. To find ourselves and where we fit in, we experiment in a big way now, by destroying our worn-out routines and search for solutions as all hell breaks loose. It's like living with the perfect storm going on inside of us. We're cruel, brutal, and ruthless, and as the storm breaks, all is calm and quiet.

We can experience much in the way of enlightenment and 'aha' moments. Uranus is known as the Awakener, and he is the one who shocks us with live electrical currents of divine intelligence and radiance. He delivers great inspiration and answers with a surprisingly good kick in the behind and a cosmic 'two by four' to the back of the head. Uranus will be retrograde for the next five months, creating turmoil so that we can see the reality of our present status, to hopefully grow. He gets us out of stagnant situations, with people and places that we have outgrown - like a relationship, friendship, project, job, and so on - so that we can find our true aspirations. We'll feel empowered and immortal, making strange choices and accepting dares for no absolutely no good reason. Just because. With Uranus transiting through Aries, this will accentuate our need to be a little more selfish, so that we can make some real impact in our world. We now will begin to recreate, reshape, refine, and reinvent ourselves ~ and with Jupiter traveling right by his side, the change will be HUGE. As a creative person and natural problem solver, I thought that my favorite quote would be totally appropriate to describe the metamorphosis:

The creative person is both more primitive & more cultivated, more destructive, a lot madder & a lot saner than the average person. ~Frank Barron

The nervous and circulatory system, ankles, calves, shins, intelligence, and mental disorders are ruled by Mercury. So from now until December, we could see these areas of bodies being more sensitive, like with fluid retention, muscle spasms, restless legs, or an increased amount of energy in our brain. It's favorable to work constructively with these fast moving vibrations, and one of the ways that I always took advantage of them is playing a good game or puzzle (which is also ruled by Uranus). Otherwise, if we don't dump this overactive energy from our minds, some of us could end up feeling like a rat in a cage.

Keep a notepad handy and be ready to jot plenty of notes about your thoughts, dreams, ideas, strategies, and plans for the future. Brainstorming insights will continue to spark out of nowhere as a way to find direction. You just got to be quick to grasp these visions. In regards to earth, we may hear of much more activity occurring in the heavens in the months ahead, like increased amount of lightning, sun storms, meteors, fires, and so on. Technological toys, computers, cellphones, appliances, and large power outages can experience some unsuspected glitches.

In the Tarot, Uranus retrograde is connected to The Fool card in a reversed position, and preparing to start a brand new cycle in life. The timing does not prove to be favorable as we are encouraged to collect new inspirations and insight first. As we conjure up a new perspective, we can then decide if change is necessary on the outside. Normally when The Fool presents himself to us, he is letting us know (and sometimes just reminding us) that we are getting ready to embark on a brand new life change. While reversed, we get the next five months ahead to figure out if we should 'quit our day job for a home business', 'give up and get a divorce', and so on. We'll be doing a lot of 'hootin' n hollerin' as we hold on to the security of our present situation, but at the same time reach out for a complete change. When we reach the stage of The Fool, we have grown to a higher level, while growing out of an old situation as well. If we resist the change, it too can become frustrating as it can feel as if we are moving backwards - instead of forward. So we get a chance to make some adjustments in our inner core first, to find out if we really want to leave our stable and familiar grounds, and if we should just go for the distance. So basically, all those ideas that you have been considering, like getting a new job, getting married, relocating, starting a family, and so on, are pretty much all around the corner - if you find that you are truly ready to forfeit solid grounds for a possible life dream. Looking for a little more insight? Then you might be interested in what your personal tarot message is for July 2010. With the Moon entering earthly Taurus tonight, our emotional desires become weighted and heavy. We want to get some rest, but the activity in the heavens may disrupt that, so be sure to quiet your evening with some television or a book to gently calm the mind.

As Taurus Moon steadies herself Tuesday July 6 we feel emotionally grounded and supported. It's favorable time to concentrate on our inner circle, assess our finances and belongings, and work on expanding on what we already have. Steady movement with determination can promote much growth.

It's a quiet day in the cosmos on Wednesday July 7 which allows us to do as we please without much interference. We have a small sensitive glitch with a Moon/Venus square, but it's short-lived. Do something to please yourself to keep emotions under control.

Moon enters Gemini Thursday July 8 with emotions becoming carefree and weightless. We'll be putting our 'serious-face' on the side, with a stronger interest to be communicative and social. Some confusion may develop in the middle of our day with a Mercury/Neptune inconjunction, and later, a Venus/Neptune opposition can have us struggling to achieve what we are searching for in our relationships and finances.

Communication expert Mercury, leaves shy and passive Cancer behind, and enters confidant Leo Friday July 9. Mentally, we are in a survival mode as we walk through the jungles of life. We have no use for worry, as we face fears, in order to move forward. We're much more aware of our surroundings, and quick to react and follow our instincts. Our warmth and charm is expressed clearly, which is extremely beneficial for work and relationships. This will also compliment the Sun as it shines in Cancer, as we get control of the reins of our emotions and put them into good use. On the flip side of Mercury in Leo, some can become more self-centered, arrogant, and communicating more forcefully. This particular energy is quite favorable when we use it in aggressive advertising campaigns - but in relationships, dominance spells power and control - and this will probably not sit well with many.

There's much activity in the skies Saturday July 10 as emotions swelter and blister for the most of the day. It will be important to not take things personally to avoid unnecessary drama. Find a creative outlet for this energy, because today has a number of challenging aspects, but we also have pressure increasing with tomorrow's Solar Eclipse. Moods and behaviors in relationships can be fragile as Moon creeps into hypersensitive Cancer, meaning that someone who is overwhelmed and agitated, will be irritated with the simplest words that come their way, striking out. Show that special someone special that you care by sharing a helping hand, renting a good movie, or surprising them with some yummy ice cream. We're looking for ideas that help to make others FEEL good, and food can be quite a comfort food with Cancer. We also have Venus entering into perfectionist Virgo, and we could find some serious crunching time happening in our relationships and in our our money. In Virgo, we count every penny, but we also count how many good gestures, how many kisses and so on. We won't miss a thing. We want everything to be flawless, and the smallest defect can turn us turn-off. As the Sun in Cancer helps us to protect our feelings from others, we should also be aware that with Venus (Love) and Mars (Sex) both in Virgo (who is quite fond of seclusion) can rock the boat in many relationships for the few weeks. Plus Venus and Mars in Virgo (workaholic) can increase our urge to put more hours into the office - with no time to play. Then with tomorrow's eclipse, she will reflect and largely magnify imperfections now - so it will be important to find some necessary space and balance. We can benefit much more if we invest this energy into our own personal goals with our finances and self-improvements as this raw energy gets to the 'nitty gritty' of things that you would like to disinfect and refine in your life.

We have a powerful day Sunday July 11 with a New Moon and Solar Eclipse in Cancer, which will motivate major changes in ourselves, as well as in our awareness of our surroundings. Strong lunar energy will persuade us into 'letting go', so that we can open ourselves up to new stages of development, which usually will last as long as three to six months. Letting go can either be a physical change, or it can be an emotional or mental change in perspective, allowing spiritual growth and new beginnings. Check out my most recent AstroCreeps and TarotFreaks post with my Tarot Affirmations series with the Six of Pentacles for Paybacks and Compensation. With the New Moon and Sun both in Cancer, this will greatly enhance our drive with the action-oriented cardinal energies to make things happen in our emotional and physical world. Do expect inner struggles along the way as Cancer (the Crab) has a very strong grip and doesn't let go of attachments and memories very easily. By releasing, we can harmonize the vibes between our heart and ego, blending darkness and light. Take a look at your natal birth chart at the house that is ruled by Cancer if you would like to know what areas this will be affecting in your life.

Last, I've been invited to be a guest on Theresa Reed's 'The Tarot Lady Blog Talk Radio Show' on: 7/11/2010 @11:00 PM, Way cool, eh? You can call in at (646)716-4465 with your questions about life, love and more. Visit and bookmark it now! She managed to twist my arm and get me to accept her very generous invitation, but with a severe case of stage-fright in speaking live - I'm still wondering what the heck did I get myself into! But Theresa and I are going to be talking tarot and do some tarot readings, and truly just having a good time! I love her fantastic personality and rockin' reading style! I am truly humbled to be connected to this reputable tarot professional and amazing woman. I hope that if you happen to have some free time on Sunday night, that you can stop by with some moral support and get to know Theresa too, as I know you will love her just as much I do!

Make it a great week and shine on!

Suzi Dronzek aka Starcana, has been practicing with the metaphysical arts, intuitive astrology and spiritual tarot for over twenty years. To compliment this week's cosmic report, I am available for personalized consultations for your questions regarding personal development, relationship guidance, and life direction. For more information, contact: 724-832-9283 or visit:

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