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May 31, 2009

Astrological Happenings for June 2009

Astrological Happenings for June 2009 begins to bloom a variety of changes that provide us with excitement and inspiration this month! On 06/02 Venus sextiles Neptune and Jupiter. The vibrations for this day can be quite magical with an overabundance of healing and creative energy. Meditation or quiet time is suggested, whether that be individually or with others. Ask of the Universe, and inhale magic! Venus enters Taurus 06/06, and we're a bit more reserved than normal, sending intentions, and waiting patiently to see what arrives at our doorstep. We're attracting positive energy in the areas of love and money. We could experience many different blessings this month, so be sure to notice everything that comes our way, and give thanks. Full moon in Sagittarius 06/07, we need to curb our voices as to what we think. Could be a storm brewing, and we could vocalize more than we should. Communication skills on 06/09 and 06/10, are not being processed properly, and misunderstandings are more than likely. Think about what we're really trying to express, then speak. Mercury in Gemini 06/13, we are now encouraged to politely speak our mind. We are more comfortable expressing ourselves, and we're attracting new people for friendships. Romance also has a good chance of sparking from these new friendships, so be comfortable in our own skin. We attract what we reflect.

Jupiter retrogrades 06/15, and we are asked to step back from the bigger picture and internalize our hopes and dreams. Spending quality time on taking care of ourselves and/or family is suggested. Introducing ourselves to our belief system again, allows us to find faith and motivation, in order to restore what we believe has been lost. We only need to search within. Someone isn't using their psychic antennae on 06/17, and we're unaware that there is a cry for freedom and change today. Rebellious behavior will be hard to control. It's best to simply walk away. Personal development, education, and work ventures are highlighted as areas that will truly console us. We need to replenish what has not been restored. We want closeness and to be nurtured, but we are cautious and not completely trusting of other's motives, so we withdraw. Our emotions will become unraveling and confusing if we allow them to. This energy is the perfect fuel to create passion into our work and lives again. Use the New Moon in Cancer on 06/22, and write out your dreams and wishes on a small piece of paper. Write what you desire the most for emotional security. Include a small checklist of things that you will do, to help the Universe understand what you want. Follow your checklist for the next few weeks to see doors of opportunities. Power games are in the air on 06/23 and 06/26, and egos and leadership are challenged. The moment is only short-lived, but it can develop into something bigger (and uglier) if emotions are not controlled. Don't dwell on this energy, so that it is easily released. It is important when faced with obstacles this month, to meditate and internalize to where our spirit breathes. Individuals are extra sensitive this month, as emotions weigh heavier than normal. It will be important to find solitude and creative outlets to work through them, and to love thyself!

Hope all have a beautiful new month!

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May 27, 2009

Todays Horoscope from 'Horoscope Happenings!

Welcome new readers (and my wonderful faithful readers!) to my personal blog! If you aren't aware, you can catch up with my daily cosmic updates! Read a sample of today: 

Todays Horoscope for May 27, 2009... Jupiter conjuncts Neptune 4:12pm, with Mars sextile Neptune 0:39am. There's a psychedelic change in the air. Jupiter delivers optimism and abundance, combined with Neptune's miraculous gift of enchantment and forgiveness. Then add the conjunction with Chiron and his healing energy. This is some long-lasting and positive energy that will be available to us for years to come. Other's may not see the 'rainbow' that we see in front of us.. but what is important, is that WE see it. The healing power that can come from this heavenly movement is forgiveness, cleansing, and renewal (in a VERY big way). This can be a renewal in faith, a restoration of love in relationships, rebuilding faith in family and friendships, as well as experiencing a new faith to see others (or ourselves) in a whole new light. Read more on 'Horoscope Happenings'!

Have a beautiful day!

May 05, 2009

What's New at Suzi's Desk

Hello Dear Reader, and a very 'Happy Spring' to you! The weather has not been so 'happy' for the past few days - just gloom, rain, and dampness - but it does force me to stay inside to keep my home and work organized! If you are simply looking to skip my latest news, and prefer reading my monthly May horoscope, you can scroll down to the next post.

I have an update regarding the May 20 fund-raiser for Autism Awareness at Diesel in the southside of Pittsburgh. Unfortunately, because of conflicting dates, I have canceled my appearance because of a short notice that I received a few days later after accepting the invitation. While I looked forward to being a part of this event, my son just happens to be graduating (whoo-hoo!) on the very same date. Go figure! Family comes first in my book. I apologize for any inconvenience. I hope you all have a great time, as it will be a blast with a lot of fun - for a VERY important cause!

For Greensburg PA locals, I have some 'Drug Prevention' news to spread for my friend Norma: On the last Tuesday of every month at 6pm, dedicated Westmoreland County volunteers bring to life The Reality Tour, a dramatic drug prevention program for parent and child (age 10+) to attend together. Named 'Crime Prevention Program of the Year' in 2008', this grassroots effort is changing lives and saving lives. Greensburg-Salem administrator Tammy Wolicki stated, "In my 15 years as an educator, I have not seen a program as powerful as this." - Registration forms are online at Cost is $5 per person.

That's is about it. Enjoy the rest of your month!

Last, I will close my post with a terrific e-zine that I would like to share, that I am involved with! Enjoy, and talk to you soon!