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September 08, 2006

Gotta Quit Second-Guessing Myself

For those who actually care - I took the time to look for information on Steve Irwin's birthdate. As I rooted through Google, I finally found his time of birth.

I quickly threw it into a chart program and realized that I REALLY need to quit second-guessing myself, because as you can see - Steve IS an Aries rising (as I originally mentioned) -

but noooooooooooooo...
I tried to get all philosophical and creative, letting my imagination and sagittarian mouth run.

But anyway - for some of you who follow astrology, I thought this chart might interest you - because it's like...... all there.

Starcana Tarot

Starcana Tarot

September 04, 2006

Crocodile Hunter Shocks Again...

Sad. Our Australian Crocodile-Hunter Steve Irwin was killed today by a stingray while filming. Who would have ever thought that it would have been a sting ray to get this guy? Personally, I figured like everyone else - that one day, one of those nasty croc's are going to outsmart him and nab him when he least expected it. But that wasn't likely going to. He KNEW crocs too well, and had that as his advantage. What he DIDN'T know, was sting rays.

My thoughts and blessings move from him, and then to his family of his wife and two beautiful children. What a dark day for
them. But, he loved what he did for a living, and died doing it. Who could ask for a better way to die?

There wa
s a commentary tonight on the news that talked about why people like him are drawn to danger and risky adventures. They noted that it's something in your brain (I didn't catch the complete scientific word), along with another being genetic, and that it's a reward for thrill seekers. They continued to call these kind of people creative, along with rule breakers, who like to push the limit.
I call these these kind of people - Aquarians.

So after the shocking news, I did a real quick check and googled in "Steve Irwin birthday" and got February 22, 1962. Everything that they described him as on television, verified his Aquarian/Picses personality! Pisces as his dreamer side, but I would probably focus more on his Aquarian side as the rule-breaker, the independent, the thrill seeker, controversial, and the rebel. This is everything a Uranus stands for - and they are damn proud of it! And they should be. Change is good.

I found delight when I watched his Pisces glow as he watched his family on different interviews. He dropped the fearless act and became all mushy with love. He looked so adoringly at his family. Perhaps his Pisces gave him those pair of rose-colored glasses that helped him to dream the impossible dream, thinking that he was invincible.

For the heck of it, I decided to pull some cards on him, asking why he did it all. Call me weird and maybe even creepy, but looking into a person at a dark time is interesting to me, and it also takes some of the darkness from it all - and lightening the mood. Anyway, I pulled the eight of pentacles, the Fool, and the ace of pentacles.

Well, it's no doubt that financial gain was involved, (he had a Virgo moon too), but that is not the root of his reason. Basically he had true skill, raw courage, and talent for what he did.... and he would have done the whole act anyway... whether cash was involved or not.Why? Because he IS a thrill-seeker, and a natural one at that. He loved to take risks, and he loved challenges. He felt he was quite capable of handling whatever may have come his way - and usually succeeded.

Notice the Fool in the center of the reading? The stunt that he pulled when he brought his child into the crocs' den.. As a mom, I thought he looked like a fool doing something like that, but he's a trained entertainer, and obviously felt quite safe and capable of the act. As a thrill seeker, he not only challenged the croc that day, but also the crowd. He knew what he was doing at that time, and aimed to shock. And THAT he did.

But if you watch the folks ruled by Uranus... Uranus loves to shock. And they are tickled pink to shock you again and again. Usually when they shock, they do it big. They like it and do it for the attention. The Fool dancing in the cards represents Uranus. I looked up some quick planets for his chart, and noticed he has FOUR planets in Aquarius... so that's definitely alot of shaking that surrounds him. His Mars is in Aquarius just LOVES to push the limit, while Jupiter in Aquarius is his back-up system up when he decides to do it BIG. Then with Mercury in Aquarius... well... this would just be something that I would say that he KNEW what he wanted to do, and that this was in his blood, and no one would have stopped him. He knew what he was good at, and he entertained us tremendously with his skills.... and he did it all quite well.

I couldn't find his date of birth, so I grabbed his photo from netscape, to figure out a possible rising sign. He's got fire to me. His color is warm and golden. My first inkling to his rising sign was Aries for his magic, and his jaw. I then lean toward Cancer / Leo cusp - as he is definitely the entertainer, with a light fluffy mane, a large chest, and the setting of his eyes. Plus the stab in the heart and chest - which the chest is ruled by Cancer and the heat by Leo.

But my gut leans toward more like a Sagittarius rising. Although Leos are definitely fearless, they actually know when to stop.. unlike Sagittarius. Sag has a bade habit of turning it into a game, and pushing their limits - just to see if they can. Many Sags act as if they are invincible, also resembling that clumsy fool. Plus, Steve had the gift of gab, which is mutable. Sag doesn't know when to shut up, and he truly loved to talk, to teach, and to tell stories. I could be wrong with my guess of his rising sign, so if you got proof - please feel free to drop me a note.

But for now, as I look at that photo with that large friendly smile, the boyish features, the warm coloring, and larger forehead, long face, and stocky frame - I would probably bet on Sag. The archer (Sagittarius) is also the natural hunter, and loves a good game. They are naturally fearless, and enjoy competition (but who in their right mind would choose a croc as their opponent?) The fiery elements in the sun signs (or that might be prominent in their chart) are the people who run into burning buildings, while the rest are running out. Firey elements dare themselves to look down the hole, while the rest are safe and standing in the background. Their middle name is courage and bravery, and that was Steve Irwin.

Oh I know... a lot of it was rather dumb on his part, but that is what made his act so entertaining. Kinda like the whacky acts of Harry Houdini or David Blaine. If there was no magic, there was no crowd. But you gotta admit, he was bold and brave with what he did.

Closing on this topic, I believe that if anyone would have said, "Hey Steve.. I got a bad feeling and maybe it's not a good day to head out today".... I think his Pisces might have appreciated your concern, but his proud ego would've chuckled at their nervousness, and asked teasingly "crikey mate... are you scared to go out in the water?"

I'll be looking at the stars tonight, to see if one star in particular catches my eye with it's brilliant twinkle. When I do, I will smile to myself thinking "Now ain't she a beaut!"
We'll miss your crazy entertainment Steve.

Peace, Starcana
Starcana Tarot
Starcana Tarot