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December 31, 2008

Astrological Happenings, January 2009

January 2009.... Happy New Year! In numerology, 2009 is represented as an 11 year, and this year is also related to the 11th astrological house of inspirations, humanitarians, social organizations, friends, and visions of the future. I personally relate much of the 11:11 hype to this particular year, and believe that we should be asking ourselves as to how will our maturation and goals for 2009 will assist our reputation in the world (or in our local community), and benefit another too? This is a beautiful year of spirituality and self-empowerment, and a time to release old worn-out attitudes and negative behaviors - to spread our wings - to become the 'bigger and better' person. We should be thinking more about re-connecting with others, and becoming one. In 2009, some of us could experience a drastic change in our personality, craving the desire to act on generosity, sharing kindness and compassion... as a way to gain inner peace and a belonging with the outside world again. It is a year of self-discovery and self-sacrifice, to simultaneously experience a death and a rebirth in our renewal of hope and faith. The time is now right, for each of us to rise ABOVE ourselves this year, and to be the change the we want to see in the world.

This brand new year starts with new moon energy rising in responsible Capricorn, which brings us a satisfied feeling, as we have recently focused on providing for others during the past few weeks, and we can now create a more stable environment for ourselves. We may begin to feel a need for seclusion, keeping thoughts (and possibly ourselves) out of the limelight, to hibernate on professional goals and on personal development. We may require less time on emotions and relationships, simply to recharge our batteries with peace and quiet now. On 01/01, Mercury enters freedom fighter Aquarius for the next few weeks, to help us find a solution or different approach to conquer roadblocks in our lives. Any new direction will inspire creativity, which will aid in our attempt to jump oncoming hurdles in the future. We could be experimenting with exciting dimensions in work methods, realizing that a new attitude could benefit us during the storms. We could also be analyzing ourselves in partnerships, while bringing in new friends or new techniques to escape any existing boredom. Others may possibly reach further, and develop a totally new relationship.

Venus enters dreamy Pisces on 01/03 for the next few weeks, and we could get stuck (or possibly lazy) in just the idea of the dream, and put off the hard work of chasing the dream. Whatever is easy, with no real effort, can really influence decisions at this time, which can be quite risky, depending on your work load, or your unstable relationship. Utilize your imagination by doing some serious brainstorming, in order to find new solutions, and to communicate your intentions with those involved. Adventurous Jupiter makes his yearly transit into Aquarius on 01/05, and gives us plenty of visualizations for tomorrow, along with the courage to experiment with our new strategies. We may feel more daring (or possibly careless) and just take brave steps into the unknown, helping us to cross paths with hidden opportunities, but also to enrich our self-confidence. This is an exciting month to dream, to believe in magic, while having a realistic attitude about our involved work. Write down a plan of action and the steps needed to reach the target. A luminous full moon in intuitive Cancer reveals special knowledge or signs that confirms our motivation and direction! On 01/11, chatty Mercury goes retrograde for a few weeks, and we may experience confusion with our course, or possibly doubting our objective. Fax machines and computers may go bonkers, messages and voice-mails may get delayed, possibly lost, and this whirlwind of scattered energy can also create misunderstandings. Double check all forms of communication, and be sure to prioritize thoughts, and take notes to stay on track.

Confident Sun enters Aquarius on 01/19, empowering our ability to stretch ourselves beyond any limitations. We continue to make our advances in life, one day at a time, without allowing any outside influences to get in our way. Solitude, or distancing ourselves from others is very possible. These vibrations are truly focused on each of our paths as individuals. If relationships are sensitive or shaky, an emotional shutdown is likely. During this month's Mercury retrograde, confusion gets a bit more tipsy as he lands in Capricorn on 01/21. We could be worrying more than usual, which will have us to nervous to take the plunge to move forward. We must do our homework and find proven facts to keep our heads clear and focused. Lazy Venus opposes Saturn on 01/24, and if we don't do our research to work through uncertainties, expect to suffer some sort of consequence.

A new moon rises on 01/26 in quirky Aquarius, while a powerful Solar Eclipse energizes our intentions for the next six months, so make thoughts GOOD thoughts, and activate these sparkling ideas into a plan of action! 

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Happy New Year, and wishing you love, peace, and happiness.
(And keep reaching for those stars!)

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