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October 17, 2010

Astrological Happenings Horoscope: October 18-24

Our week begins on a pillow of dreams on Monday October 18, and we're hitting the snooze button a few times with a sleepy Pisces Moon. Mercury trines Neptune (Pisces ruler), and we experience something that may feel like mental fatigue or drowsiness, as healing waters flow and cleanse us from months of repetitive thought patterns. We should allow our mind to venture into imaginative resources that we normally wouldn't tap into, to experiment with a new approach to our day. Discover ways to be constructive by using the power of imagination ~ by creating an idea, developing a new work system, inspiring someone, adding color to our life, etc. Add oomph to your day!

Moon is still wading through the reflective waters of Pisces on Tuesday October 19, allowing us to blend harmoniously with our exterior world. As we co-exist, we like what we see in ourselves as Sun trines Neptune. What may have felt moldy or toxic in our energy is now beginning to revive itself and feel very much alive. Sensitivities and minor illnesses start to heal, and increase our inner sparkle. Be aware of opportunities that surround us now. Magic happens.

We become energized as Moon enters Aries on Wednesday October 20. We're reactive to our instincts and courageously take control to make things in the world right. Leadership, new projects, babies, and our physical appearance rule the day. Mercury enters Scorpio for the next three weeks, and our thoughts and the way that we communicate becomes investigative and careful. We tend to keep our thoughts and words a little more to ourselves as we cautiously interpret others intentions. While great strength is available with the power of our thought, the watery element of Scorpio can blur this reflection, opening us up to suspicions and emotional threats that actually display from our own mirrored image. This is how the Scorpion's attack mode becomes infamous. Avoid making assumptions now, as that poisonous stinger is defensive and willing to destroy whatever jeopardizes personal security. Drama is no longer intriguing, and we're ready to finish it off once and for all. On the other hand, fortune lies in our actions as Mars trines Jupiter. Make an effort to be in the right place, at the right time. Great energy ignites, and passion explodes. Two thumbs up for sexual games, heroic acts, and creating masterpieces.

We feel unstoppable with the inner resources that the Aries Moon delivers on Thursday October 21, but morning hours could feel a little stifled as Moon opposes the heavy fist of Saturn. Work through his tough test of discipline, and be rewarded with self-satisfaction and accomplishment.

Our actions are likely to be misunderstood as Mars squares Neptune on Friday October 22. As we do what is necessary to move forward in our own life, our efforts could become quite clumsy and cause ourselves and our intentions to fail. Watch your step today, and use caution when driving, working heavy machinery or flammable contents. Forgiveness doesn't come easy today, and todays Full Moon in Aries will seem to just magnify it all, which can cause us irritation or frustration if we allow our ego to get in the way. Find a way to make today right, despite the odds

Later, Mercury sextiles Pluto, where perception and precision are on target and bring us exactly what we've been searching for. Tonight's Full Moon increases the energy to shine light on what has been in the dark, or what we preferred to keep in the dark. Secrets are revealed, and luminosity falls upon our own progress and growth. As Moon plows her way into Taurus, our emotions ground and we behave responsibly. A strong sense of duty to be more productive and gain what we had lost is on our agenda. Look for moral lessons throughout the day. Create a better week with additional insight from Starcana's October Tarotscopes which can now be found on this blog each month, so be sure to bookmark it.

We are concentrating on getting some work done in the earlier part of the day on Saturday October 23, with a Taurus Moon that has an itch to work and take care of matters. Sun enters Scorpio for the next four weeks and our self-expression and spirit strengthens in the powerful realms of Scorpio. We become more strategic as we identify with our vitality and ability to create the world that we are seeking. We have what it takes to get control in our lives, which could lead us with an interest to try and control others too. In Scorpio, it's all or nothing, and if we can't get our way, we're quick to terminate the block and never look back. Later, we'll have a hard time getting our due reward as Moon opposes Venus, but it passes shortly, so don't allow the bullheadedness that is associated with the Taurus Moon to cause grumpiness and ruin the weekend.

The Taurus Moon steadies our pursuit and keeps us on track on Sunday October 24 as Mars trines Uranus. We're inspired to make life and our dreams happen, rather than sitting around thinking about it. Sparks fly, and we're making things happen. Harmonizing aspects produce opportunities to intrigue and impress others. Be brilliant with your efforts, and become a symbol of inspiration.

Make it a great week!

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