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September 30, 2010

Starcana Weekly Horoscope: October 1 - October 3

Starcana Weekly Horoscope goes Mobile

The Moon is swollen in emotional Cancer on Friday October 1, and while our sensitivities want to be protected, they also search for an outlet. We could feel the need to express ourselves as Communicator Mercury opposes braggart Jupiter, and we may excrete more than we should. If you're going to say it and put it out there, remember that a positive approach attracts a positive response. Otherwise, know when to zip it.

Because of necessary upgrades needed to my server, my website and email went down for a few days. When this happens, I will usually send out an alert and whine about it on my blog as I did on Monday, where options are available to stay in contact with me. If you would like such alerts to be delivered to your email address, or to have weekly access to my astrological tarot horoscope, subscribe for free.

Pressure is building in the cosmos on Saturday October 2, and we may experience strong gusts of wind that cause a change in the weather as fury is stimulated in the heavens. Luna begins to inflate with majestic pride as she enters Leo today. It's not about talk, but taking action. Just as a sensitive firecracker is highly reactive, the Leo Moon is just as raw and willful. Our purposeful shift will create quite the bang for our audience, generating shock as well as proof of our inner strength. Nervous irritations begin to develop as Mercury opposes rebellious Uranus, daring us to speak our mind. Change may be inevitable, especially as old patterns are not benefitting us anymore. It's one of those days that we should know what we hope to accomplish. Being careful with our thoughts and words, or you may get exactly what you were looking for. As a thought, gramma always told me 'You catch more flies with honey, than with vinegar'. Remember sweetness and kindness matters.

For the next few weeks, Mercury joins the magnificent Sun, and enters chatty Libra on Sunday October 3. Like a breath of fresh air, Libra produces bright-eyed intellect and detachment, which tempts us to look at life and our relationships from a new perspective. Thoughts become less heavy, which gives us the ability to simply say what we mean. We're confident and speak our mind, which helps us to showing our true colors of who we are and what we are willing to stand up for. Our minds will most likely be focused on our relationships (Libra), which includes romantic couples, professional partnerships, family members, our spouse, our children - as well as those who we are at odds and confrontational with.

Libra is popular for being 'sweet' and the 'peacemaker', and with finesse, their words are cunningly sharp and 'to the point'. Communication will be clear and strong, and most likely too strong over the weeks ahead, If we are not mindful, we may show our opinionated, prejudice, and judgmental side. Why might this be? Because Libra in the zodiac, is the perfect display of genuine balance as seen in the Scales of Justice, for truth, fairness, and sweet justice. Despite it's beauty, it is a lifeless, inanimate object, being the only sign which is neither human or animal. Metal is cold, so it lacks warmth and compassion. And like the scales, our mind and our words (Mercury) will be like cold metal, and not easily influenced. We can appear to be confrontational if we are seeking truth, and interrogating others like a legal voice in a courtroom. Nothing but the facts. Seriously, think of Libran Judge Judy Sheindlin.

While some may accuse me of presenting this information in a negative fashion, my goal is to simply be truthful with the facts. My Libra Ascendant will always provide others with the good information WITH the 'not so good'. If we are to make choices as to what direction we want to be in, I believe that we need to know ALL the details, not just a portion.

It's a good time to think about those who you may be at odds with now. Use the image of the Libran Scales to understand that there are always two sides to every story. The healthy way of reaching a mutual agreement, while finding peace and happiness is by doing the homework and researching the facts, so that you can separate the reality from the illusion. Libra is a cardinal sign who is wiling to do what is needed to makes things happen.

If you choose to ignore the necessary work, then you also choose to ignore the facts - which is the path of the 'lazy man' who makes excuses and assumptions, instead of proving his word. Not taking the higher path runs a great risk of everything that you thought you were building to simply crumble apart - as weaknesses in foundations are put through tough tests as Saturn (moral responsibility and discipline)transits his way through Libra. With courageous Mars transiting through Scorpio, we're aggressively creating closure behind closed doors. With Mercury, Sun, and Saturn in Libra, balance is rewarded for our fight for truth and justice.

Read your Starcana October 2010 Astro Tarotscope for your sign.

If you didn't already guess, I'm a change-aholic, and like to keep myself and others from becoming too comfortable and settled. But since I don't move furniture and rooms around like i use to, I need to find other outlets. So do I have a freaky personality? Uh yea, I've got plenty of aspects with my rebellious Uranus in my chart (which is always great to blame) and I need an outlet for that too. Anyway, I have shared a bit more information about myself on the AstroCreeps and TarotFreaks Blog, so check it out.

Make it a great week and shine on!

Suzi Dronzek aka Starcana, Intuitive Tarot Astrologer, Spiritual Advisor, Cosmic Weather Girl, Life Mentor, and Paranormal Geek. For private consultations or more information, contact Suzi at: 724-832-9283 or toll-free: 1-888-878-2018, or visit her website:

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October 2010 Astro Tarotscope

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Read your special message for your sign this month. It's not the cards that we are dealt in life, but how we play them! You can use this month's message as personal insight... or you can do your own tarot reading by choosing three cards in this mini spread:

1.) Your Rising Sign shares 'What I know'.

2.) Your Moon Sign reveals 'What challenges me'.

3.) Your Sun Sign tells you 'What is manifesting'.

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NOTE: I am trying my hand at some short individual horoscopes for sun signs, and added them beneath each tarot card message. I'm not sure if they will stick or not - but if they interest or prove worthy - feel free to drop me a HOLLA by adding your comment at the end of this post, or by shooting me an email.

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LIBRA (September 23-October 22) Nine of Swords: Choosing solitude. Paranoia. Darkness falls upon us. Afraid of the night. Nightmare. You are making your own misery. Living a nightmare that exists in your mind. Feeling threatened. A cycle is about to end. Endless suffering creates a feeling of being trapped. Threats and fears become overbearing, forcing us to react. Worries over tomorrow overwhelm us. Fear that we may be revealed in some way. Sleep deteriorates. Agitation. Unable to separate the nightmares from reality. Afraid of being judged, criticized. Secrets do not become you now. Fear to anger, to fear, to anger. Hiding in our own darkness. Negativity is feeding from our fears. We're worried about what others will think. Trouble always finds me. We think that people care too much about our private affairs. Our past still haunts us. We seclude ourselves. Waiting for the worst to happen. Be careful of what you believe now. The boogie man is under your bed.

Happy Birthday Libra! The Sun is shining brilliantly over your sign and solar first house, which is really making you sparkle! Be sure to take care of yourself now and look your best, as you still have a few weeks left to be noticed while standing in the spotlight! You may have felt the heavy weight of grumpy Saturn in various aspects of your life, but know that he is here to bring that pretty head out of the clouds, and get you back to earth. Worry doesn't look good on you!

SCORPIO (October 23-November 21) Six of Swords: Six of Swords: Peaceful negotiations. You are moving past difficulties. Reaching a new understanding. Grateful for this new sense of calm communications. An invitation for a fresh direction. Travel. All is crystal clear. You're conscious of what lies in-front of you. It's more important to be careful with your approach now. You're seeing everything in a new perspective. Analyzation. Travel over calm waters, but be prepared for anything. Everything is making sense. You have found your truth. You're more cautious as to how you express yourself. You're feeling like yourself again, and ready to experience life. Possible journey ahead. You are changing your course to leave trouble and pain behind. You are what we think, so be aware of what you allow to enter your mind. Focus on the positive.

Happy Birthday Scorpio! Venus is providing support and comfort in your life, and she's the perfect prescription to help you take control of your finances and your love life too. Mars, who is also in your sign, can be a bit too pushy, empowering you with plenty of fuel to help chase down what you want and need! Things should be moving much more quickly and easily for you, and when it comes to speed when driving, walking, or using the steps, be sure to use caution.

SAGITTARIUS (November 22-December 21) The Chariot: Control. Everything is running smoothly. Perseverance. Victory is just ahead. Movement. Change. Finally knowing where you are headed, because you got your head on straight. Sheer willpower create this big shift in our life. A possible journey. Listening to our heart. I seek, therefore I find. Not stopping. Time to take a trip. Protection. Holding onto our dream no matter what. Emotional stability. Intuition speaks and guides us. Get out of my Way! Vengeance. Decisions are being made. Escaping our past. Getting the right push, or kick in the pants. Waited much too long, We go with our gut instincts. It's payback time. Assertion. We are in agreement with what our heart tells us. Now everyone will see what I am truly made of.

Shadows of misfortune are released as transformative Pluto turned direct, moving him and his trouble-making ways on his journey. Lucky for you Sagittarius, heroic Mars is courageously traveling through the muddy swamp of your solar twelfth house, to fight off the last of leftover drama, so that your path is clear. Karmic debts are cleared with Saturn in your solar eleventh house - leaving you with a few quality people and great spiritual lessons to succeed in life.

CAPRICORN (December 22-January 19) Page of Pentacles: Delivery of personal news. Being careful in your direction. Opportunity to move forward. Fresh direction. Scholar. Thoughts and action become reality. Propositions come your way. A gift or message. Favorable journey. Deep concentration. You're adapting. Education. Becoming useful to yourself. Going back to school. Taking some refresher courses. You're ready to start over. Being choosey. Learning something new. Extending your knowledge and abilities. Preparing to become something more that you are. Rewards. Dedication and hard work increase progress. Making mature decisions. Practical and careful decisions. Preparing for the future. Leaving an unproductive period behind. Thrifty. Patience is on your side. It is time to go forward. Persistence is the key. Studying. Practice makes perfect.

As the Sun beams brightly over your solar tenth house Capricorn, it is lit up like Madison Square Garden. You may not enjoy all the attention and publicity as Pluto quietly transits your sign. A good idea would be to start wearing sunglasses, so that the light won't blind your vision, and others won't see how suspicious you are becoming. Saturn is also in your public house, slowing things down to teach you to be cautious - giving you plenty of time to see what (and who) is working for you, so that you can trash the rest.

AQUARIUS (January 20-February 18) Ten of Cups: Joy. Looking for a reason to celebrate with loved one. Trust is restored. Triumph. Love. Tears of triumph. Motivated by the love of others. True friendship. Contentment. Tender moments enjoyed. Money doesn't buy love. Home is where the heart is. Spirituality. Finding faith. True wisdom is ours. Reflections of kindness. Dancing beneath a waterfall. Dreams are fulfilled. Positive feelings. Filled with great peace and comfort. Love from they neighbor. Good surroundings. An end to a long cycle. Showered in affection. Emotional bliss. Your wish has been granted. Cleansing the pain. Seeing rainbows after the storms. Togetherness. Swelling with goodness. Enjoyment from the simple things in life. Sweet endearments. A spiritual river flows through us.

The Sun is illuminating your solar ninth house, encouraging you to expand your mind as well as your heart. This shift is huge Aquarius, as Uranus retrogrades your solar second house of what you already have, so that you may reinvent yourself and your surroundings. With this sense of learning how to love yourself again, you may think about making a career change, redecorating your home, or opening yourself to a new spiritual journey.

PISCES (February 19-March 20) Four of Pentacles: Holding on too tightly. Hoarder. Inability to let go. Stale, but safe. Protected. Holding onto great strength and power that we have created. Mold grows as nothing is shifted. Creating our own prison. Growth in finances, that keep you locked into yourself. Look for a way out, or a for a small window of opportunity. Knowing you have the ability to open and close doors. Miserly. Scrooge. Refusal to stray beyond our own four walls. We reflect the world we have built. Choosing to be cheap. Unable to see what is ahead. Dependent on experience and spirituality. You are not alone. the key to happiness exists within your heart. Tough cookie. Security matters. Lacking vision by our own walls. Lacking flexibility. Can't think outside the box. Won't think outside the box. Desperate, but not serious enough to create change. Locked in our own world. Attachment to material things. It's all about what I have, and not what I share. Barriers are from our own doing. Obstacles and walls exist only in our minds.

Take advantage of the energy that you've been experiencing as there true signs of potential that need to be uncovered. Jupiter and Uranus are retrograding your solar first house, giving you a second chance for finding your inspiration through self-discovery. Saturn in your solar eighth house will make it tough to let go of what you've been trying to hold onto. When you shed dead-skin, it reveals your true colors Pisces. With energy being limited, and your imagination at a high, allow no distractions as you tune in to your own soul's purpose.

ARIES (March 21-April 19) Four of Cups: You are turning away from generosity and kind acts. A search or understanding. Self-Realization. Solitude. Boredom may become overwhelming. Self-focused energy develops into self-awareness. Unconsciously asking for help from a higher source. Having nowhere else to go. It's time to lean on yourself, or get professional help. Opportunities are available but you may find yourself ignoring them. Time to ground and center. You must take necessary steps to calm your inner emotions. Nurturing your soul. You are dissatisfied with current your situation and it is time to reevaluate. You have become self-questioning. Privacy becomes you now. You may be taking things personally. Mending hurt feelings. Big doubts become overwhelming. You've given too much of yourself away and you must pull back to replenish your own resources. Self-healing energy is available. You're focused on your own feelings, and unable to see what is truly available to you. You're defensive. Introverted. Personal need for solitude, can produce brilliant creations. Alone time becomes grounding, leave out the emotions, and think it out. Emotions are in the way, but learn from them and create a bond with yourself.

You may feel as if you are missing something Aries, and you're probably right. Jupiter and Uranus are retrograding your solar twelfth house in hope to enlighten where true difficulties lie. Figure it out, and you get out of jail for free! Saturn digs deeply into your solar seventh house, which can put much strain on your relationships. If you can't figure it out, your values may need to be fed to a few hungry piranhas as Venus transits your solar eighth house - so that you can start over with a clean slate.

TAURUS (April 20-May 20) The Hierophant: Quieting the mind. Compassion. Following traditional ways. Returning to our belief system. Wanting social approval. Returning to heritage. Great knowledge is ours. Turn toward religion or moral standards for guidance. Outdated, worn-out ways win over change. Feeling stuck in the mud. Seeking advice from clergy or those who are in our circle. We stop fighting. Kindness. An older individual comes to share wisdom. Historical Importance. Going back to old ways. Conformity. the bible may become of an importance again. It's time to 'own' it. A tendency to hold onto old thoughts and patterns. Settling to receive acceptance. Forgiveness. We step out of the limelight to talk with our conscience. Stature is of importance. Following the rules. Personal sacrifice. Buying time. Welcomed and belonging. Mercy.

The Sun is lighting up your solar sixth house, which is like a huge flashlight pointing to your work and service to others. You shine when you are making money Taurus, but as Neptune blurs your very public solar tenth house, you may be confused as to what brings you the respect and popularity that you crave. Mars is busy in your solar 7th house, and you may find that you need to make a choice in the company that you keep.

GEMINI (May 21-June 20) The Hermit: Searching for the truth. Divine light. Prayers. Finding our true inner light. Dependence on higher knowledge. Home with nature. Meditation. Be still now and listen to your surroundings. What everyone thinks of me is none of my business. Sign of help ahead. Silence is golden. Wisdom. Getting therapeutic counseling. Professional therapy. A book filled with powerful knowledge. Stars speak to you. Metaphysical practice. New age. Great wisdom. Centering within ourselves to find answers. Self-knowledge. Tree hugger. The night sky tells us a story. Grounding. Spiritual grounding. Lone wolf. Happily secluded at home. Blending in with he scenery. Ain't nobody else's business but our own. Illumination. Fascination with mountains. Candle in the wind. Choosing solitude to escape the noise. The key is good listening. Living the simple life. Studying the past to understand our present and tomorrow. Inner guidance.

You may be playing a little game of tug and war with yourself and others as the Sun and Mercury throw glitter in your solar fifth house. Everyone may want a piece of you now Gemini, and one twin may be thrilled and giddy with that. The other twin isn't so star-struck as Saturn also transits your solar house of creativity and romance, putting you in a more serious mood, wondering - how can I make money from all of this glamour?

CANCER (June 21-July 22) The Star: Hope arrives. Our faith is revived. Times become easier. Socializing. Inspiration. Being our own star. Volunteering ourselves. A new friend appears. Finding a reason. Given a reason to shine. Assistance. Inner guidance. All is crystal clear. Believing in others. Seeing a new perspective. Compassion. No resistance. Earth Angel. Pleasure arrives. Our world expands in a big way. Spiritual Love. Twinkling in the eyes of others. Help arrives. Paying it forward. A light bulb goes off. Brainstorming. Trusting our insight. Optimistic about tomorrow. Hope is just a step a way. Artwork and music speaks to us. Balance comes our way. A new day begins. Renewal. Wishing on a star.

Are you thinking of starting a new profession Cancer? Maybe you are simply hoping to expand yourself or your work. As Jupiter and Uranus retrograde over your solar ninth house, you may be rethinking your future plans, and possibly branching off into a new exciting direction. Good fortune in change is associated with this energy, but you may have to create smart boundaries from others as Saturn relaxes comfortably in your solar fourth house. With a lovely view of the Sun shining over Saturn, stability in your personal security and finances may be all you ask for on your Christmas list.

LEO (July 23-August 22) Eight of Pentacles: Apprenticeship. learning to grow. You are learning much now, and this information is worth great value. Modest gain. Wisdom and knowledge is priceless, stay focused on your goal. Invest all that you learned and experienced, to guide you toward a rewarding future. Save something for a rainy day. Overcoming obstacles. You are working your way up the ladder, slow and steady. Patience is profitable. Your determination and effort are the steps to your success. Income improves. Commitment and loyalty allows you to progress into great growth. Understand that it takes time to develop. Standing at the top of the hill and winning is not what gives one self-respect, for it is the climb, and surviving when everything was working against you. Financial rewards. You are blossoming. Creating the perfect world. Moving forward, past challenges. Nothing will stop you now.

Not only can you talk the talk Leo, but you also walk the walk as Sun shines brightly over you and your solar third house - helping you to put your money where your mouth is. Pluto is busy transforming your solar 6th house and the way you service others, and this can really be good for your ego, and your status. Saturn transiting Libra helps you to prove yourself as you demonstrate your capabilities and your worth.

VIRGO (August 23-September 22) Queen of Cups: Imagination frees us from staleness. Our ears are wide open. Cleansing. Emotions calm. Serenity. The heart is ruling the head. healing. We're an open book. Vulnerable. Logic serves no purpose. We're available to trust. Feeling good. Love is in the air. Self-nurture. Taking care of others. Wholeness. Our realm is kindness. Gentleness becomes us. Good natured person comes along. Natural alternatives to detox. Direction from our feelings. We feel at peace. We receive the understanding that we have been seeking. Motherly Advice. Connected to the earth. Listening. Happiness is ours.

Mercury and the Sun light up your second house, which will have you turning inward and thinking about who you are, who you have become, and who you would like to be. Neptune is drinking a few beers in your sixth house of work, slowly melting your tough exterior. Venus is playing hostess in your solar house of communications, and socializing with those in your immediate circle is starting to show some value. Round of root-beers for everyone!

Make it a great month and shine on! Suzi Dronzek aka Starcana, Intuitive Tarot Astrologer, Spiritual Advisor, Cosmic Weather Girl, Life Mentor, and Paranormal Geek. For private consultations or more information, contact Suzi at: 724-832-9283 or toll-free: 1-888-878-2018, or visit her website:

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September 27, 2010

Playing The Waiting Game with Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus

My web server and website will be down and offline for approximately 24 hours according to my hosting company, but I have seen it take as long as seventy two hours. ugh. They are making unexpected internal upgrades and big changes to my website server - thanks to expansive Jupiter and evolving Uranus (shock and surprises) retrograding my sixth house of work and service to others. Although these two planets sextile and create positive changes for my natal Venus (what I own) in my fourth house (personal security), they form a quintile that causes pressure to my natal Saturn (foundations and home business) also in the fourth.

Transiting Saturn in my twelfth house (self-defeating behavior and burdens) squares my natal Jupiter in my third house of communications, helping me to transmit information and handle this all better now - rather than squawking like a chicken without a head. Jupiter and Uranus both retrograde, forming a harmonizing sextile with my Chiron return in Aquarius, helping me to heal from emotional past behaviors - with a brand new perspective on life. The way I communicate and express myself will be much more clearer and to the point. Rather than escaping from issues that I don't always understand, I have trust in my self and in my decisions, which encourages me to expand my knowledge (Jupiter) and learn (Saturn) new areas (Uranus) that I want to grow and succeed in.

The server updates are a process that has been long over-due on their end is rebuilding the server, but also on my end with karmic influences from Virgo (the perfectionist and critic) ruling my twelfth house, to evaporate unnecessary worries, fear, and guilt that have limited me personally and professionally. So while today's Taurus Moon transits my Eighth House (transformations) and squares my natal Uranus (vision)... sure there is a HUGE part of me that is waiting to become unraveled (because I would rather freak out with matters I had no control of, than approach them calmly), but I find myself unusually comfortable with my feet on the desk and emotionally stable with Taurus Moon and good business sense. Saturn quintile my natal Sun is determined to test and see what I have learned, but a new level of understanding and self-trust has been molded, and I am finding myself at a very good place.

Anyway... I thought I would share some astrological thoughts and personal insight, while releasing possible irritations (Uranus) that are trying to creep up and rebel against my will and business knowledge. I decided to pull a few cards to feed into my quest today, and in general, I am a bit nervous and afraid to jump into the unknown (The Fool reversed) when I feel unstable and lack control (The Emperor reversed), but I already have all the finesse, courage, and strength that I need (Strength), when I am ready to make myself available and trust it. Like the image I chose, I have all this fire in my chart that has a need to increase and prove my strength, while creatively helping to transform situations and individuals into a better place - I now save this and do it for myself - and what a journey it has been. Me and my light may be limited and less visible, as I play the waiting game... but in lurking shadows and darkness, it is mighty strong and powerful.

Anyway, thank you for reading my little note to myself, as I hope I didn't bore you too much. But for more information about me and my reading services, check the column to the right for details about me and for ways to make contact with me OR to get a reading (until my website becomes available and re-uploaded, which is from now 9/27 and to Wednesday 9/29).

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September 01, 2010

Astrological Happenings, September 2010 Horoscope

Astrological Happenings on Your Mobile Phone

September inspires us to turn away from the outside world and to return to ourselves. While each of us contain both masculine and female energy, female energy is this months theme, as it is gentle, creative, and supportive. It balances masculine tendencies and mirrors reflections. It is a period to give less of ourselves, so that we may replenish what has been loss or given away. We are temporarily hiding from the world for a few weeks to analyze all that we have learned and collected, so that we can enhance the person that we have become. Just like 'The Hermit' in the tarot who represents Virgo's quiet personality, he comfortably presses the 'pause button' on his life by turning his back on his future, to mentally (Mercury) rewind past choices. And don't forget folks, we are still in a Mercury retrograde from last month, so our thinking isn't exactly where it normally is and we ponder recent situations and individuals from our past. Virgo likes to silently study himself, to reinforce his strengths and reexamine his weaknesses. The mutable qualities that make Virgo and The Hermit influential are highlighted in September, giving us permission to be inconsistent and changeable, allowing us to remodel who we are, while reorganizing our priorities. Otherwise, we are forced to live our life in a mess, which can create stagnation and worry (the downside of Virgo and The Hermit). With a very potent Cardinal T-square, it is in our best interest to make smart choices in the near future to prevent disruptions in our lives. With September being the ninth month, we are reminded in numerology that the nine vibrations are about closing a cycle, so that we can venture off and experience new life that sits just along horizon. Decide what you want to take with you on your next chapter, and what you may need to let go, because you have outgrown it. How better to understand others and what we attract, when we get to know ourselves and our deepest desires. Do you like my scope so far? While I'm far from being a professional writer, I still enjoy writing and sharing my knowledge. This is just my way of being able to help and guide a lot of people as my way of paying it forward. Since there's never any spam or strings attached, you can receive my free monthly astrological posts in the future and have them delivered directly to your email address by subscribing here, which also allows you to unsubscribe anytime.

On September 8, a New Moon in Virgo will grace our week's ahead, harmonizing our soul's needs with self-esteem and self-respect. If we're available to what Luna can grant us, we can prosper new awareness and admiration within ourselves knowing who we are and what we have to offer, with steady growth from proper care. As greater forces connect in the Universe, we should really find a little bit of time to plan our intentions, and send dreams and goals off into the Universe. Virgo rules work, health, our service to others, finances, habits, healing, and personal development, so we should design our aims around these areas for the most benefit. The New Moon occurs 6:30am eastern standard time, with a conjunction between the Sun and Moon, both in practical Virgo. As the vibrations increase, is when I create and send off my aspirations.

The past few months I have had a number of projects I've been involved in on the side, and I've been reading and taking new classes to expand my self and my profession. Work kept me busy all summer, and while I have been blessed, I can also feel that I am doing too much with not as much rest as I would have liked during this past season. Much of my interest during this New Moon will be in grounding my projects, work, studies, health, habits and self, to come all together and balance out nicely. The timing with Virgo couldn't be any more perfect for me.

It's a favorable period to start a new emotional approach as to how we will claim that new job, get a promotion, put order into our finances and bookwork, build a personal work-out or wellness program, enroll in new training or classes to build our income, and so on. Since I am far from a morning person, I will usually will start the night before, writing out my desires and organizing them, before I announce them. Double Virgo energy, doubles the need to correct any flaws that might influence us to lose enthusiasm. State our needs as if they are already happening, like: "I AM organized. My daily schedule IS impeccable. My business IS growing with me". Always be gracious and appreciative of what you have in your life now, to show your gratitude that more blessings will be respected. The theme of the month is set for harvesting, so forward your passions into the Universe, and participate in making it happen! If you would like assistance in developing your New Moon aspiration, I would be happy to help you design it. Get to know more about me and how I can help you create your own masterpiece here. Virgo is the thinker and the worrier. Much analyzation may be overdone this month if we aren't mentally balanced, which can cause us anxiety, nervous energy, as well as insomnia. Virgo also rules the intestinal tract, so if you find yourself under stress, you might just find that your colon may be tense and gurgling. Listen carefully to your body, as you may be digesting a little too much information from unreliable sources, and your body may actually be searching for a way to finally release it.

While Venus has been transiting through balanced Libra, we could have been more friendly and mannerly to get our desires met. Things are shifting now, and it's not about teamwork anymore as Venus enters venomous Scorpio also on September 8. Wet juices begin to form, promoting sexual cravings, intimate connections, and emotional desires to come forth. She forfeits that sweet 'Carol Brady' approach, to power up and gain total control now, claiming 'no more Mr. Nice Guy' for the rest of this year. Are you loving the astrology for this month? Then don't forget to check in with my pal Astrogrrl and her intriguing astrological posts for the coming transits ahead. Venus becomes emotionally overwhelmed when she must travel the murky waters of Scorpio, which can reflect warped images of our insecurities, suspicions, and secret desires. She's prone to temptations just like anyone else, and in Scorpio we're secretive and sneaky to achieve goals. Seduction, deception, and manipulation is Scorpio's weapon to draw in her victim when nothing else works. Venus rules love and money, and in Scorpio, these desires can be the reward OR the bait that reels you in. Relationships are all or nothing now, as control and envy weigh heavy. If emotions become too heavy and burdening, we're able to let go much easier now, with no interest in looking back. Our need to escape into darker places increase, seducing our secret wishes to be met with psychic energies, the occult, drugs, sex, and rock n roll. Hiding away for awhile is much easier to do, than dealing with the pressures of life. 'Leave me alone' will be communicated much more thoroughly now, either through speech or actions - so create mutual space and serenity during this time for others, but also for ourselves. This is a great reminder to concentrate on stabilizing our own individual goals, rather than on relationships for your New Moon intent. If you're interested in casual chat or astro-tarot tweets for your mobile phone, you can find me on both Facebook and Twitter.

"Sometimes you must let everything go & purge yourself. Whatever makes you unhappy, and brings you down, get rid of it. Because when you're free, your true creativity, your true self comes out." ~Tina Turner.

As Jupiter continues his retrograde journey, he escorts himself from adventurous Aries, and re-enters the laid-back waters of Pisces on September 9 for the rest of the year. If you find yourself struggling with issues now, make an attempt to extract yourself from outside influences again, and reach within yourself to find the joy, happiness, and love you are searching for. Jupiter is generating goodness within, and it's a wonderful time to experience and discover what makes you truly happy. Spiritual awakenings, higher knowledge, and inner blessings are reachable if you are in search of real wealth, because once you recognize the light you have within yourself, you never have to walk in the dark again. And as Jupiter touches base with Pisces again, this can be of great value and potential to make amends with our emotional history once and for all. For more astrological posts for this month, be sure to check out my friend Mandi Lockley and her detailed blog.

I found an interesting site on the internet for September 11, a day that none of us will ever forget. For your own private reminiscing, check out this 911 digital archive site. Altho much time has passed, the events of this day, along with the people who died or were affected, will never been forgotten.

After the past few weeks of Mercury retrograde, misunderstandings and technical difficulties with our mechanical devices will finally start to smooth out as Mercury stations and turns direct on September 12. We can go ahead and continue with our life, major purchases, signing contracts, and expressing ourselves. Mercury is the 'Communication Specialist', and in the Tarot, he and Gemini are associated with The Magician card. Now seriously, who knows how to speak to an audience better than this charming guy and his amazing story, along with his quick wit, fast hands, and extra cards up his sleeve to keep his crowd mesmerized. The Magician in our life can represent a car dealer, a politician, a preacher, a motivational speaker, and so forth. When he appears in a relationship spread, it's definitely time to step up and speak your mind, because he represents 'clear communications' ahead! The Magician in a business spread is going to encourage you to verbalize all those brainstorming ideas to sell yourself to your boss or a new client. The downside to The Magician appearing as perfect as he is, is that he is SO darn good at talking the talk' and giving the sales pitch - that we get lost in his 'glamor' and forget what was actually required of him.

The magic of the tarot language is not only fun, but it is also very insightful! If you like Tarot, you might be interested in knowing that I also provide a monthly Tarotscope to share personal tarot messages per each zodiac sign, where you can also interpret your own meaning with my mini 'easy to use' three card spread. Click Tarotscope for September 2010 to read your horoscope from the tarot today, and be sure to check back in the middle or he end of the month to follow in it's mystical suggestion. If you are a little eerie of Tarot because of the rumors that it is evil, you might have an interest in my article Evil Myth. If you still want more fun with the tarot, check out my friend Theresa Reed for her interpretations to experience the cards.

On September 14, Pluto stations and turns direct after fives months of retrograde motion. Whatever has been hard to hold onto or control in the past months, Pluto finally gives us the 'green light' to release and let go. Pressure and tensions are released, with permission to carry on with our lives. Are you interested in knowing where Pluto is creating deep intense changes in your world? Look at your natal birth chart to see what house Capricorn rules, as this is the area that is under demolition, with many transformational changes happening in the years ahead. Contact me if you would like an astrological email report or a live phone reading to discuss your chart.

Mars joins Venus and enters Scorpio on September 14 until the end of October. Venus tells us what we desire and what we are willing to invest ourselves into, while Mars is our energy that pushes the action to get it. Depending on his placement and aspects, Mars is aggressive and can be rather bullyish, but in Scorpio he can act in a hidden way, where you would probably never suspect him. This energy can be a clever sneak attack for competitive business advertising and promoting new products, but in relationships it can be scheming, crafty, and controlling. You can discuss it further on the AstroCreeps and TarotFreaks public forum. As Jupiter and Uranus form a conjunction as they both retrograde into Pisces on September 18, we can find ourselves returning into a favorable place or experiencing a fortunate surprise. Don't ask questions or make excuses, just make yourself available to be seen or touched by unfamiliar forces!

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Weather could be a bit more active than usual on September 21. And although today is the UN International Day of Peace, we may face a few challenges with oppositions between Sun/Jupiter, and with Sun/Uranus shortly after. Egos and rebellious acts want to act out, and we need to be ultimately clever to hold our own. Use caution with words, electrical products and machinery, as anything can happen to take a surprising turn.

After four weeks of working on our self, analyzing life and our relationships, the Sun feels confident to step out of the hibernating walls of Virgo to step into socializing Libra on September 22. We're ready to create new balance with all that we have learned, while attempting new tasks to give peace a chance for our connections with others or for ourselves. The Fall Equinox also blesses his day, generously allowing us to reap what we have sown over the past few months. A ripe Full Moon in courageous Aries on September 23 dares us to take a stand up and fight for what is right. May your life produce a great harvest, with delicious fruits to sweeten your months ahead.

Speaking of making a stand, whether you are or not a fan of Eminem, he has done some powerful work with himself to become a better individual, by overcoming his weaknesses. He's a Libra who has went through much to find himself, and through hard work and willpower he has been able to face his demons and conquer his desires. So think about what weakens and prevents you to be the person that you need to be, to live your life as you choose. As Saturn transits Libra, Saturn teaches us about life and doing the right things for long-lasting rewards. In Libra, we're taught how to stay balanced with those we keep company with, by facing fears and displaying genuine acts of loyalty and commitment. Without these, trust can not sustain, because this is the secret ingredient to power us through hardships and obstacles. We are also instructed on how to have a good relationship with ourselves now ~ facing the hard facts of reality to create positive progress in our life, or surrendering ourselves to the suffocating illusions that neglected promises deliver. Our decision creates our individual perspective and approach towards life, work, and relationships. 'I'm not afraid' is an awesome new track by Eminem to experience his rage and dedication to remold his life, despite what others would think (Saturn fears and worries about reputation). Get empowered and listen to him now.

I found an awesome quote by Pietro Aretino to fit this month's scope, but first begin standing in-front of the mirror and looking at yourself from the chest up. The person in the mirror is the most friend that you will ever have. Tell that person, "I love you, and because I love you, I would sooner have you hate me for telling you the truth than adore me for telling you lies." Think about what truths you have kept silent, that has created chaos within you, while affecting the relationships that you have, or don't have anymore? Know that making good choices and doing the right thing can be a very lonely path, but it is a path that will lead us to great awareness, trust, honor, and self-respect. Make it a great month! Peace out, Starcana

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