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April 25, 2010

Weekly Astrology Insight: April 26 - May 2

Weekly Astrology Insight: April 26 - May 2

Based on Eastern Time zone.

Monday April 26, A few confusing aspects in the earlier hours could have us feeling a bit uncertain about our day. Mercury retrograde will also have his say in this, playing tricks with our minds, disrupting our ability to make good, conscious decisions. Before making choices or taking action, be sure to take some quality time to go over facts to avoid any possible misunderstandings.

Pinched for time, we're challenged to find a peaceful balance in our course of action, but change is not always easy. The traditional values that Saturn grounds us with, are put through a test when opposed with the impulsive changes that Uranus delivers at 7:23pm, to reform the old, with the new. Some of us may have already felt the stress increasing over the past weeks and/or months. As tension continues to build, something could snap, if it hasn't already. Chaos and unexpected shifts in the world, as well as in our life and relationships may occur, and times are changing, as it waits for no one. What may have been at odds or avoided in your circle, will now experience a force to be reckoned with. Saturn had been retrograde in Libra (personal and professional relationships) but has recently entered Virgo (our service to others, work, health, pets). These areas may be experiencing sensitivities and much strain as Pluto is also retrograde, digging and removing the REAL culprit of damage. Even though Saturn is retrograde, he's still looking out for our best interest, encouraging us to get it right' this time. 'Shape up or ship out', as it's for our own good. It's similar to when we've experienced a painful sore that just won't heal. We keep covering it up with a band-aid, but there is no change. Finally Uranus comes along as our 'wake up call', unexpectedly rips off the bandage and tells us that we need to change in our game. The Libra Moon helps us to make sense of what is happening, as we set our emotions on the side. We may not get what we want - but in a way we do - which is how the Universe rolls.

Tuesday April 27, Moon enters Scorpio 6:28pm, and we'll feel a need to withdraw and experience the emotions that we're tapped into. We may feel as if something is being pulled away from us as we begin to discharge negative forces, but the heavy weight of tomorrow's blistering Full Moon may simply be magnifying emotional pressures - reflecting our own desire to retreat. Mercury retrograde fumbles with our perspective, so we could struggle between our feelings and common sense. The necessity to let go of drama let's us step back to do a little self-nurturing. Find time to meditate, so that unhealthy suspicions can be cleansed.

Wednesday April 28, A Full Moon in Scorpio ripens at 8:19am, harvesting our New Moon intentions from the 14th - if we participated in making it happen. If you can't remember, here is part the clipping I wrote:

...We have a new emotional cycle on Monday April 14, as Luna enters courageous Aries 8:29 am EST. This is a time that we find ourselves ready to 'start fresh' and experience life on a whole new inner level. It is a time to flow with the Universe, to achieve more - rather than sticking with old routines. While in Aries, we're restless and fearless, with a desire to wander off into the unknown, to discover new ground. What would you like to experiment and start in your future? Imagine it. This is favorable energy to start projects, create personal changes, start new programs, etc. Perhaps hanging onto old methods has become stale and unproductive, try expanding this personal or professional aspiration in a different direction....

The Full Moon brings all into full light, presenting us with great information and answers that we have been searching for. What we haven't seen, will be illuminated and at it's peak now. It's a fine time to come out into the limelight and shine. Full power to steam ahead.

Sun conjuncts communication expert Mercury 12:44pm, and we could seem to be more open to expressing ourselves. Everything may seem much clearer now, but check that twice - because Mercury retrograde has a habit of deceiving us. Be sure to work with the motion - to backtrack past actions and reevaluate - or run the risk of getting lost and running around in the same circle twice. If you're doing some traveling, same rules apply - double check your schedule, map, etc.

Thursday April 29, We'll need to make some crucial adjustments in ourselves as Venus inconjuncts Pluto 9:32am. What we yearn for, may not be good for us - but we cling to it anyway. As Pluto retrogrades, we need to question if holding on is healthy for our well-being. Tension builds while we search for a solution, if we refuse to be part of the solution with much needed flexibility. With the Full Moon energy still quite active, our situation becomes crystal clear while in psychological Scorpio, with a strong sense of either 'do' or 'die'. Later. Luna enters into traveller Sagittarius 10:36pm, and we enthusiastically trade negative connections for a happier mood. Burdens are released as we welcome movement and 'go with the flow'.

Friday April 30, Confusing aspects during the day could cause us some doubt if we're thinking solely on our emotional needs. It would be best to not try so hard now, or you'll feel like you are trying to enter an 'exit' door. Emotions shift later, as we see an 'open door' with a Mars trine 6:17pm. Full speed ahead.

Saturday May 1, A perky Sagittarian Moon continues to frolic in optimism and sunshine. One dark cloud rolls in to square 'know-it-all' Jupiter 3:34pm, then rolls right back out so our sun can shine again.

Sunday May 2, Our approach to life becomes for practical as Moon enters solid Capricorn 6:00am. We stay busy, creating a better world for ourselves while taking better care of what's important to us, career, reputation, and family. There are a number of aspects throughout the day, so there is no doubt that the day is filed with ups and downs. With this cardinal Moon, things run smoother if we are willing to take charge and get things done, rather than relying on others - especially as Saturn inconjuncts delusional Neptune 6:22pm. What we see, may not be what we get. All will not be as it seems. Work with the motions, as there is no need to upset the evening. Be done with responsibilities for the day and enjoy a little relaxation time.

"If you're in a bad situation, don't worry it'll change. If you're in a good situation, don't worry it'll change." ~John A. Simone, Sr.

Make it a great week!

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April 18, 2010

Weekly Astrology Insight: April 19-25

Weekly Astrology Insight: April 19-25

Monday April 19 We find ourselves picking up the pieces for others, rather than putting order into our own lives as Sun inconjuncts fearful Saturn. Moon shifts from friendly Gemini, into motherly Cancer, and our natural instinct wants to nurture and take care of those around us. While it is a generous deed to attend to others, it's best to take as much quality time into getting our own lives in order to avoid future blame and extra work on our plate.

Tuesday April 20 Sun enters dependable Taurus, giving us a chance to experience the strong and silent traits of the earthy bull. We become less talkative, and more productive in our lives. Rather than 'talk the talk' - we're ready to 'walk the walk' - to prove what we are made of and what we are worthy of. Our steps toward loyalty and dedication are building blocks to a lasting friendship in our relationships, as well as with our work and finances. This is a great time to study what we have in our life, and to figure out how we can add more value to what we already own.

Wounded healer Chiron leaves socially-conscious Aquarius and enters recovering Pisces until 2019. Where we've concentrated on 'the bigger picture' with ideas to better the world for others, it is time to redirect some of this energy toward ourselves. Thoughts and ideas turn into movement now, allowing the therapeutic waters of Pisces to flow evenly and wash over the world and over ourselves. Generous amounts of imagination, self-love, and compassion can overwhelm us and form an ocean of forgiveness and love again in our lives. As Pluto (release) and Saturn (restructure) both continue retrograde, we are closing a chapter in our lives of toxic and broken foundations (Capricorn) in our professional and personal relationships (Libra). We can choose to close this cycle physically and let go of the past, or we can close the gaps and meet each other halfway.

Self-healing will be on the rise, especially as Saturn retrogrades in Virgo (health) to help us re-examine and reshape our physical, mental, and emotional well-being. We may find ourselves dealing with old reoccurring health issues that will be forcing us to take a second (or third) look at the way we have been taking care of ourselves - as we deal with faltering health issues, necessary visits with our physicians, becoming available to new fitness programs, making better food choices, taking our vitamins, and so forth. Emotional and mental health care also rises as part of the self-healing, where more folks turn to therapeutic counseling, natural alternative health choices, meditation, etc. During this shift, we could see a fresh era of new music brewing in the very near future.

Jupiter is also in Pisces now, filled with much in the way of generosity and kindness. We make bigger contributions to the less-fortunate, as Pisces represents the selfless and helpless. Many may actually begin to anticipate the benefits of the new healthcare system. Jupiter in Pisces brings us an abundance of study, higher thinking, and blessings from the Universe. If you use to follow my Daily Horoscopes, I always referred as Pisces in the hippy-psychedelic form. The last time Chiron was in Pisces was back in the sixties when 'All You Need is Love' was the way. We can develop a new outlook and yearn for love and peace now, searching for compassion, spiritual growth, and a Higher Power. It's all about us living with each other, like the fish (Pisces) who travel in a school together, rather than swimming it alone. As Earth and Mother Nature continues to take tantrums, we are more likely to see more communal living and shared housing, as we're forced to become more cooperative into 'living as one'. What we learn, we teach and share with others - to live in harmony. Just like the lyrics of 'I am the Walrus' from The Beatles... 'I am he, as you are he, as you are me, and we are all together'.

In addition, as Chiron moves into Pisces, we also reach an end of a long cycle, whether within the last decade, but more than likely from our childhood memories and upbringing. Burdens that we have repeatedly experienced and suffered through, are coming to a close. Valuable lessons are learned, problems are solved, karmic debt is paid. To see how Chiron could be affecting you in your life, look at what house is ruled by Pisces in your natal birth chart, and where this healing begins to take place.

As I have mentioned in a few previous posts that started back in January 2010, a (Shocking) Uranus, (Abundance) Jupiter, of (Water) Pisces that we shall experience over the time ahead should not be viewed as devastation, but more in the way of Earth healing herself (Chiron), rather than waiting for us to do it for her. Nature doesn't wait for anyone, as she simply flows with the course of the Universe.

Wednesday April 21 Lyrids Meteor Showers. Usually will start around 11pm and into the wee hours of morning, but let's cross our fingers for clear weather!

Thursday April 22 Regarding Earth Day, I've been doing double work of tweeting my tremor hashtags and adding them to my twitter favorites to log date and time of the original experience, then transferring it to my website for my own file. I've recently decided to do it all - just once now - by starting a blog to log my experiences that will automatically log the date and time for me as well. If you have an interest, visit Intuitive Vibrations.

Friday April 23 Venus squares dizzy Neptune, and sextiles unique Uranus. We may see only what we want to see today, which could cause us to make poor choices for our future if we're not careful making responsible decisions based on realistic facts. Venus rules money and relationships, so these areas will be the most highlighted. While Mercury is retrograde and busy causing fogginess and confusion, our perspective and communications may appear delirious. Does this have to be negative thing? Of course not. We're simply asked to be aware of our thoughts and expressions first, before repeating any past mistakes. Be crystal clear now of intentions. It's best to put off some decisions later, as we'll be craving for a change from what we originally wanted earlier. Moon in Virgo will make us more conscious of our emotional needs, and we'll base our desires on what we need, rather than what we want. Virgo is pretty finicky that way, but it is for our best.

Saturday April 24 Venus (relationships and money) trines overachiever Saturn, and with the hard work that we have invested, our desires become grounded. With Moon in critical Virgo, we feel our need for perfection pays off. Procrastination of efforts can cause for nervous tension now if you feel you've come up empty-handed. If so, take the time to reorganize your steps tduring these retrogrades to get focused and motivated again. If at first you don't succeed, try, try again.

Sunday April 25, Venus (relationships and money) enters social butterfly Gemini, which gives us a lighter energy in our desires, allowing us to detach from the need to 'hold on tightly'. In our connections with others, some of us may need a breath of fresh air and search for new ways of inner expansion with more trips outside the house to mingle with others. Life can feel a lot more fun when we carry less baggage, especially while we're in the midst of figuring what we need to be confident, as we leave the rest behind. We're searching for new ways to communicate and crave new friendships outside the home. If a relationship is strained now, this can create the other partner to want to hold on tighter - upsetting the apple cart. Utilize this time to talk with your partner about your need for a bit of space to avoid the misunderstandings that Mercury retrograde delivers. Mercury squares impatient Mars, which can cause aggressiveness in one's expression that can lead to overbearing commands and heated arguments. Rather than voicing yourself immediately, try listening instead to get further ahead. Lessons can be learned during the retrogrades. We become settled as Sun trines healing Pluto. Our willpower over self-control and intuition heightens and we're able to create magic that attracts and grounds our individual needs.

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Make it a great week!


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April 11, 2010

Weekly Astrology Insight, April 12 - 18

We have a new emotional cycle on Monday April 14, as Luna enters courageous Aries 8:29 am EST. This is a time that we find ourselves ready to 'start fresh' and experience life on a whole new inner level. It is a time to flow with the Universe, to achieve more - rather than sticking with old routines. While in Aries, we're restless and fearless, with a desire to wander off into the unknown, to discover new ground. What would you like to experiment and start in your future? Imagine it. This is favorable energy to start projects, create personal changes, start new programs, etc. Perhaps hanging onto old methods has become stale and unproductive, try expanding this personal or professional aspiration in a different direction. With this cardinal moon, we are feeling ready to finally take our foot off the break, especially while Mars struts his stuff in proud Leo. Hold on to your reins of passion right now, so that you do not jump the gun and act too quickly. We may FEEL ready, but Mercury is in immovable Taurus, who is much more concentrated on the rewards of patience when doing some smart planning - which can stifle our enthusiasm to immediately rock and roll. It is a time to feed off of our needs, to know (in specific detail) what we want to achieve. Plant the seeds of intention, write it down, make a list, and highlight where your own determination can see it through.

A door for opportunity is available to us if we do our part on Saturday April 17 as Venus sextiles Jupiter. Abundant Jupiter harmonizes with flirtatious Venus, who rules relationships and money. This can bring in fortunate favors for finances, business partnerships, cooperation between individuals, romantic lovers, shopping, contract signing, verbal and written agreements. Moon in communicator Gemini will add flavor to our approach to others.

We're in-tune with our surroundings as Sun sextiles psychedelic Neptune on Sunday April 18. Our intuition and hunches are spot on as we open ourselves to alternative methods. We have a potential to produce great growth if we go with the flow. The downside of this could be that we enjoy the attention that we are receiving a little too much - allowing others to perceive us as we allow them to perceive us - rather than as we are. Stay real. Mercury, the planet of communications, also stations today to begin his retrograde journey for the next three weeks. Retrogrades are a short period when the planet appears to be moving backwards, which also sends us into a backward motion. Expect some mental confusion and fog which has the ability to create misunderstandings in the way that we communicate with others. It will be important to think clearly as to what you want to project now, so speak slowly and clearly - to avoid misinterpretations. Mercury also rules short trips, learning, and communicating tools. Possible travel mix-ups and delays are possible, studying for tests and exams could feel impossible, and technical toys that we use to contact others; like computers, cell phones, ipods, faxes, as well as machinery, appliances, and vehicles have a good chance to behave badly on us. Add a little clumsiness to this period, and we could end up accidentally dropping and breaking something, or experience a little fender bender. Back up your computer, repair vehicle/appliance issues if you already know that something isn't quite working right... pronto.

Last, you've heard me go on and on about my personal experiences with earthquake tremors and visions, but you should check out Jamie Funk's Pluto Retrograde Article that shares other's astrological insights regarding Pluto retrograde and the shifting within the earth. I don't feel so whacky after all.

Have a great week!


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April 04, 2010

Starcana Astrological Insight, April 5 thru 11

Last week on Friday April 2, Mercury (communications) entered constructive Taurus, and the way that we express ourselves is more slow, steady, and determined. In the next few weeks, we become less hurried and we behave in a relaxed and leisurely manner. The benefit that many of us can receive from this energy is that we'll be inclined to take a generous amount of time to think things over before rushing into anything at this time. We may be patting ourselves on the back over the next few weeks for making some solid life decisions - basically because we took the time to think it over seriously. It could still feel quite frustrating for some at this time, because energetic Mars is pressing on the gas pedal in confident Leo - but it's not about jumping the gun right now - until every aspect and obstacle has been analyzed. As our mind and speech are extremely reduced in speed, spontaneous and impatient folks could experience sluggishness and fatigue, as if dragging the heavy weight of the world on their shoulders. Best advice, work WITH the inactive and quiet energy. Taurus is ruled by Venus (relationships and money) so many of our ideas over the next few weeks will be concentrating on how to add value to what we already have. Plan well and work long and hard to see the benefits - before Mercury retrogrades on Sunday April 18.

On Tuesday April 6, Pluto stations and prepares for his five month journey in retrograde. Pluto's goal is to destroy and rid the toxins in our life, so that we may regenerate and heal. In retrograde, we may appear to be moving backwards, by backtracking into old steps and patterns. During this time, we can return and rely on old memories, reunite with individuals from our past, or relive a worn-out situation. As Pluto travels through Capricorn, this backward motion may in some way involve our career, business, public reputation, family, authoritative individuals, the more dominating parent, our home, savings, and property - to release what isn't working anymore, to resolve and correct.

Saturn who has been retrograde since January 2010 in Libra (personal and professional partnerships), now travels a little deeper into Virgo (our health, work and service to others) on April 7. Saturn has been busy finding weak points in our relationships, and as he travels deeper into the root of issues during the next three months, he will look into our individual foundations for faults and deficiencies. Saturn will question us regarding 'how much we give, or not give' (Virgo) in-regards to our deteriorating attitude and way of expression (Mercury). These internal theories will be tested by the heavy weight of Saturn. Pluto retrograde can be of great assistance to dislodge these unhealthy ways, but a deep transformation can feel impossible or painful if we are resistant to letting go - of who we have grown into.

On a different level, I have mentioned this before, as I have been been personally experiencing intuitive tremors and making notes on my personal tremor log. Whether I have been on target with what I am feeling, or maybe just totally coincidental, but this is the reason that I am logging it all, to see if there is a genuine pattern. If you have read my tremor log, I have experienced visual signs that I am interpreting as something larger that MAY be happening. I COULD be wrong, because I have a feeling - not scientific proof. But with the tremors I have felt, something is shaking he earth. With Jupiter, there is an increase of moisture that is loosening the earth. I have seen a number of repeated visions of 'rings on fire', and after days of wondering - 'what the heck is that?' I am assuming with additional messages received, that these visuals is a volcano(s). Now with Pluto and Saturn as more of the distant planets, they move at a much slower pace. During retrograde, they take their good ole time traveling backwards, into deeper unseen areas. Deeper into memories, into the subconscious, etc. My thoughts are the same with the earth. We have extreme tension increasing between Uranus (tremors), Pluto (ejection), and Saturn (foundation/earth). A very deep eruption is surfacing. I don't know where this would occur, I don't know when this would actually occur, I don't know if this is worthy enough to even speculate, without valid proof. I find it interesting that in 2010, we're in a universal three cycle in numerology 2+0+1+0=3, and three's are related to communication and expression. In the Tarot, three is related to The Empress card, who represents Mother Earth. This is a year that Mother Earth is communicating to us. So far, she has spoke loudly with the earthquakes in Chile and Haiti, along with the threat of a tsunami, blizzards and flooding in the US. I imagine that she still has a lot more to say and get off her chest. Enjoy your week.

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Whats New with Starcana April 2010

Goodbye. After all the snowy blizzards in this area - it is a real pleasure to see grass, trees, and sunshine again! In the past few months, I had been contemplating on making some changes in my work, especially as we get closer to Pluto (regeneration) going retrograde and Saturn retrograding into Virgo (work) this week. This shift was inevitable. But if you were aware of my Daily Horoscope Happenings, you might already know that I had recently decided to put my daily astrological writings on hold. Rather than being the adventure that they started out as in the past year, they turned into a lot more work than anticipated. I enjoyed sharing my interpretations, but they were taking up too much of my time - as other projects sat on the back-burner. Perhaps in the future, I may return to them - but for now it is toodle-loo.

Hello. In the meantime, I am continuing my astrological insights here on my main blog. And rather than writing them on a monthly note, I am shifting them to a weekly schedule. I do look forward to this new variation, and hope that this is just as enjoyable for you! To be sure that you don't miss any of my Starcana Astrological Insight writings, be sure to subscribe to this blog by RSS or by email.

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