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May 28, 2006

Meeting the Page of Pentacles

While it is a natural part of our day as readers to help others - it's a whole other thing for some of us to read for our own personal dilemmas. It is frustrating, when you are filled with insight, or sometimes just common sense on many circumstances for others - but when the tables are turned, and it's OUR problem - all of a sudden we're lost for words! Geez... WHY is that? (I am sure that there are dozens of explanations for this, but that's another post.)

Okay, now gimme a break - as I am not much of a writer, but I am trying to add a little more to my blog, other than some readings here and there. So let me think and hear me ramble.....

la la la la......

But as I was saying, when I need a solution, I tend to be that of a seeker. Rather than waiting for life to happen, I prefer to make it happen. When I am bored or dissatisfied, I can TRY to do the "respectable" thing, and just hold on a little longer to TRY and make it work, but that isn't always a wise choice. You know... when you HAVE to try.... and then try so hard.... then it really isn't meant to be (at least at that specific time period).
Life should never be so hard, and when you understand that - it is when you start to live.

So as I mentioned earlier, I have this situation and now looking to do the "respectable" thing and find out ways to make things work. Answers will usually come to me in different forms, from listening to music, to sitting outside, but it's mostly when I am driving when I get most creative. My best ideas are when I am out driving around, listening to the music.... and there I am, fumbling with my purse to grab my phone and record my thoughts before I forget them!

After a few days of seeking guidance, I received an answer to my problem (yayyy!). This time the answer came to me while I was surfing on the net, and came from a nice, friendly site. A few things that this woman spoke about within her website spoke to me, along with some of her other writings and her wit. I was so relieved to have reached a conclusion to my problem, that I decided to take a moment to thank her for sharing her site, and her words of wisdom. And since, we've had some motivating conversation.

If you havent noticed by now (LOL) I am an inexperienced blogger, and I've received some helpful blog tips from this wonderful woman! So I found myself with another unexpected gift from her. She shared her blog goals with me - mentioning a problem that she was having with the look of her banner, so I decided to surprise Lady Skye Frye
with a gift... a new banner, as a way to say thanks. She was thrilled, and of course I was happy that she liked it.

Here is her new banner, be sure to visit her website

Now here I start thinking... hmmmm, now how can I turn this into a Tarot related topic? And it came to me, that this was a nice experience to help some inexperienced readers to interpret the Page of Pentacles. While pulling this card, I am this child-like energy who searched for something, and I find that gift (within her site). The inspiration I was looking for, along with her blog tips, were both that very same energy
of the Page of Pentacles, as she holds an unexpected gift for me.

As that Page of Pentacles, I too offer a gift to her. Which this may sum this card up pretty good... symbolizing that "you get - what you put out", or "passing the wealth".

Thanks for listening. :-)
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May 20, 2006

Reading Useless Mom

Dear Starcana, I have a very important question, in which I would like to know if my child is going to graduate from high school. He was kicked off the football team this year, because he had failed to keep up with his grades and studies. I thought that being kicked off the team would have finally concerned him, as he was the one of the team's important players. Unfortunately, this sad situation did not enforce him to work harder to bring his grades - but instead, they have continued to plummet. Can you please help? Feeling Useless Mom

Dear Feeling Useless Mom, Obviously this is a very important concern for you, as would be with ANY mother. The Ace of cups, in a reversed position, immediately makes me quite aware of the obstacles the your son has been facing. Teenage years can be very hard for our young adolescents (as well as for us parents!) as they are pressured with so many growing demands that seem to come from so many sources. Whether theses demands are coming from their home life, school life, peers, love, grades, bullies, appearance, etc. Plus the amount of raging hormones can make them feel quite confused and lost, with so many decisions to make! Your child in particular is dealing with alot, and feels very alone. He is incredibly sensitive, and struggles with teen choices and teen responsibilites. I might also want to add that there may be a deteriorating friendship (possibly a young love) that may also be adding to the dark cloud above his head.

The Page of Swords who also arrives in a reversed positionn adds that your son's mind is truly not involved or interested in his studies. Life in general just seems to be more fun and interesting to your son, rather than sitting quiet and still in school. He is an active child, who is obviously athletic and does well in sports. The thought of reading a book quietly seems to be almost torture or unnecessary to this young sportsman! And although it is a frustrating experience for you as a parent, be sure that it is also quite infeasible for your son. It seems that you both are separating yourselves apart from each other... rather than staying strong, and opening up to one another. Communication seems to be failing between you both, and it may be a good time to sit down with each other, and simply talk and get the communication lines back open. Ask him questions about how he feels with life lately, ask him how his day is going. He needs to know that you care. No one likes to assume that. Grab a book and sit quietly with him, while he does his schoolwork. Ask him if you can help him study. Loneliness is one obstacle between the two of you, and it doesn't seem to be working for neither of you. Plan time for a nice conversation. Make each other laugh. And most importantly, always remind him that you still love him. No one likes to assume that either. Teens act as if they are too cool for mom's little words of endearment - but secretly deep down inside - they can never hear it enough.

Last, The Magician appears with the final word - and I believe that your son will definately graduate from school. If he decides to proceed with his education after high school, I might add that with the right amount of encouragement, that he will continue to succeed! He is intelligent, and capable of pulling himself out of the hole, and come out shining. He knows exactly what he needs to do, and knows how to go about it, to get what needs to be done - done! Your son has alot of confidence, as well as common sense - buried beneath all that careless exterior. You are an incredibly important figure in his life to help boost his self-esteem when he feels hopeless or uninspired. Don't be afraid to compliment him on occasion, and make him aware of his capabilities... and always let him know how proud you are of him (even when you feel that it won't help). You will be always be guaranteed a light of glimmer (and hope) in their watery eyes. Remember: Patience is a mother's middle name, and also the test of our mothering skills. Just give him some time... and don't be afraid to give yourself alittle time.

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May 12, 2006

Tarot for Inspiration

Dear Starcana

Oddly enough, I've had goals for success since a very early age, despite some of the unusual complications that have interfered with my plans. I guess my
main question would be "Should I continue with this dream that I see as my true path - or is it a hopeless journey where I will one day wake up and realize it really was just a dream?". Thanks. Yours Truly, T.J. from California

Dear T.J. According to the personal birth information that you have provided - along with the tarot cards that have been chosen for you.... the Tower, Strength, and the 5 of Wands.... I can see that you have many serious struggles within your life, starting at a very young age. It has obviously been a very long and hard climb toward the top. I do feel that you will find that success that you have been searching for - at the top of that mountain. I see you reaching your goals - despite the times that have been quite hard on you. You have dealt with more hardships than one can handle, and have always got back up on your own two feet, only to experience another downfall. In some odd way, you feel as if this dream is worth all the agonizing effort that you are investing into it.

Some define the word "success" in so many ways. Reaching one's "personal wealth" may range from financial achievement, to renewed health, spiritual well-being, or possibly the whole package. The list continues, because it's a personal interpretation to that specific individual. So depending on the certain type of prosperity in which you are searching for - you may feel that it all serves a purpose - to reach this point.

Unfortunately, the last few years of negative experiences had developed from your own personal resources - as you struggle with personal
power, and change. It seems that you were presented with several gifts from the universe, in hopes to help you with your weaknesses, and your stubborness refused to accept help. When a negative situation like this continues longer than it should... the force of the universe can be quite overwhelming - taking everything away from you, and leaving you to feel as if it may have been the worse thing to happen to you - when in all, it was really just for your own good.

You should expect to have many admirers who look up to you with both respect and envy. You earned that publicity with the enormous obstacles that you have ovecome, and now others want to be like you, or possibly want what you have. Learn from your past lessons about issues concerning
self-control and understanding. Whether you fight for it - or against it. The process should be a naturally one, not an aggressive one. Whatever is suppose to happen.... will. Do not be threatened of what MIGHT be taken from you. At times, you will feel in need to protect what you have worked hard for, but from what I see - this is not what is reality, but only within your own mind.

No matter how beaten down that you may have been, or felt... your moon which resides in Aquarius (which interesting enough is related to the Tower card - ruled by Uranus) has been your loyal savior. Your lunar guardian Uranus, has helped you to approach the darkest challenges as a responsible adult, and conquer.

The strongest form of energy is where you have traveled from the darkest areas in your life - to your brightest. You have walked many
spiritual journeys throughout the years, to reach "who" you are today. Your self-esteem beams with total awareness, and a new understanding.... learning that life isn't suppose to be this hard. You have taught yourself what is important to hold onto... as well as, what to let go. Your maturity level has increased, as you welcomed the comprehension of "choice". You now make less demands on others, and less demands on yourself. You don't need to hold on so tightly anymore. You've worked hard for this knowledge, and you've certainly earned it.

You are on the right path TJ, and by the age of 38, you can expect to reach your personal goal. You will feel safe and secure within your
dream come true. What you dream TJ is truly happening and materializing - because YOU believe it is. Life will be good as you reap the rewards.

As you walk WITH life now (rather than against it), your future holds even a brighter star for you -
just when you thought you knew what you wanted in life. After you reach success - you accidently (or possibly, coincidently) find your TRUE calling in life - and without a second thought, I see you giving it all up, all that you have worked so hard for, for the true inspiration of your life!


May 03, 2006

Boyfriend Problems

Dear Starcana. My Sagittarian boyfriend and I (Gemini) moved in together back in February. Things are not going as well as we had planned. We never get to see each other because of our schedules, and when we finally get time, we fight. I don't think that he is happy as we were earlier before this move, and I feel the same way. Is our relationship just going through a lovers phase - or are we headed for doomsville? Please help me! Signed, Sleepless in San Francisco

Dear Sleepless, I can truly see the dark gloom that hangs over your relationship. Shuffling through a deck of Tarot, you've been dealt the 10 of Swords (reversed). Wheel of Fortune (reversed), 6 of Cups (reversed), and the 3 of Swords. You've really have experienced pain, and have been hurt over and over again, and I find you are preparing yourself for another hurt. All your present thoughts on what has been happening within your home seem to be sharp and concise, leaving you absolutely no room to see any hope at all. In all honesty, you both have suffered with plenty of upsetting experiences in the past, but I don't feel that either one of you have grieved completely on your individual losses. Without letting go of the past, this leaves unsettled conditions within yourselves, which are upsetting your personal relationship. I see emotional attachments to the past, along with present insecurities on both of you. Because you have both experienced loss before - anything that has been purchased during this time will hold sentimental value - which neither of you will want to give up (all over again). These unsettled conditions suggest a future tug-of-war on who owns what, so you may want to get yourself prepared legally with that bit of information.

This move seems as if it was based on a spontaneous decision, with lack of preparation and planning - appearing to be not the best choice at that time. You are feeling like you are being held back by that instant decision now, by ways of losing your independance. There is also a sense of unstableness around your boyfriend regarding his anger, and I might suggest that you talk to your friends or family, or seek professional advice on this matter.

When moving in together, you seemed to think that he was going to make your every dream come true, and now you find yourself quite aware that this isn't going to happen. Either he was a pretty smooth talker, or you were a quite naive. Being in a relationship is hard work, and neither one of you are willing to put the extra effort needed to pull it back together. Unfortunatley, because you both aren't fighting for what you want - I do see the two of you parting in the middle of summer, towards early July.

As I mention regularly, readings are NEVER set in stone Sleepless - as we all have a choice, as well as free will. Your feelings are correct, as the two of you are headed towards a near departure IF both parties continue to let everything that you have built - to slowly decay.


Cards from the Robin Wood Tarot
© Robin Wood 1991. Used with permission.