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October 31, 2010

Astrological Happenings Horoscope: November 1 - November 7

The Virgo Moon starts All Saints Day and our week with a more serious tone on Monday November 1, after a weekend of relaxation or most likely some halloween activity. Virgo encourages us that our break is over, and it's time to get back to work. It's a good day for work-related travel and networking, but also favorable for going over our checkbook and finances. Venus rx (relationships and money) sextiles Pluto in the early hours, and we're craving to take back our personal power and get control back in our lives. With a Venus retrograde, we get a second chance to reclaim what we lost or went missing with the right amount of work. And depending on which side of the table you are on, with Venus in deceitful Scorpio, beware of those who may choose to manipulate others to achieve their goals.

Virgo Moon is still keeping us in the mood to pick and criticize on Election Day, Tuesday November 2, to create perfection in our lives and in our work. Stay in a busy motion, and you'll be sure to accomplish much today. After dinner, we may not feel satisfied with our work as Luna opposes Jupiter/Uranus retrograde, so if we don't decide to skip dinner to work overtime, we could look elsewhere for instant gratification. Know your limitations.

Moon exits from Virgo's nervous terrain, and enters balanced Libra on Wednesday November 3. It's easier to breathe and things done today, and we even have a little time left over to network with peers and do some socializing later. In the early hours, a Moon/Pluto square intensifies our dreams as our subconscious tries to find solutions to our frustrations. Pay attention to details.

Image from a local halloween party that I entertained, reading the tarot.

Mercury trines Jupiter on Thursday November 4, which provides favorable opportunities for travel, writing, communicating, listening, and learning. Students who do well with directions earn a gold star on their efforts. Today's Libra Moon disallows our emotions to be swayed, keeping our sensitivities at a distance so that we can react intellectually with logic. Later, Moon trines Neptune rx and Chiron rx, and we may feel a calmness sweep over us which allows for a deep release of the past, forgiveness, as well as emotional healing. This can be exceptionally good time for personal transformation with the line up of planets, along with the influence of Scorpion energy ~ to face and destroy our demons (pain, issues, fears, etc) so that we can join the living and get back to life. If you are someone who needs to let go of resentments, disappointments and guilt, it can be therapeutic to express yourself creatively, to talk with someone, or to journal. For an alternative option, you may have an interest in my services which are affordable, informative, as well as confidential.

Moon enters the oceanic waters of Scorpio on Friday November 5, and emotionally we need to pull within, so that the outside world can not disturb our serenity. What may be unsettling and unstable in our lives, we can be quick to terminate - which is the purpose to calm down first, because once the Scorpion poison spills, there is no return. After five months of hiding from the world in our private caves to mend old wounds from our past, Chiron, The Wounded Healer now turns direct, and is ready to be of assistance, to show others the way.

As an artist child to graphic designer, I am thrilled with this. Chiron entered Aquarius in 2005, transiting my fifth house of creative expression. Extreme attacks of creative blocks hindered my personal life and career, as Chiron shaved away layers of who I was, well, at least who I thought I was. Like many others, I was the result of another dysfunctional family. Yeah, a misfit LOL. For years, Chiron opened old wounds, allowing them to partially heal, just to rip off the fresh scabs. It's been a painful process between Chiron chiseling and Pluto slaughtering my Sagittarius Sun, but it contains a wealth of knowledge, so I am blessed to have experienced it, and show others the way. Now that I can still breathe, I am interested in learning about Chiron on a whole different level, other than from my own experience. My friend Joyce Mason, is a superb astrologer with some great information to learn about Chiron, along with an interesting Chiron quiz, and her fantastic e-book! And check out my friend Astrogrrl, who has posted terrific information regarding Chiron as well. I thought this quote by Henry Rollins could nicely sum up my Chiron return: “It's sad when someone you know, becomes someone you knew”.

What's you sun sign? Read Starcana Tarotscopes for November 2010

There are many turbulent aspects throughout Saturday November 6, which can cause emotions to heavily fluctuate into potential storms. Distancing ourselves to find peaceful waters is suggested if you feel the waves beginning to sway. A New Moon in Scorpio is an excellent time to invest into ourselves and plant news seed to sprout growth. In Scorpio, thoughts and intentions should revolve around the scorpion's power to destroy and transformation, releasing unnecessary baggage, to make room for tomorrow. Because of the 'many deaths' that I have gone through for the past decade (between Pluto in my Sagittarian Sun and Chiron alone), I may suggest that with this dark moon (creative inner work) in Scorpio (death), that we create something new by demolishing something within ourselves. You can start by asking yourself 'who am I'?, and 'what do I need to let others know about the REAL me, so that misunderstandings evaporate'? If we are to reveal our true selves, we must remove a layer or two (or three) of who we have developed into. This would be an inner change, a death to an old self - so that we can set our spirit free. From here, you must decide what you are willing to sacrifice (within yourself) and finally leave behind ~ in order to move forward.

You can start with a simple phrase such as: "I want to show people that I am ___________ and that I am willing to let go of my ____________ because it a part of me that confuses people as to who I really am. From there, you start immediately on YOUR project. Participating in the Scorpion New Moon energy will enhance personal power from deep healing ~ when we remove that which takes it away.

After five months, Neptune finally stations and turns direct on Sunday November 7. We've been rolling about with our imagination, fantasies and dreams inside of ourselves, and now it's time to put them into play. We've used our own compassion to care for ourselves, now it's time to reach out. The creativity that has been brewing within our souls is ready to escape. Open the doors and your heart, and allow it all to flow! With Mars in fearless Sagittarius, it's a great time to act on your goals and shoot for the stars. Moon enters Sagittarius, and we feel like expanding ourselves in new ways and new directions. Just another sign that there is more to life what exists in your little neighborhood. What will you stretch and reach out for?

Venus (love, money, personal and professional partnerships)continues to retrograde and she steps deeper into the shadows as she returns her way into Libra. Some of us can expect our relationships, family, friendships, and money to continue to slow down in warped speed, as Venus is not 'fessing up' any of her good right now until Libra's truth and justice is properly served. With Saturn also in Libra, he is in agreement and loyal with Venus. If you truly want a better relationship, a better friendship, or better finances, you will need to make an adjustment to apologize, to pardon, and prove it. Venus desire, and in Libra, she wants balance, peace, and togetherness.

Daylight savings ends at 2am, so it's time to turn your clocks back one hour, and don't forget to add new batteries to your smoke alarms. Have a great week!

Astrological Happenings is written by Suzi Dronzek, Creative Intuitive, Tarot Astrologer and Spiritual Mentor, with an intention to help you make your week shine. For a private, insightful session, call: 724-832-9283 or toll-free: 1(888) 878-2018, or visit her website:

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Astro Tarotscope for November 2010

It's not the cards that we are dealt in life, but how we play them! For personal insight, read your special tarot card message along with astro-scope for your sun sign. You can contact me for a private and professional tarot reading, or You can simply do your own reading with this quick mini spread that I have provided for you! (1st card) Your rising sign explains 'what you already know', (2nd card) Your moon sign reveals 'what is challenging you', and (3rd card) Your sun sign shows you 'what will manifest'. Enjoy!

SCORPIO (October 23-November 21) Happy Birthday Scorpio! Knight of Pentacles: You are making responsible decisions based on hard experiences and learned lessons. Dependability. A scholar. A teacher. You are willing to adapt to a situation without losing sense of self. Someone comes along to help and show you the way. You are willing to pursue your dreams. The right way. Honorable decisions are made when you carry a solid character. A loner. You aren't influenced by peer pressure. Choices are made with personal integrity. Good morals. A change in what you are building. Willing to learn and grow. Progress. Applying ourselves to work with nature. Struggle disappears. Meditation. Conscientious. Changes with patience and caution. Continuance to study. Good news with a positive shift in finances and education.

Venus is retrograding through your House of Impressions, and you could find yourself wanting to change the way you appear to others, recreating a brand new mask. This is a fine time to try something different, as Sun (Life Force) and Mercury (Communications) are eager to show off your strengths. On November 6th, a New Moon in your sign darkens your first house, suggesting that the change should be deep within yourself, so that it may bloom naturally on the outside.

SAGITTARIUS (November 22-December 21) Queen of Cups: Imagination frees us from staleness. Our ears are wide open. Cleansing. Emotions calm. Serenity. The heart is ruling the head. healing. We're an open book. Vulnerable. Logic serves no purpose. We're available to trust. Feeling good. Love is in the air. Self-nurture. Taking care of others. Wholeness. Our realm is kindness. Gentleness becomes us. Good natured person comes along. Natural alternatives to detox. Direction from our feelings. We feel at peace. We receive the understanding that we have been seeking. Motherly Advice. Connected to the earth. Listening. Happiness is ours.

Everyday should feel exciting and brand new with Mars in your sign. The steps you are taking in your life are bold and courageous, which pushes you ahead to the front of the stage, so look your best as you turn heads. With Mars transiting through your Appearances House, image is everything now, but some bumps and bruises may be possible, so stay alert and move with care! Your mojo is back and rockin' when Jupiter turns direct on the 18th to share blessings in your Home and Self-Nurturing House. It's going to be a good one.

CAPRICORN (December 22-January 19) Wheel of Fortune: As above, so below. Freedom arrives. A shift in the cosmic flow. Movement happens. Letting go of an old chapter. Changes begin to occur. The end. Transforming darkness into light. Our foot comes off the break. Solutions take place. Destiny is taking place. Problems are starting to disappear. It's a turn of the season. Unexpected occurrences. Time speeds ahead. End of a cycle. For better or worse, issues evolve. Turn the page. Closure. It was bound to happen. What goes up, must come down. Our luck changes.

Venus retrogrades and transits through your Friendship House, and you may experience a shift with somebody of the opposite sex ~ wondering if you should keep it platonic or take it to a new level. Don't be surprised when someone from your past surprisingly makes contact with you at this time too.... possibly an ex from the past? The Sun transiting in your Self-Undoing House adds light to shadows and hidden secrets, which could have you keeping a low profile to see what develops.

AQUARIUS (January 20-February 18) Eight of Wands: Important news arrives. Confirmation of quick developments. Proving your intentions. Movement. Ready, set go! Rapid advancement. The timing is perfect. Work takes a shift for the better. Fast progress. It is time to take action. You have thought long enough. Quick action. If you don't succeed, try, try again. Taking a trip. Green lights give the okay to move forward. Travel. Obstacles removed. Jumping into the fire. Great bravery. Freedom to move in any direction now. Overcoming frustrations by making necessary changes. Achievement. News. Collecting ideas. Everything is happening or coming at us all at once. Wow! Long distance travel. Earning happiness. Prioritizing. Quick decisions. A reason to celebrate. Jumping ship before getting all the facts. Overcoming fears. Willingness to change immediately. Turn of events. Let's get this party started.

As Mars transits through your Friendship House, socializing shall be keeping you pretty active, especially with the presence of Sun and Mercury in your tenth house, increasing your public status. Networking is in your favor now, which can help you to be in the right place, at the right time ~ especially if you are interested in being in the public eye or fueling your career! If there's not enough of you to go around, prioritize your contacts, or suffer a burn-out!

PISCES (February 19-March 20) Page of Pentacles: Delivery of personal news. Being careful in your direction. Opportunity to move forward. Fresh direction. Scholar. Thoughts and action become reality. Propositions come your way. A gift or message. Favorable journey. Deep concentration. You're adapting. Education. Becoming useful to yourself. Going back to school. Taking some refresher courses. You're ready to start over. Being choosey. Learning something new. Extending your knowledge and abilities. Preparing to become something more that you are. Rewards. Dedication and hard work increase progress. Making mature decisions. Practical and careful decisions. Preparing for the future. Leaving an unproductive period behind. Thrifty. Patience is on your side. It is time to go forward. Persistence is the key. Studying. Practice makes perfect.

Mercury and Sun is transiting through your ninth house of Higher Learning and Philosophy, giving you plenty to think about during your travels through distance or time. Journaling about what you are learning about yourself will allow dark, hidden emotions to rise to the surface, so that they can be conquered and transformed into light.

ARIES (March 21-April 19) Ten of Wands: You are choosing the harder path all on your own. Integrity and honor is a lonely road. Too much success. Overloaded. Burdened by choice. Holding the torch. Creating a strong backbone. I'm right and everyone else is wrong. Responsibility and stamina is strengthening self-respect. Fires burning strong. Feeling a heavy weight when doing the right thing. Martyr complex. Assuming that the world depends on us. Courage and righteousness. Coming to an end of a cycle. Holding great strength. Showing others what we are truly made of. Great spirit. Overworked. Holding the weight of the world on our shoulders. Willing to take on the whole crowd. Bearing great pain is building character. The journey is almost finished. Nothings is going to stop you. When all bets are against you, you are the one who pulls through and has the last laugh. Proving yourself to others. Dependent on winning for self-esteem.

Saturn continues to put pressure on you and your relationships, but with Sun and Mercury in agreement in your Transformation ouse, you may find yourself ready to make a major shift in your life. You'll also be doing this for yourself and no one else as Venus also retrogrades there. Moving forward probably doesn't sound like a bad idea anymore, since Mars galloped into freedom seeker Sagittarius.

TAURUS (April 20-May 20) Eight of Swords: Avoiding the painful truth. Censorship. Strained. Unable to make a move. Restriction causes self-doubts. Crisis. Seeking perfection. Social paranoia. Frightened of getting hurt. Flaws imperil our growth. Paralyzed with fear. Mentally challenged. Physically challenged. Seeking approval from others to determine success. Seeing obstacles and problems that don't exist. Foreseeing issues. Critical care. Creative block. In constant conflict with ourselves. Bondage. Indecision. Feelings of being trapped. Creating our own prison. Internal empowerment available if you seek within. Writers cramp. Disliking crowds and craving solitude. Afraid to face fears. Can not make a decision. Stage fright. Wrongdoings. No matter which way you turn, you see another hurdle to cross. Criticism and judgment hurt now. Loss of confidence. Feeling incompetent. Self esteem damaged.

While Mercury and Sun are both in Scorpio, your house of Relationships is being lit up. Negotiations are in the works, but with sneaky Venus retrograding in the shadows, you could end up with the shorter end of the stick, if you are too focused on the prize ~ rather than on the game plan ~ especially with Saturn in Libra teaching lessons in your Work and Responsibilities House. Step up and do what you need to do.

GEMINI (May 21-June 20) Seven of Swords: Karma is inevitable as we make our choice of direction. Wrestling with a balancing act. Cruel intentions. Actions with doubt. A new plan is in the works. Change is unavoidable now. Sneakiness. Investing into analyzation. Immoral code. Cheating becomes a desperate option. A decision to move forward the best way we know how. Hurtful results. Regaining strength and power at any cost. Stressful period. Success costs us more than we bargained for. Unsure plans. Morals and decency are weighed. Devious intentions. Confusion overwhelms us. Should I, or shouldn't I? Your actions determine who you are. Friend or Foe.

Jupiter and Uranus both retrograde and illuminate your Social Status House, giving you an extra helping of fortunate change for your career, reputation, and family. As Venus retrogrades in your Services House, you may not be aware of some of the rewards you are receiving, which may have you pulling double shifts as Saturn places limits in your House of Pleasures. While it may be tough now, keep pluggin' away, as you will be handsomely rewarded when you finish.

CANCER (June 21-July 22) Four of Wands: Living the good life. Taking care of business. Togetherness. Relaxation. Loyalty. Enjoying our nest. A time to rest. Home is where the heart is. Harmony is built. Making ourselves comfortable. Stableness in our projects. Fruits of our labor. Contentment. Grounded activity. Peace talks. We learned, and we earned. Romantic foundations. Taking care and defending what is ours. Solutions are created. Well-balanced. Accomplishment. Union. Business affairs prosper. Being grateful for the energy that we invested. Marriage. Serenity. Everything is coming together. A compromise. We achieve our goal. Agreements. Tranquility. Communicating our ability and potential. Understanding the meaning of prosperity.

Sun and Mercury play joyfully in your House of Pleasures, but you could experience inner struggles as Venus retrograde withdraws and keeps you from being completely satisfied. Between Mars activating your house of Services for others, while Saturn sits in your Home and Emotional Security House, you may feel torn about who you should please and be loyal to. Find a healthy balance, or realize that you have a larger responsibility to yourself.

LEO (July 23-August 22) The Empress: We are looked over and protected. Behind every successful man is a woman. Someone watches out for us. Sister. Something warm is cooking. A female presence or protective individual stands by us. Fertility. Multiplication. A good feeling in the belly. Girlfriend. A creative force rises within us. Domestication. A field of dreams. Auntie. Marriage or Partnership. Flourishing. Love. Female progress. Grandmother. Growth. Mother. The comforts of home and family. Beauty. The all-american mom. Nurturing. All begins to bloom.

Venus continues to retrograde through your Personal Security House, which is encouraging you to find your own inner strength by giving a little less to others, so that you can give a little to yourself. Your'e expressing yourself more constructively with Saturn in your Communication House, as Mercury and Sun keep you focused on numero uno!

VIRGO (August 23-September 22) Eight of Pentacles: Apprenticeship. learning to grow. You are learning much now, and this information is worth great value. Modest gain. Wisdom and knowledge is priceless, stay focused on your goal. Invest all that you learned and experienced, to guide you toward a rewarding future. Save something for a rainy day. Overcoming obstacles. You are working your way up the ladder, slow and steady. Patience is profitable. Your determination and effort are the steps to your success. Income improves. Commitment and loyalty allows you to progress into great growth. Understand that it takes time to develop. Standing at the top of the hill and winning is not what gives one self-respect, for it is the climb, and surviving when everything was working against you. Financial rewards. You are blossoming. Creating the perfect world. Moving forward, past challenges. Nothing will stop you now.

Despite any obstacles, Saturn is strengthening your finances as he sits in your House of Money... provided that you stay focused and disciplined. With Venus retrograde in your Communications House, don't bring your grumpiness to home with you. Your home is a place to recharge your batteries, and transform moodiness into tomorrow's work fuel! Don't cheat yourself out of a little earned relaxation!

LIBRA (September 23-October 22) Justice: Balance. Reason. All equals out. Trust logic. Our thoughts, words, and deeds bring results. Fair decision. Being judged on our actions. A purity of spirit arrives. Judging others. Its nothing personal, as its just business. The consequence of our action manifests. Own integrity. Running a fair race. Honesty is the best policy. Universal justice. On the same level. The law is on your side. Commitment. Just like nature balances, we get whats coming to us. Negotiate and meet half way. Weigh the strength between the pros and cons. A promise or word is honored. Cheaters not allowed. What has been sown, we shall reap. Legal matters. A time for righteousness. It's a time to be impartial. A serious meeting. It is best to agree to disagree. The truth shall make you free. Making a right from a wrong. Karma is delivered.

Sun and Mercury are helping your Money House shine, by strengthening your personal power with creative thinking to help you move ahead. You've earned the the rewards, but with Venus retrograding through your second house, it would be best to act as a leader and share the stage with your team ~ which will benefit you greatly in the long run.

Starcana Astro Tarotscopes are written by Suzi Dronzek, Creative Intuitive, Tarot Astrologer and Spiritual Mentor. For a private, insightful reading, call: 724-832-9283 or call toll-free: 1-888-878-2018, or visit her website:

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October 24, 2010

Starcana Astrological Happenings October 25 - October 31

The Moon enters Gemini on Monday October 25, and like an adventurous roller-coaster ride, we throw our hands carelessly into the wind and enjoy the fresh breeze thats touches our face. We're letting it all go, and we're holding on to nothing today. As Mercury conjuncts Venus retrograde, our thoughts continue to stay private, as we're careful what we share with others. There's no need to be snarky or feed the trolls today, let it all go to enjoy the day. The rest of the day has a number of aspects that do not mesh well, so we could feel a bit confused as to what we should be experiencing - so simply go with the flow.

Our hands are still outstretched and reaching for the sky on Tuesday October 26, as Moon flies swiftly in Gemini, encouraging us to enjoy socializing with those we cross paths with. Communications, writing, and short trips are favorable today. Sun sextiles Pluto in the afternoon, and awareness empowers our confidence and inner strength, allowing our steps to fall into place. Vibrations begin to harmonize, so take hold of the wheel and create the day as you please.

On Wednesday October 27, the Moon dives into the emotional waters of Cancer, and while some of us may enjoy all the feelings that bubble over, some of us won't and we'll prove it by putting guards up and withdrawing from the outer world. Agitation could be experienced if there is too much commotion to rub us wrong, so communications can slow down considerably. Nothing should be taken personally today, but it may be hard not to if we're too available to it. Later in the evening, the clouds begin to darken as Moon opposes Pluto, enhancing our senses and allowing us to be more in-tune with the vibrations that surround us. Be still and listen quietly, and you should be able to tap into your intuition as she speaks clearly. You can only control yourself and no one else, and the power to do so is liberating. The evening improves as Luna trines Sun, illuminating opportunities to brilliantly shine and build self-esteem.

It's time to put on our seat-belts on Thursday October 28 as life begins to rev her engines into a faster gear, which will no doubt create some major shifts. Mars finally escapes the clammy grips of Scorpio, and enthusiastically gallops his way into freedom with Sagittarius for the next six weeks. Mars is our physical action and influences our energy level, so if you've been feeling as if you've been running on empty, you will definitely enjoy this surge. Rather than acting compassionate and stifling our energy as we hid in Scorpion shadows ~ we're ready to get back to life and back to living! In Sagittarius, we get to experience life more, because we're willing to be available, to travel, and not follow through on what we're doing - if a new opportunity looks better. There are no regrets as Mars travels through Sagittarius, as there is always something to look forward to, new things to learn, and a reason to smile. We stretch beyond our limits, searching for higher knowledge, expanding our goals and willing to go the distance to reach them.

We're very reactive with nonstop optimism with this fiery combo, We also carry the potential to react too quickly, behave carelessly, while tripping over our own shoelaces - forfeiting our win at the finishing line. Find time to breathe with each step, to make sure each move is in-sync with our target. Good fortune comes with the right action, but if we rely solely on luck and how quick we are, we're bound to overstep some sort of boundary which could send us back to square one. Use some self-restraint, so that we're not all over the place, and that each step is about quality - not quantity. And do be careful during these next few weeks with any sort of movement because of the intensified speed with this transit. Mars is pushy and aggressive, while Sagittarius is willing to take ANY door that leads a quicker way to avoid pitfalls, drama, and traffic. Too quick of steps can lead us into a balancing act with no coordination, impatiences, falls, road rage, accidents, and mishaps. The heat in this energy plans to squeal wheels and burn some serious rubber... with an acceleration in sexual encounters, partners desperately looking for the exit door, risky moves in personal and business relationships, heated debates, aggressive legal cases, a climb in explosives, the use of firearms, an increase in bullies and forceful actions, fire hazards, active volcanoes, and earth storms.

And remember, the Sun entered Scorpio, so we are more intrigued with our dark side, to help us get by in life. In Scorpio, we are searching for self-control and personal power - and how we get that is by using what is private and unseen to others. Scorpio is ruled by Pluto, destroying the toxins in our life, so that we can live life more fully. We are emotionally developing our destiny now, clinging on to whatever is healthy and improving to our life - while exterminating and cutting ties with the negative. Mars in Sagittarius is going to act immediately on our intentions - for emotional security and self-protection.

Cancer Moon favorably trines Jupiter, Uranus and Mars on Friday October 29, allowing us to benefit as we express our vulnerabilities. We find ourselves more comfortable with our nurturing side, and as we give love, love reflects it's way back - giving us a nice warm feeling in our bellies. As Moon enters Leo, we're confident that we will get exactly what we're working for, that will help us to soar into the horizon.

Too, if you're in the local area, I'll be doing more tarot readings at another Halloween party at the Apollo-Spring Church Sportsmen's Club tonight. Click the image for a larger view of the information, or forward me an email.

We may feel unappreciated on Saturday October 30 as Leo Moon squares Venus retrograde (love, money, and relationships) and the Sun (confidence, life source). Find alternative ways to replenish what you may dependent on others, to help you shine again (or create healthier boundaries on October 29). There is much inner growth within today's challenges that can help us to fulfill our personal promises to ourselves with Moon/Saturn sextile in the afternoon. And if you can't be with the one you love, then love the one you are with. Last Friday, I created my first video on youtube, and if you haven't already checked it out - it's just me having some paranormal fun with very active orbs dancing during the Full Moon, check it here for some 'at home' halloween spirit.

Happy Halloween! Leo moon is still strutting her stuff on Sunday October 31, and what better sign than dramatic Leo to get into the part, mood, and costume to take on the stage. As Moon opposes Neptune in the later afternoon, we're more imaginative and experimental. The evening takes a turn toward a more serious note as Luna enters calculating Virgo, taking into account what we lost and gained through the weekend festivities. Enjoy the fun, but be smart and play it safe, don't drink and drive. Also, as Venus retrogrades in malicious Scorpio, she's not being very generous or nice right now, and Mars is behaving as the big dumb prankster in Sagittarius - so be sure to inspect the kids candy before they dig in. It's just always better to be safe, than sorry. And as reminder, daylight savings time ends next weekend, so we'll be adjusting our clocks. While we're doing that, you should add batteries to your shopping list in order to update your smoke alarms.

Make it a great week to shine! Astrological Happenings is written by Suzi Dronzek aka Starcana, Intuitive Tarot Astrologer and Spiritual Advisor. She is available for personalized consultations, and delivers professional service, informative insight, with friendly guidance. Call her at 724-832-9283 or visit her website:

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October 23, 2010

My Video: Orbs of Paranormal Activity

Last night I decided to experiment and create my first video for YouTube. Some of you are already aware of my childhood interest with the mystical world of psychic energy, dreams, the tarot, supernatural phenomenons, ghostly experiences, astrology, and so forth.

In my natal chart, Mercury (thoughts) squares Pluto (the dark side, death) so my mind has always been in dark shadows of the occult, seeing what is unseen to the naked eye. Square that with Uranus (originality) and my brain is excited for the unusual, the unaccepted, and the different kind (which explains my attraction for freakiness) LOL. A Neptune/Mercury square increases my sensitivities, creativity, and intuition, sextile Pluto intensifying my perception with psychic/paranormal experiences and dreams (including terrifying nightmares as a child). A Pluto (empowerment)/Sun (ego) square released fear of the unknown to allow inner change, while Pluto (mystic/healer) trine my Sun (strength) gives me the confidence inner power to be of help others. Much of the Pluto in my chart explains my interest, intrigue, and obsession with the field that I am in.

So last night, in honor of the Halloween season, the magnificent Full Moon, and the Sun entering Scorpio today - my first youtube topic is focused on paranormal activity (Pluto), since my stars kept me interested (and in love!) with the deep and spiritual work that I do today.

Enjoy the orbs that dance for me.


October 17, 2010

Astrological Happenings Horoscope: October 18-24

Our week begins on a pillow of dreams on Monday October 18, and we're hitting the snooze button a few times with a sleepy Pisces Moon. Mercury trines Neptune (Pisces ruler), and we experience something that may feel like mental fatigue or drowsiness, as healing waters flow and cleanse us from months of repetitive thought patterns. We should allow our mind to venture into imaginative resources that we normally wouldn't tap into, to experiment with a new approach to our day. Discover ways to be constructive by using the power of imagination ~ by creating an idea, developing a new work system, inspiring someone, adding color to our life, etc. Add oomph to your day!

Moon is still wading through the reflective waters of Pisces on Tuesday October 19, allowing us to blend harmoniously with our exterior world. As we co-exist, we like what we see in ourselves as Sun trines Neptune. What may have felt moldy or toxic in our energy is now beginning to revive itself and feel very much alive. Sensitivities and minor illnesses start to heal, and increase our inner sparkle. Be aware of opportunities that surround us now. Magic happens.

We become energized as Moon enters Aries on Wednesday October 20. We're reactive to our instincts and courageously take control to make things in the world right. Leadership, new projects, babies, and our physical appearance rule the day. Mercury enters Scorpio for the next three weeks, and our thoughts and the way that we communicate becomes investigative and careful. We tend to keep our thoughts and words a little more to ourselves as we cautiously interpret others intentions. While great strength is available with the power of our thought, the watery element of Scorpio can blur this reflection, opening us up to suspicions and emotional threats that actually display from our own mirrored image. This is how the Scorpion's attack mode becomes infamous. Avoid making assumptions now, as that poisonous stinger is defensive and willing to destroy whatever jeopardizes personal security. Drama is no longer intriguing, and we're ready to finish it off once and for all. On the other hand, fortune lies in our actions as Mars trines Jupiter. Make an effort to be in the right place, at the right time. Great energy ignites, and passion explodes. Two thumbs up for sexual games, heroic acts, and creating masterpieces.

We feel unstoppable with the inner resources that the Aries Moon delivers on Thursday October 21, but morning hours could feel a little stifled as Moon opposes the heavy fist of Saturn. Work through his tough test of discipline, and be rewarded with self-satisfaction and accomplishment.

Our actions are likely to be misunderstood as Mars squares Neptune on Friday October 22. As we do what is necessary to move forward in our own life, our efforts could become quite clumsy and cause ourselves and our intentions to fail. Watch your step today, and use caution when driving, working heavy machinery or flammable contents. Forgiveness doesn't come easy today, and todays Full Moon in Aries will seem to just magnify it all, which can cause us irritation or frustration if we allow our ego to get in the way. Find a way to make today right, despite the odds

Later, Mercury sextiles Pluto, where perception and precision are on target and bring us exactly what we've been searching for. Tonight's Full Moon increases the energy to shine light on what has been in the dark, or what we preferred to keep in the dark. Secrets are revealed, and luminosity falls upon our own progress and growth. As Moon plows her way into Taurus, our emotions ground and we behave responsibly. A strong sense of duty to be more productive and gain what we had lost is on our agenda. Look for moral lessons throughout the day. Create a better week with additional insight from Starcana's October Tarotscopes which can now be found on this blog each month, so be sure to bookmark it.

We are concentrating on getting some work done in the earlier part of the day on Saturday October 23, with a Taurus Moon that has an itch to work and take care of matters. Sun enters Scorpio for the next four weeks and our self-expression and spirit strengthens in the powerful realms of Scorpio. We become more strategic as we identify with our vitality and ability to create the world that we are seeking. We have what it takes to get control in our lives, which could lead us with an interest to try and control others too. In Scorpio, it's all or nothing, and if we can't get our way, we're quick to terminate the block and never look back. Later, we'll have a hard time getting our due reward as Moon opposes Venus, but it passes shortly, so don't allow the bullheadedness that is associated with the Taurus Moon to cause grumpiness and ruin the weekend.

The Taurus Moon steadies our pursuit and keeps us on track on Sunday October 24 as Mars trines Uranus. We're inspired to make life and our dreams happen, rather than sitting around thinking about it. Sparks fly, and we're making things happen. Harmonizing aspects produce opportunities to intrigue and impress others. Be brilliant with your efforts, and become a symbol of inspiration.

Make it a great week!

Astrological Happenings is written by Suzi Dronzek aka Starcana, Intuitive Tarot Astrologer and Spiritual Advisor. She is available for personalized consultations, and delivers professional service, informative insight, with friendly guidance. Call her at 724-832-9283 or visit her website:

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October 11, 2010

Astrological Happenings Horoscope: October 11-October 17

Starcana Weekly Horoscope goes Mobile

It's a pretty quiet week with no major planetary distractions, so take advantage of it. This week starts on a positive note as Moon travels in gracious Sagittarius on Monday October 11. Opportunities are available, pay attention. Travel, education, outrageous adventures, and spirituality are favorable. Happy Columbus Day.

We may feel limited on Tuesday October 12, but our need for speed is still activated as Moon races through Sagittarius. Be mindful of our own motivations when we feel annoyed or frustrated. Barking may be a first reaction, but then we destroy our chance of being heard. Use patience, truth, and negotiation to steer this in a positive day.

The day takes on a much more serious tone as Moon shifts her way into hardworking Capricorn on Wednesday October 13 and Thursday October 14. Stay focused with work and the home, as productiveness distracts us from the blues.

We're ready to 'clock out' early from responsibilities on Friday October 15. Moon enters defiant Aquarius, rebelling against office paperwork and house duties. We're eager to party or do something out of the ordinary! Get out of your way and discover some real fun!

The winds begin to stir and encourage change on Saturday October 16, The Sun/Mercury conjunction harmonizes self-confidence with communications. The Aquarian Moon puts us in the mood to jump and go for the distance. What's love got to do with it?

The electricity from the last few days begin to taper off on Sunday October 17, as Luna flows into the cool waters of Pisces. Sensitivities begin to overload, which could confuse us. We're dreamy, comfortable, and playing it safe. Compassion, wellness, forgiveness, love, and creativity are favorable. Experience the emotions that we are receiving now, and wait on any important decisions. Add insight to this week's horoscope by checking out your October Tarotscope.

If you are from the local area of Greensburg PA, and looking for something fun and unique to do, check out Moonglow Yoga's First Annual Yogathon on Sunday ~ which benefits the American Cancer Society. There's going to be drawings, door prizes, and plenty more!! Check out their website for more details here!

Make it a great week!

Astrological Happenings is written by Suzi Dronzek aka Starcana, Tarot Astrologer, Spiritual Advisor, and Life/Relationship Mentor. Personalized consultations are available ~ Professional, ethical, and friendly service. Call 724-832-9283 or visit her website for details:

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October 08, 2010

Putting the 'ME' in Meteor Showers

I had a bit of an emotionally frustrating day... nah, it was damn right cranky for awhile. Nothing major to set me off, just that 'heavy lead-footed' Mars, and his companion Venus stationing in my second house of life's pleasures. I wasn't able to follow my nice little routine today. We've been updating the electrical work in our home, which of course is a good thing BUT this meant that MY whole day would be without power. You know that stifled feeling... waking up to no hot coffee, no hot shower, no computer, and ::gasp:: no internet. Mars is getting all impatient while Venus is saying 'nooo... not right now'. Then Luna enters Scorpio, who's all about releasing, in order to gain power ~ so for awhile today, I felt like I was coming up a bit short. Annoyingly, the Rolling Stones lyrics jumped into my head again ' can't always get what you want... ♪' taunting me, as a reminder that Venus (desires & cravings) was holding back the goods. I was not going to have any control over my day, and on my work schedule - that gives me a problem.

After feeling a bit lost and confused with a few inconjuncts as to how I should react, I was able to let go of trying to figure this all out, as it wasn't mine to figure out. As I let it go, I was able to sail forward to see where these crazy waves were going to take me. Well, I ended up spending the day outside of my office, basically catching up on some required reading - which didn't demand a battery or electrical socket. The only thing that got plugged in today was my brain, and it generated a whole different kind of power for me. '... And if you try sometime, you just find, you get what you need... '. Yea, I love my Leo Moon, but she was quite the drama queen when rebellious Uranus semi-squared her into a corner and confronted her today. Then it was like, 'aww HELL no'.

But I forgot all about the meteor show happening over the weekend, so if you're like me and into some night-sky fun, it's time to check it out. Here's a quick article for great details by Dennis Bodzash to get you started on the details! After a lead-up of several days, tonight October 8, 2010, is finally the peak (days vary from October 7-9 depending on the year) of the Draconid Meteor Shower. With this event, meteor season 2010 kicks into high gear as numerous showers will populate the skies through the end of meteor season, which should go out in a big way with the often stunning Geminids in December.. read the full article >>

And another good article!
Have a great weekend!

October 03, 2010

Starcana Weekly Horoscope: October 4-October 10

Starcana Weekly Horoscope goes Mobile

The Moon enters analytical Virgo on Monday October 4 and it may feel a bit frustrating if we're trying too hard to make sense of our emotions and trying to put them into order. If we can successfully just let go of the urge for perfection, we've already tackled most of the problem.

Mercury squares Pluto on Tuesday October 5, and our perspective zeros in to information that has been hiding in the dark. Pay attention to practical details our views intensify. The Virgo Moon will feel like dissecting it all, which will only encourage unnecessary nervousness and suspicions thoughts. Try not to allow issues for control to brew or mislead you from your own guided path. Stay focused.

Moon enters Libra on Wednesday October 6, and we're seeking emotional stability. With certain aspects throughout the day, we may experience frustration as we try to figure out who we should please. A healthy balance will be necessary in order to make the day feel satisfying for everyone involved.

New emotional seeds are planted on Thursday October 7 as a New Moon in Libra rises. Our deepest and darkest internal energies begin to fertilize, as emotions and ego harmonize. Our dreams and goals have great potential to sprout new growth if we nurture and care for our visions. Think about what the focus is, and where we want to see areas in our life to begin and develop. With the New Moon in Libra, our aspirations should revolve around creating a wholesome balance in our relationships (platonic, romantic, professional, and estranged), but also with the relationship with ourselves. Other areas to concentrate on that are related to Libra, would be with legal issues, kind acts, material possessions, finances, and self worth. One note that I may add, is that wishing for others to pursue action is not the right approach, as we can not 'magically' make others do things that we want against their will. Create the intention to enhance our own personal growth - especially as Venus stations and retrogrades tomorrow. Affirmations are short phrases that are always helpful in specifying our needs, like small prayers to the Universe. Candle colors to burn at this time would be pink for love and nurturing energy, with white for universal stability, truth and justice. Be mindful as you put the vibes out there, as our thoughts become a part of us now. What we may wish on others, is also wished upon ourselves. Libra (like nature and the Universe) always acts as boomerang to create a balance.

Mercury will conjunct Saturn on Friday October 8, and our communicative thoughts become strong and grounded. The way that we transmit information is predetermined, creating accuracy as to what we expect, what we are wiling to accept, and what we will work for. Moon also enters Scorpio, and sensitivities deepen and become dark. We take cover and withdrawal from the world in order to conceal emotions that are slowly escalating with fear and suspicion. The more we detach from the outside world now, the more we internalize and gain self-control and personal power. So within, so without.

We have several planets that are in retrograde: Jupiter (Expansion), Uranus (Innovation) and Neptune (Transcendence). These planets that appear to be in reverse, increase our abilities to send us into 'reverse' as we step backwards to re-member, re-morse, re-act, etc. We are digesting these vibrations, creating inner expansion, inner innovation, and inner transcendence. In other words, we must be cooked and finished on the 'inside', before we are served and can act on the 'outside' world. Understanding this, we will experience Venus as she stations and prepares to retrograde for the next few weeks ahead. Our world that Venus governs (love, luxury, all relationships, values, finances, materials, desires, and self-worth) are on hold temporarily, as we 'step backwards' to reconnect with our required needs. Don't be influenced by any outside influences right now, as this is a time to re-center and reconnect with who we REALLY are, while being in touch with our emotions and self-worth. When we begin to understand our true selves, is when we attract what we want and deserve - and this can only be done through genuine work on our soul.

Our being and who we are; will most likely be determined by who (or what) we attract - so if you lack something in your life, then you lack that very same thing within yourself, which will be why you can not attract it . For an example, if you believe that you will never find the right mate, your belief makes that true. If you want respect, you need to have self-respect. Venus in retrograde is about self-love and falling in love with ourselves all over again. Be sure to also check out the musings of my pal Astrogrrl, as this can be quite a challenging period for some. Knowledge is power, and to gain your power, you must do as much research as you can! If you lost yourself through some difficult or confusing periods and have a need to reconnect with your core, you may enjoy my latest meditative practice about finding yourself and knowing your true purpose on the AstroCreep and TarotFreak blog.

Happy birthday to my husband and better half, who is the air beneath my wings. I love you!

Our desire to retain privacy from the limelight continues with the Scorpion Moon on Saturday October 9 and Sunday October 10. These vibrations spell creativity and passion until Sunday evening when Luna gallops into Sagittarius and we're all about partying with the world! And be sure to read your personal sun signs Astro-Tarotscope for October!

Make it a great week and shine on!

Suzi Dronzek aka Starcana is an Intuitive Tarot Astrologer and Spiritual Advisor. Personalized consultations are available at 724-832-9283 or you may visit her website for more details:

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