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January 25, 2009

February 2009 Horoscope, Astrological Happenings

February 2009 Horoscope Astrological Happenings 

February is the month of Aquarius the Water Bear, so a 'happy birthday wish' to our Aquarian friends. As I mentioned in last month's horoscope, I have my own personal beliefs as to much of the 11:11 hype, especially because 2009 is an 11 year ( 2 + 0 + 0 + 9 = 11 ), where magic happens. Aquarius is associated with the 11th astrological house, which represents friendships, social organizations, humanitarians, as well as our ability to get along with others. The ruler of Aquarius is Uranus and connected to physics, astrology, inventions, intellect, rebellion, technology, and change. With all of that, it's pretty interesting that television stations are turning off analog programming to go al digital this month. Talk about a change in technology. This advancement in broadcasting got a high-five from the 'Tug-of-War' that's been going on between Traditional Saturn and Futuristic Uranus, and let's not forget Pluto's entrance into Capricorn back in November 2008 who's main job is to destroy and transform. Even Sagittarian Britney Spears and her music career have survived the Pluto transformation, and a push in the right direction with her Aquarian Moon! The phoenix, and Sagittarians, have risen from the ashes! But again, 11 is ALL about the magic happening - which is why I have a personal faith in America being transformed, and rising from it's own ashes. Even the birth number of our new president Barrack Obama, is an 11.

February starts the month with energy from a New Moon and powerful Solar Eclipse in Aquarius, to seek emotional freedom, and spiritual motivation - to find ourselves. And just when hope may be ready to dissolve into the cosmos - Mercury goes Direct on 02/01, allowing expectations and vision to become crystal clear to us. It's mush easier with the retrograde gone, to communicate with others now. It's also a good time, to resend our emails or faxes, and to initiate social connections again. Immediately after Mercury turns direct to open windows of opportunity, courageous Mars forwards his way into Aquarius, to stir up some action and movement into our life. Unfortunately with Venus sitting in Pisces, it could be quite unclear to others (or ourselves) as to what we REALLY want. It probably won't matter much at this point as what we want, just as long as something happens to make us happy. If thoughts and actions aren't compatible, intentions may become alarmingly misunderstood as a strong opposition comes between responsible Saturn and rebellious Uranus. Saturn is looking for stability and Uranus is a player, a clash is bound to happen that will rock someone's world. If something or someone has been experiencing obstacles in work or in a relationship - expect a power struggle (or angry words) to rip the carpet right from under someone's feet. Later in the evening, Venus and Pluto experience a harsh square to add to the damage, and someone may be in for a rude wake up call when things aren't falling into place so easily anymore. Bubbles could be bursting, so it would be best to avoid any frivolous confrontations during the first two weeks of February.

On 02/08, a challenging quincunx between Sun and Saturn creates a continuance of cold shoulders and hurt feelings, basically because no one is willing to backdown. An calm 'adult to adult' conversation would be an advantage to both parties, including negotiating terms in either work or relationship areas. Without coming to a fair agreement, the powerful eclipse and full moon in LEO on the 9th, will have someone stomping their feet loud and clear to defend their passion. Handle this situation correctly, as the energy from this period will hang around for good few months before it decides to wear off. Later in the week, on Valentine's Day 02/14, Mercury enters cold Uranus - which can be serious and merciless for businesses deciding to take big risks to achieve success. That coldness doesn't care who it's stomping on to reach its numbers. In areas of love, that very same coldness can appear heartless or spiteful. Best advice: Mind your own heart, and mind your own business. In regards to Valentine's day, the more sensitive romantics should avoid having too high expectations, to escape any sort of disappointment. In other words, be happy and understanding with whatever you get (or don't get). The more you 'want' on this day, the more spiteful the day can become as the moon enters into controlling Scorpio.

A Venus Jupiter sextile on 02/16, which is a wonderful day to make requests for what you want, or have earned - from business promotions, to emotional gifts from the heart. There is a strong sense of happiness and giving in the air. Mind your manners with words of gratitude like 'please' and 'thank you' to attract more positive energy from the day. The Sun enters Pisces on 02/18 , as arrogance and spite will roll off our backs and we become more relaxed and inviting to all around us. Rather than working against life, Venus sextile Mars which can blend magically, as it allows life to mysteriously move in the right direction for us. On 02/21, the Sun sextile Pluto, where again, communications and agreements are quite favorable. Expect smooth traveling, and your coffee to be at the perfect temperature.

The last week of the month, our energy continues to soften as a new moon mellows in cushy Pisces 02/24. We may decide to put trust in the Universe at this time, while some may want to put trust into other individuals, expecting dreams to be delivered, without working for it. And while dreams do come true, the only way to keep them alive - is by nurturing and taking care of them. Without effort, your vision will eventually disappear. It is important during this new moon and the next few weeks, to not be careless or delusional with your work or relationships - assuming all is well and dandy. Old-fashioned hard work will always be needed to keep things running smoothly, which helps to separate the illusion from reality. Mercury conjuncts Jupiter 02/24 and you could be feeling quite excited and accomplished for organizing your priorities!
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January 20, 2009

President Barack H. Obama

A blurb from my new blog Tarotscope Happenings
"I work on my writing, during this new era, and on the eve of tomorrow's historical Inauguration Day - the powerful energy of the Magician reigns, as a new president of our country rises. The confidence and courage of the Magician is equal to the symbolism, and the spirit of President-Elect Barack H. Obama. (Photo from Google Images) His magical tools - wisdom, compassion, integrity, and hard work, has brought manifestation to a magical 'dream come true..."

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Congrats to our President Barack H. Obama!

January 07, 2009

Starcana News

What's New!
Happy New Year! It's been a fantastic year with so many seedlings sprouting in my life. I have even surprised myself :: as I pat myself on the back :: as to how much I can handle, especially when an unsuspected shift or two appears, whoohoo! Life has been good in 2008, both personally and professionally. I am truly grateful for all that I have been blessed with, but especially for the basics - good health, good jobs, a roof over our head, food on the table, and plenty of love. The Gods and Goddesses have truly been looking over our little family, and I am thankful. Saying goodbye to 2008 was bittersweet, despite all the positive aspects that brought light back into my life, Transformational Pluto shifted from Sagittarius after 12 long and interesting years. This whirlpool of energy shaved off years of emotional frustrations, while releasing situations as well as individuals that only limited my growth. I've balanced the dark with light, and overwhelmed with gratitude.

Website-related updates: I had a couple of Tarot parties to close the year, which is always fun. I added a few extra photos of myself to the site, so that you have a better idea as to who you are emailing or talking to. I have private specials that offer free minutes for only the account holders with my service. I am now sending these goodies out by email (so make sure that your email is updated with me). You can get the details on my 'reading specials' page. I spoiled myself for the holiday by purchasing a new web design program, and HOPE to find some quality time to redo my whole website! (Hopefully I won't be saying this again NEXT year, yikes!). BUT we recently were blessed with broadband (another whoohoo!) which has cut my time online in half, giving me more free time to do other things - so the website (and all the attached mistakes that created it) are on my to-do list.

Two magazines have accepted and published my horoscope "Astrological Happenings'. I want to share these publications with you, because I know that some of you will REALLY enjoy their content as much I have! I hope that you will visit both, as Ye Olde Witches Brew has inspirational writings about embracing the vintage witch, and Wisdom Magazine provides articles and wisdom of the heavens, earth, body, mind, and soul. Enjoy!

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Enjoy your month, and don't for get to visit my January horoscope (below) to help you plan for tomorrow!