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October 31, 2010

Astrological Happenings Horoscope: November 1 - November 7

The Virgo Moon starts All Saints Day and our week with a more serious tone on Monday November 1, after a weekend of relaxation or most likely some halloween activity. Virgo encourages us that our break is over, and it's time to get back to work. It's a good day for work-related travel and networking, but also favorable for going over our checkbook and finances. Venus rx (relationships and money) sextiles Pluto in the early hours, and we're craving to take back our personal power and get control back in our lives. With a Venus retrograde, we get a second chance to reclaim what we lost or went missing with the right amount of work. And depending on which side of the table you are on, with Venus in deceitful Scorpio, beware of those who may choose to manipulate others to achieve their goals.

Virgo Moon is still keeping us in the mood to pick and criticize on Election Day, Tuesday November 2, to create perfection in our lives and in our work. Stay in a busy motion, and you'll be sure to accomplish much today. After dinner, we may not feel satisfied with our work as Luna opposes Jupiter/Uranus retrograde, so if we don't decide to skip dinner to work overtime, we could look elsewhere for instant gratification. Know your limitations.

Moon exits from Virgo's nervous terrain, and enters balanced Libra on Wednesday November 3. It's easier to breathe and things done today, and we even have a little time left over to network with peers and do some socializing later. In the early hours, a Moon/Pluto square intensifies our dreams as our subconscious tries to find solutions to our frustrations. Pay attention to details.

Image from a local halloween party that I entertained, reading the tarot.

Mercury trines Jupiter on Thursday November 4, which provides favorable opportunities for travel, writing, communicating, listening, and learning. Students who do well with directions earn a gold star on their efforts. Today's Libra Moon disallows our emotions to be swayed, keeping our sensitivities at a distance so that we can react intellectually with logic. Later, Moon trines Neptune rx and Chiron rx, and we may feel a calmness sweep over us which allows for a deep release of the past, forgiveness, as well as emotional healing. This can be exceptionally good time for personal transformation with the line up of planets, along with the influence of Scorpion energy ~ to face and destroy our demons (pain, issues, fears, etc) so that we can join the living and get back to life. If you are someone who needs to let go of resentments, disappointments and guilt, it can be therapeutic to express yourself creatively, to talk with someone, or to journal. For an alternative option, you may have an interest in my services which are affordable, informative, as well as confidential.

Moon enters the oceanic waters of Scorpio on Friday November 5, and emotionally we need to pull within, so that the outside world can not disturb our serenity. What may be unsettling and unstable in our lives, we can be quick to terminate - which is the purpose to calm down first, because once the Scorpion poison spills, there is no return. After five months of hiding from the world in our private caves to mend old wounds from our past, Chiron, The Wounded Healer now turns direct, and is ready to be of assistance, to show others the way.

As an artist child to graphic designer, I am thrilled with this. Chiron entered Aquarius in 2005, transiting my fifth house of creative expression. Extreme attacks of creative blocks hindered my personal life and career, as Chiron shaved away layers of who I was, well, at least who I thought I was. Like many others, I was the result of another dysfunctional family. Yeah, a misfit LOL. For years, Chiron opened old wounds, allowing them to partially heal, just to rip off the fresh scabs. It's been a painful process between Chiron chiseling and Pluto slaughtering my Sagittarius Sun, but it contains a wealth of knowledge, so I am blessed to have experienced it, and show others the way. Now that I can still breathe, I am interested in learning about Chiron on a whole different level, other than from my own experience. My friend Joyce Mason, is a superb astrologer with some great information to learn about Chiron, along with an interesting Chiron quiz, and her fantastic e-book! And check out my friend Astrogrrl, who has posted terrific information regarding Chiron as well. I thought this quote by Henry Rollins could nicely sum up my Chiron return: “It's sad when someone you know, becomes someone you knew”.

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There are many turbulent aspects throughout Saturday November 6, which can cause emotions to heavily fluctuate into potential storms. Distancing ourselves to find peaceful waters is suggested if you feel the waves beginning to sway. A New Moon in Scorpio is an excellent time to invest into ourselves and plant news seed to sprout growth. In Scorpio, thoughts and intentions should revolve around the scorpion's power to destroy and transformation, releasing unnecessary baggage, to make room for tomorrow. Because of the 'many deaths' that I have gone through for the past decade (between Pluto in my Sagittarian Sun and Chiron alone), I may suggest that with this dark moon (creative inner work) in Scorpio (death), that we create something new by demolishing something within ourselves. You can start by asking yourself 'who am I'?, and 'what do I need to let others know about the REAL me, so that misunderstandings evaporate'? If we are to reveal our true selves, we must remove a layer or two (or three) of who we have developed into. This would be an inner change, a death to an old self - so that we can set our spirit free. From here, you must decide what you are willing to sacrifice (within yourself) and finally leave behind ~ in order to move forward.

You can start with a simple phrase such as: "I want to show people that I am ___________ and that I am willing to let go of my ____________ because it a part of me that confuses people as to who I really am. From there, you start immediately on YOUR project. Participating in the Scorpion New Moon energy will enhance personal power from deep healing ~ when we remove that which takes it away.

After five months, Neptune finally stations and turns direct on Sunday November 7. We've been rolling about with our imagination, fantasies and dreams inside of ourselves, and now it's time to put them into play. We've used our own compassion to care for ourselves, now it's time to reach out. The creativity that has been brewing within our souls is ready to escape. Open the doors and your heart, and allow it all to flow! With Mars in fearless Sagittarius, it's a great time to act on your goals and shoot for the stars. Moon enters Sagittarius, and we feel like expanding ourselves in new ways and new directions. Just another sign that there is more to life what exists in your little neighborhood. What will you stretch and reach out for?

Venus (love, money, personal and professional partnerships)continues to retrograde and she steps deeper into the shadows as she returns her way into Libra. Some of us can expect our relationships, family, friendships, and money to continue to slow down in warped speed, as Venus is not 'fessing up' any of her good right now until Libra's truth and justice is properly served. With Saturn also in Libra, he is in agreement and loyal with Venus. If you truly want a better relationship, a better friendship, or better finances, you will need to make an adjustment to apologize, to pardon, and prove it. Venus desire, and in Libra, she wants balance, peace, and togetherness.

Daylight savings ends at 2am, so it's time to turn your clocks back one hour, and don't forget to add new batteries to your smoke alarms. Have a great week!

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Andalusia said...

I love Henry Rollins!

& this is a very interesting forecast! I can't wait to have Chiron go direct. Finally. Also, I'm kinda worried about the Sun & the Moon both in Scorpio, but I'm excited, anyhow! It's my Venus return, to boot.

Suzi Dronzek, Starcana said...

Thank you for stopping by Andalusia, and Happy Venus return! I believe Sun & Moon in Scorpio presents necessary change that we know must happen, but we may be too resistant or too compassionate, to do it ourself. Rewards come with every shift. :o)

Joyce Mason said...

Suzi, thanks so much for your reference to my work--and the Rollins quote summing up your Chiron Return is truly profound. It's a keeper! Hope you'll let me use your description of Chiron transiting your 5th as a case study for my next book. It's classic! Meanwhile, much healing and wholeness to you ...

Suzi Dronzek, Starcana said...

You are very welcome Joyce! Your Chiron book rocked, and you are welcome to use my comment! <3 let me know when the new book is out! Much joy to you Joyce!