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October 23, 2010

My Video: Orbs of Paranormal Activity

Last night I decided to experiment and create my first video for YouTube. Some of you are already aware of my childhood interest with the mystical world of psychic energy, dreams, the tarot, supernatural phenomenons, ghostly experiences, astrology, and so forth.

In my natal chart, Mercury (thoughts) squares Pluto (the dark side, death) so my mind has always been in dark shadows of the occult, seeing what is unseen to the naked eye. Square that with Uranus (originality) and my brain is excited for the unusual, the unaccepted, and the different kind (which explains my attraction for freakiness) LOL. A Neptune/Mercury square increases my sensitivities, creativity, and intuition, sextile Pluto intensifying my perception with psychic/paranormal experiences and dreams (including terrifying nightmares as a child). A Pluto (empowerment)/Sun (ego) square released fear of the unknown to allow inner change, while Pluto (mystic/healer) trine my Sun (strength) gives me the confidence inner power to be of help others. Much of the Pluto in my chart explains my interest, intrigue, and obsession with the field that I am in.

So last night, in honor of the Halloween season, the magnificent Full Moon, and the Sun entering Scorpio today - my first youtube topic is focused on paranormal activity (Pluto), since my stars kept me interested (and in love!) with the deep and spiritual work that I do today.

Enjoy the orbs that dance for me.


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