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February 24, 2009

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Daily Horoscope, February 25, 2009
Starcana Daily Horoscope, February 25, 2009... the Sun and tonight's New Moon are in mystical Pisces, and the energy is still very active. Many of us will be wanting to take advantage of this magical energy that is upon us, as we are surrounded by bewitchment, heavenly spirits, and the opening gates of the Universe. Throw intentions, thoughts, and voices to the wind. Then let it go, and take part to make the dream happen!
The day is pretty clear. By evening Mercury sextiles Venus. We will be communicating with others or maybe to ourselves about what we want, and what we are searching for. There could be a moment of opportunity in the works on how we may reach the goal quicker. Don't let impatience play a part in this. No one likes an undercooked egg or raw turkey. Some things just take the right amount of planning, preparation, and timing - to come out perfect.
This is good timing to make requests and to ask permission, as you could more than likely surprise yourself with the voice you hold. Saturn makes an opposition not much later, and you find yourself doubting your ambitions, or possibly feeling frustrated, and not having everything go as easily as you thought. Remember, it's all about timing. One step at a time. You've already accomplished one hurdle. Take a break, and get some rest. 

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