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December 21, 2010

The Latest Cosmic Dirt....

While the Lunar Eclipse/Gemini Full Moon (communications, thinking, writing) has been beaming brightly over my ninth house (publishing/teaching), I've finally made some extra time to stray from what has been safe - by shifting my blog away from blogger - and moving it onto wordpress with my server and starcana website. This is something that I've been wanting to, but really didn't think I would have the time to do so with all that I have going on.. but with Mercury rx in Sagittarius, I have REthought and REviewed how to get over a REvisited hump. With Sun and Mars in ambitious Capricorn, this was my ticket to help me achieve what I set out to do.

Visit my *NEW BLOG* and don't forget to bookmark it, subscribe to the rss feeds or get an email subscription to keep up with my planetary ramblings of the astrological weather, monthly tarotscope, website updates, and the latest cosmic dirt. The url is: or (to make it easy). And thanks much for your understanding and your patience during this transition! Happy Holidays! :o)

December 19, 2010

Astrological Happenings Horoscope: December 20 - December 26

Our week chills calmly with a nonchalant attitude from the Gemini Moon on Monday December 20. We're in the mood to mingle and network with our social circle, as this energy increases our urge to be more communicative with others. It's also favorable for contacting others by phone, letters, faxes, texts as we transmit information to and fro. Gemini's ruler is Mercury, who happens to be retrograde until the end of this month. During the retrograde when things seems to be moving in backwards motion, what we broadcast stands a good chance of being misunderstood - if we aren't being crystal clear with our words or intentions. While it's been mentioned, I am aware that many will not pay much attention, so I want to remind that while Mercury REtrograde can create a lot of funkiness, he is also giving us a 'second chance' to REview, REthink and REnegotiate to 'get things right'. We can clear up old misunderstanding now, and be REconnected with those that we thought we lost touch with. After dinner, Mercury (communications) square Uranus (freedom fighter) and we begin to experience some winds of change. Words can bite with brutal honesty as seek individuality and an extreme shift n our situation. Think before speaking as the day is highly charged with tomorrow morning's Full Moon and Luna Eclipse - magnifying all that we say an do. Our thoughts are creating our tomorrow.

Our imagination can't drive fifty-five as Mercury sextiles Neptune on Tuesday December 21, which is exceptional for exceeding our creative spirits. Alternative options to solve problems are available if we are seeking it. Favorable energy for artistic folks, musicians, writers, and those with expressive crafts. While all this imagination is taking us into never-never land, a faraway place where we can find salvation. Our emotions are flood with today's Full Moon, and in Gemini we crave to escape the drama and just move forward in life. As the Full Moon is in complete light, so are our intentions and the answers that we are seeking. This is a very special Full Moon as we have a Lunar Eclipse which is known to create crisis in our lives, to get what we are emotionally seeking - by making internal sacrifices. This ecliptic full moon could appear a bright red or blood orange hue, other details in So this is a day that we begin 'to let go' in order to fly high. In Gemini, we should be focusing on releasing areas that are in connection with our emotional intellect, mood, attitudes, and perspective - so that we can learn and develop fresh views, better ways of communicating, and breaking barriers with what we assume are limitations which mostly exist only in our minds. The energy from the eclipses are known to last between three to six months, so if you haven't already seen some shifting, most likely you will. And again, Gemini is ruled by Mercury who is in retrograde for the rest of the month. As he REtrogrades, he is appearing to be in REverse and REturning to REmember and REview past steps. Much of the ecliptic crisis and changes come from within ourselves, as we shift internally. REconnecting to what our heart needs, REjecting that which hasn't work, and RE-educating ourselves. To know where this will be affecting you more, refer to your natal chart and to the house that Gemini rules. That particular room will be the stage that shines under the limelight. For an example, the spotlight is illuminating my ninth house, which rules some areas such as: philosophy, teaching, publishing, law, long distance travel, higher education ~ which I've been looking at what have done with my life so far, and thinking about what I want to do with it, and what sacrifices I will need to make, if I want to move forward. I'm in a pretty decent place in my life, so not much of a 'crisis' other than giving up on old hopes to sail onto unfamiliar waters. Anyway, you get the idea.

Shortly after, the Moon will sink into the comforting waters of Cancer where we take the time to nurture our inner selves. We're encouraged to get in touch and take care of our sensitive side. Favorable energy is concentrating on domestic duties in the home, nurturing, caring, loving, and stirring the passions that fuel us for life. We also have the Winter Solstice today, which is known as the shortest day of the year, where we consume a large amount of darkness. I look at darkness as the female side of energy, our imagination, intuition, creativity. self-discover, self-healing - our inner abilities. Celebrate these gifts by spending some quality time with ourselves, aware that we can create our destiny by beginning with ourselves. Bring light into your evening, as we have much to honor with so much happening. Enjoy some time outside with a small fire, light the fireplace, or burn a few candles. Rather than concentrating on our losses and on yesterdays... find appreciation for what you have, and give gratitude.

We also have the Sun fading from the adventurous dreamer Sagittarius and developing itself in enterprising Capricorn later this evening. We use what we can from our weeks of fantasizing, and we begin to build on it with actual steps. We're less talkative and more about action. What we said we were going to do, we can actually create strong foundations for the next four weeks. Be excited, as Mars is also in Capricorn, who will enhance your willpower, delivering all the manpower that you need. And although Mercury retrogrades through Sagittarius, we can REthink and REcalculate our steps to make them perfect. Make your list as to what you want to accomplish, and get started immediately ~ especially as Mercury squares Jupiter tonight. We're eager to talk, share stories, and dream big. We have much on our minds, as thoughts are traveling at great speed. If you must, write it all down, journal, and sift through all your ideas tomorrow. During the next four weeks, Sun is ready to roll up his sleeves and get back to work. Concentrate on cleaning yourself up, as Sun in Capricorn worries about his reputation, so if he is to play the part - he's got to look the part. Spiff up your wardrobe, have better hygiene, revamp your resume, and so on. Put out applications to get a job, start your own company, do what it takes to establish some strong ground for security. Show people you have what it takes, and you're will to do what is needed to get the job done. Don't talk about it. Do it. Period.

Emotionally fueled with the Cancer Moon on Wednesday December 22, invest in your passion. Much can be accomplished today in regards to personal and professional duties, especially with the energy still charged from yesterday's Full Moon and Lunar Eclipse. We're extremely sensitive, and could be moody. Be gentle with others, as well as with ourselves. Check out my latest post on the AstroCreeps and Tarotfreaks blog: The Twelve Tarot Days of Christmas.

Moon drags her feet from the soggy waters of Cancer on Thursday December 23 and dries off nicely as she enters steamy Leo. We're enthusiastic once again about our work and we're ready to create a masterpiece of the day. Favorable energy for showing off our leadership skills and our ability to work as a team, children, management, playfulness, creativity, personal talents, and being confident about what we bring individually to the table. Whatever we approach, we're pouring our heart into it.

It's Christmas Eve, and the Leo moon is still able to accomplish all that is expected of us on Friday December 24. Whether we have last minute shopping to do, pushing our ways through impatient shoppers, cooking and baking up a storm, wrapping presents, cleaning our homes... we can do it. Just be aware that your own need to take control, is also someone else's. The Leo Moon means well, but it's case where we have too many chief's and not enough indians. Wear cushy slippers in case you step on someone's toes and wear a smile, and be sure to spend quality time with the family and children - where you truly beam with sunshine and warmth.

Merry Christmas and Seasons greetings to you and your loved ones on Saturday December 25. Moon shifts from the dramatic stage of Leo to settle into a more serious mode in Virgo. Find the higher resources of Virgo, utilizing your listening ears and silence ~ especially as many may pick up on the lower stages of Virgo, being over-analytical, critical, and picky with the day. Make your day a little less stressful by knowing that someone is probably going to complain about a gift, the dinner, the guests, and so on. The Virgo Moon feels they have a keen eye for picking out flaws, and wants to express that -- to solve a problem. Take nothing personally today. Just enjoy the energy about what the day truly means, which is about sharing love, kindness, and creating peace - not handing out bundles of presents ~ to make up for the rest of the year. if you know someone who may be alone or elderly, extend yourself with a telephone call to let you know you were thinking of them, or take a quick drive to deliver them with a smile along with a warm christmas meal on a covered plate. It is only when we give, when we truly receive.

Kwanzaa begins, and we still have the Virgo Moon keeping us busy and evaluating all on Sunday December 26. Rather than looking for fault and expressing it, take an active investment to participate in creating a solution and fixing any problems that are seen. Mercury retrograde isn't going to sound very friendly or informative as he plays tricks on us, which will deliver misunderstandings - especially as he travels into Sagittarius where the truth will be a little too brutal. Our inner strength reigns and we have the power to move mountains as Sun (ego) conjuncts Pluto (transformation). Our darker energy excels, allowing our inner power to create magic - using our imagination, intuition, and hypnotic vision.

Suzi Dronzek, is a creative intuitive, tarot astrologer and spiritual mentor, who brings you astrological happenings horoscope from the east coast to help you find your shine. Professional, insightful sessions are available. For more information, call Suzi at: 724-832-9283 or visit:

December 14, 2010

12 Tarot Days of Christmas / Starcana Tarotscope

I added a fun holiday post onto the AstroCreeps and TarotFreaks blog, 'Starcana's Twelve Tarot Days of Christmas'

On the first day of Christmas,

the tarot gave to me..

A fool on a far-out journey.

♫ On the second day of Christmas,

the tarot gave to me..

Click here and sing along with me LOL >>

December 12, 2010

Astrological Happenings Horoscope: December 13 - December 19

Imagination with motion can be very powerful with the Pisces Moon on Monday December 13. Allow yourself to sow seeds, mingle, charm, and make a wish! It's favorable energy for artistic folks, musicians, and creative writers, Design your day, and don't be afraid to go the distance! Stormy clouds begin to rumble in the evening as Mercury rx (communications) conjuncts dark Pluto (transformation) and active Mars (energy). We're taking a few steps backwards with Mercury in retrograde, as we review our recent path. As we head into our past, we can expect to come face to face with an old situation or individual from our past. Mercury retrograde enables us to re-think and re-communicate to re-correct the past. We feel mighty compassionate and forgiving with Pisces Moon. Mars is pushing movement into fast-forward, while Pluto is moving and shifting energy on a deeper level. Keep your mouth shut, and your eyes and ears wide open now. There is much to be heard that you can benefit from, despite the hot-headed Mars conjunct terminating Pluto. If we play our cards right, we can actually move mountains... but it will require a lot of self-control. Avoid confrontations, as these two planets can go head to head, allowing no none to back down. Use caution with heavy machinery and driving today, as accidents and fender benders may be waiting with careless drivers. Check out December 2010 Starcana Tarotscope to gain additional insight into the rest of this month.

METEOR SHOWER: The Geminid meteor shower peaks this year on Dec. 13th and 14th. Forecasters say meteor rates could exceed 100 per hour for observers under dark rural skies. For best results, start your meteor watch on Monday night, Dec. 13th, around midnight. Keep an eye out for Geminids until sunrise on Tuesday, Dec. 14th. There's no special trick to seeing the Geminids. Bundle up for maximum warmth, go outside, lie down and look up. Geminids can appear in any part of the sky, but all their tails will point back to the radiant in the constellation Gemini. Check for updates, images and a sky map.

Moon leaves the relaxed waters of Pisces early on Tuesday December 14 to enter fearless Aries. Emotionally we're highly reactive and quick as a firecracker. We're excited, speedy, and ready to take control - which is favorable for starting new projects, projecting leadership, heroic adventures, as well as investing ourselves into personal duties and work situations. With a few challenging squares throughout the day with Mercury retrograde (communications), Pluto (regeneration), and Mars (energy), we could feel emotionally stressed or limited, conducting ourselves in a way that we appear impatient, self-absorbed, and disagreeable. Rather than trying to control outside influences, we're advised to control ourselves instead. Be seen as a true leader who can listen and get the facts first, without jumping the gun and rebeling. With a calm composure and the right approach, the day could get you the attention that you are seeking. Do you like my creative writings? Receive my articles in your email, get a free subscription here.

We're busy saving the day on Wednesday December 15 as the Moon continues to transit heroic Aries. In the morning he stumbles against Saturn who wants us to play by the rules, which could be exactly what we needed to ground all the energy that we are experiencing. Make it happen, and face your fears.

Moon enters determined Taurus on Thursday December 16, and we're emotionally grounded and we feel in much better control. We're more reserved as concentrate on our home, family, finances, and business. A Sun/Jupiter square offers an opportunity to get the recognition that we are seeking, but we may end up overextending ourselves. This transit can increase arrogance, boasting, and competitiveness. Be wise with our performance, and try to have a little humility and humbleness in your life.

"Grace isn't a little prayer you chant before receiving a meal. It's a way to live."

The Taurus Moon continues to work the fields on Friday December 17. There's no doubt about how much we can accomplish today. Make sure that plan your evening to be just as successful! My homegirl Theresa Reed, a.k.a. The Tarot Lady has created a remarkable list for her absolute 'Best of Tarot 2010', check it out here!

Mercury retrogrades back into Sagittarius on Saturday December 18. We re-enter our past, where we can see old issues and/or people from our history creep back into our lives, leaving us with the ability to retrace our steps and hopefully get it right this time. This transit will enhance the clumsy 'foot-in-the-mouth' behavior that Sagittarius is popular for... but then he can be learned, seeking the higher path. Know and understand when to voice yourself, and when to 'just keep your mouth shut'. Whatever approach we decide on will create our path to learn a karmic lesson. Do you want more details on the retrograde? Check out my astrological pal AstroGrrl! Moon will be shifting into Gemini, and we're feeling free to whatever our little heart desires. We've managed to detach emotionally, and we're ready to enjoy life, family, and friends. Socializing is our middle name right now, enjoy the rest of the year! You can expect the unusual, the freaky, and the electrifying with a Sun/Uranus square. Surprising attractions with unique and odd behavior can fall upon us. (Actually, it sounds like a fun night to go out and mingle!)

We're still in a chatty mood as Gemini Moon keeps us busy interacting with others on Sunday December 19. As Sun conjuncts Mercury, we're rethinking about who were are, and where we're going in life. Everything may seem pretty clear, but at the same time, just be sure to have your facts in order since Mercury retrograde has a bad reputation for playing tricks on our mind. Read the fine print!

Make it a great week!

Suzi Dronzek, is a creative intuitive, tarot astrologer and spiritual mentor, who writes Astrological Happenings from the east coast, with an intention to help others, to help themselves and shine. For a professional and insightful session, or for more information, call: 724-832-9283 or toll-free: 1(888) 878-2018, or visit:

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December 05, 2010

Astrological Happenings Horoscope: December 6 - December 12

Todays energy on Monday December 6, continues to receive active vibrations from yesterday's New Moon in Sagittarius. Continue working with your New Moon intentions to reach happiness and individual goals. In Sagittarius, it is favorable to vibes for long distance travel, taking risks, new adventures, publishing, education, and spiritual quests. As the New Moon squares Uranus (change) and conjuncts Mars (energy) in the afternoon, it is best to say that we will run into personal challenges if we try to create a new transition with old attitudes and worn-out behavior. Experiment and try something new for yourself, and exceed beyond your normal limitations. You'll be glad you did, especially as Moon travels into the determined realms of Capricorn, who nurtures our needs to triumph. Check out December 2010 Tarotscopes to gain additional insight. As a reminder, on Friday December 10, the communication expert Mercury will station and prepare to retrograde. It is time to back up your computer, purchase large items, major appliances, and technical toys before Mercury has a chance to play tricks on you. If you know something needs attended to and fixed, like a cell phone, printer, or even your vehicle - take care of it now, or suffer the consequences.

We're ready to tackle duties on Tuesday December 7, as the Capricorn Moon keeps us feeling steady and dedicated. The energy is favorable for work, career, business, enhancing our reputation, family, and home. We also have active Mars shifting out of philosophizing sphere of Sagittarius, and plunging into the enterprising domain of Capricorn. Mars and Capricorn work hand in hand nicely together, as they both loyally together, and neither are afraid to get their hands dirty. This is the push you need to gain power, so don't waste it. We've been playing with our passions and ideas for the past few weeks, and now we have a chance to ground what is worthy, to develop something more useful to our growth and success. Mars in Capricorn says, "okay, you may have 'talked the talk', but let me show you how to 'walk the walk". We should be pondering on the 'how to make it happen' with todays Capricorn Moon, since we're in the mood to roll up our sleeves and make our dreams, our reality.

We're plowing and slaving through our day with the continuous push from Capricorn Moon on Wednesday December 8. Organize, file, build, love, discipline... do whatever is necessary to stabilize your world and home. It's the best way to experience inner satisfaction with your self and your work. We have a few sextiles through out the day that help us to flow past obstacles which allow new doors to open. We're feeling transpired as Moon sextiles Jupiter (fortune) and Uranus (change), which is power as we accept and embrace some deep inner changes. Venus (love and money) also sextiles Pluto (transformation) increasing awareness and acceptance within ourselves - which allows for a a new sense of understanding and appreciation for our outer world.

Happy birthday to me, I'm a half of a century today, and I feel awesome despite the several deaths that I have incurred during the transits of Saturn, Uranus, Pluto, and my Chiron return. Despite my years of experience and study in this field, it still amazes me to this day when I see myself or others who've gone through significant changes in their life that enhanced one's survivor skills and inner strength. No matter what trials and tribulations we have encountered, lessons that are learned can only deliver miraculous blessings of better things to come. You become a whole different person, you become your higher and true self. You outgrow yourself, and rise as the phoenix. You escape the skeletons in your closet, to live life the way you were meant to. I've had people ask some questions about who I am, so I thought I would share as I try to describe myself: "I'm warm, whacky, and generous with my sunshine. I love to laugh and have a good time. But if you take the time to get to know the real me, I'm a trustworthy goddess, a dedicated warrior who honors my word, and a force of nature... to create balance and awareness. I'm a Libra Ascendant (peacemaker), Leo Moon (pathfinder), and Sagittarius (truth seeker). If decency and honesty offends you, you will fear your reflection in my light. I'm also a professional business owner, mom, and wife. I've built my intuitive consulting business based on my 'normal' and paranormal experiences from my childhood, intuition and reasoning, along with years of self-study in tarot, astrology, energy vibrations, spirituality, and many areas of the metaphysical arts. I'm a 'jack of all trades, master at none', a student/teacher of life. I'm brewing a creative project on the side with a goal to eventually publish, and I'm expanding my mind and spirit work, by studying yoga and blending it with the body and wellness." Much gratitude to all of you who bring much energy and light into my life during the many stages of my growth ~ intellectually, emotionally, physically, and professionally. I have exactly what I want and need in my life, and for that, I am truly blessed.

He who purposely cheats his friend, would cheat his God. Johann Kaspar Lavater

Luna enters breezy Aquarius on Thursday December 9, and we're feeling like we're ready for some changes in our life and circle. We're putting some work on hold to socialize and expand our thoughts and inspirations. It's favorable energy to brainstorm, create, invent, and electrify our being. A Moon/Venus square in the afternoon could have us feeling a bit grumpy if we aren't getting what we were hoping for. Clear the attitude, and stop trying to control your thoughts and dreams. It happens this way for a reason.

He's baaaaaack! Ole Mercury stations on Friday December 10, to prepare for his retrograde cycle for the rest of the year. He will step out of Capricorn through this movement, and and step into the backdoor of the philosopher Sagittarius. As Mercury REtrogrades, its his way to help us to RE-think, RE-analyze and RE-learn our choices and decisions to create better communications and transmit what we really tried to accomplish. It's a period to stop trying so hard to move ahead, and a second chance to create the path that you think is best. As Mercury REverses his footsteps, we do the same, so don't be surprised to experience deja vu, having the same old problem sitting in our laps again, bumping into a person from our past, etc. It's Mercury's tricky way of getting us RE-express ourselves correctly, to take care o the problem, once and for all. You can also RE-read Monday's pre-warning (above) for more Mercury retrograde information. What do I plan to do? Seriously? I'm going to quit worrying and enjoy the rest of the year. After the new year, Mercury will be direct, and we can start thinking for the future then. We're remembering some good times as Mercury rx sextiles Venus, and we may be planning a reason for a reason to get everybody back together. With today's Aquarian Moon, we may feel like extending ourselves, and contacting those we haven't heard from in awhile. It's favorable energy to travel into the future, experiment with our technical toys, increasing our guest list, inviting new people into our circle, and shock the world.

A cluster of sextiles in the evening with Mars (action), Pluto (release), and Mercury (communication) on Saturday December 11, allow us to feel better about our potential and increase flow in our lives. We're breaking emotional barriers, and as the Moon pours into the healing waters of Pisces, we're ready to let go and trusting our feelings on this one. Favorable for making wishes, dreaming, imagination, creativity, music, romance.

It's a gentle day to do as we please without much effort on Sunday December 12. The Pisces Moon encourages us to sail into unfamiliar seas, and that 'what' and 'who' we come across, holds great meaning for us. Do as you will, and pay attention to the signs that enter your life today! Have a super week!

Speaking of Birthdays, I am running a special for my Sagittarian and Capricorn clients who have a December birthday. You can purchase any amount of reading time with me, and receive fifty percent discount of the total price. As an example, an hour reading is normally ninety dollars, but if you are an account holder with my service, your hour reading will only be forty five dollars. Or you can look at it this way, when you buy thirty minutes, you get thirty minutes free, click here for the details.

Suzi Dronzek, is a creative intuitive, tarot astrologer and spiritual mentor, who writes Astrological Happenings from the east coast, with an intention to help others, to help themselves and shine. For a private, insightful session, or for more information, call: 724-832-9283 or toll-free: 1(888) 878-2018, or visit:

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November 28, 2010

Astrological Happenings Horoscope: November 29 - December 5

There's a chance of us getting way ahead of ourselves on Monday November 29, as Mars squares Jupiter. It will be important to pace our timing, to come out in a favorable position, Jupiter represents expansion, and now that he is direct again, it is time to move forward in a big way. We must be sure to not step on anyone's toes to spring ahead, and more importantly, we need to be careful of our own steps and not tripping over our own feet or break a hip or leg! Pay attention. Caution is suggested in travel, road rage, using the steps, arguments, egotistical boasting, and assuming we have all the answers - enhancing the potential of inserting the foot in the mouth. Simply answer the questions, and don't say more than you need. Something that you might want to try, is patience and listening for the right time to act. Jupiter brings fortune, but we only need to be available to his bountiful blessings.

While the Virgo Moon twitches in nervous energy, we feel antsy and worry about missing our chance. If you have a problem trusting yourself, how is anyone else suppose to trust you? Keep your mind and yourself at peace, by staying productive. Later, Moon opposes Jupiter, and squares Mars and we're moody as we feel counterproductive of what we hoped to accomplish. Learn from your actions.

Venus enters Scorpio, and our desires must pass through murky waters in the weeks ahead, in order to find value in what we have and want in our lives. In Scorpio, we are trying one last time to find the loyalty and commitment that we so desperately need. Many of us will be experiencing deep inner challenges, as Venus want to give and appreciated, but in Scorpio her vision becomes keen and sharp, and she doesn't like what she see, nor senses. This transit lasts for the rest of 2010, and it can be expected that relationships with others and ourselves can go through some major strain and struggle, as gaining intensity and control are major factors as to what Venus in Scorpio will need now. Each will want power and to have it 'their way'. Without coming to some sort of mutual agreement this time, Venus needs to know their worth - and if the value is not appreciated, Scorpio shoot the venom that brings a permanent ending.

Forgiveness is the oil of relationships. In order for them to burn brightly with love and respect, make an effort to forgive, but to also ask for forgiveness. If you don't want to be sitting on the bench for another season, be a true team player and understand your own faults and weaknesses as well. My latest Astro-Tarot Affirmation article for the Devil may be of assistance if you experience unhappiness, frustrations, depression, and want to have joy and love back in your life here. For more astrological details on Venus in Scorpio, check out my pal AstroGrrl. Have my postings to be delivered instantly and privately to your email with a free subscription here.

And as I always like to remind, Saturn (morals and responsibilities) is still transiting Libra (relationships and money) which is ruled by Venus (desires). Balance is necessary, as well as consideration, kindness, and fairness - so that EVERYONE can grow and progress forward - not just one. If you have one person who is gaining and taking all the credit, while the other comes up cheated and empty-handed... I can bet that you are experiencing the karma that Saturn is determined to deliver, until October 2012. It's called suffering the consequences for your actions. How can we create something better out of this transit? By working hard for what you want in your life, and proving that you know its value. It takes two people to tango. Two people must will willing to communicate and confront issues to create a healthy friendship - not one. Two people must be willing to work hard and fight for a strong relationships - not one. Two people must be willing to make genuine sacrifices and invest themselves fully to build a business partnership - not one. Otherwise, if you did not already learn this, karma (Saturn) is already creating justice (Libra), with businesses, friendships, and relationships breaking apart.

People may claim they practice morals or follow their religion/belief systems, but if they did we'd have something much sweeter in the world, in our neighborhoods, and in our homes. With the bible stating in the most basic form, 'love thy neighbor', instead you will find it's a 'dog eat dog' system. People are highly competitive with their 'brothers and sisters' of the world, settling into greed, power, which lead intentions into the wrong direction... making one feel like a tyrant and the other as a doormat. During Saturn in Libra, there is no room for competition, only hard work and realistic facts. There is no room for blame and excuse, only awareness as to who did more to show their loyalty and dedication, and who slacked on their own responsibilities. Venus in Scorpio is searching for trust and commitment, and if someone can not validate their own value... well, you can start reading this all over again, cause Saturn just LOVES teaching and repeating the lessons until you DO get it.

"Be who you are and say what you feel, because those who mind don't matter, and those who matter don't mind." Dr. Seuss

Moon enters Libra on Tuesday November 30, and we are emotionally able to handle matters much more intellectually and gracefully. It's a fine time to converse, flirt, and research information during the Libra Moon. We need to feel that all is equal and just now, or she be glad to lay out the facts for you if they aren't. In the afternoon, a Moon/Pluto square sends stormy clouds overhead, and we need to think about the problem that we are experiencing, but also as to 'why' it is bothering us so deeply. The keyword, is deeply.

Logic harmonizes with our desires as communication expert Mercury sextiles Venus (needs and values) on Wednesday December 1. The day flows well, our words flow well, and our grace charms, and todays Libra Moon can't be more pleased. It's favorable energy to travel, communicate with others professionally and personally, make wise purchase, with good negations in business meetings, sales appointments, and close connections.

Happy Hanukkah! Luna enters Scorpio on Thursday December 2, and our sensitivities begin to flow. Feel the love that exists within yourself now, and allow yourself to experience these beautiful sensations. Enjoy being yourself, and show others the warmth that you carry inside of you. We have a favorable connection with a Mars/Neptune sextile, that increases our emotional flow, imagination, and psychic intuitions. Movement, whether physical travel or a spiritual journey soothes our being. Just go with the flow, and see where this day can take you.

The weather in the cosmos experience some chaos and rumbles on Friday December 3 with a Mars/Uranus square. Our actions show our need to break from what has been routine. Something is striving to explode from our inner selves. If we surrender ourselves to the energy without self-control, chaos will develop, all hell breaks loose, and the sh*t hits the fan. Be mindful as to how our choices will shift our direction and create new road signs on our journey, but also be aware as to how that change will affect everyone around you. As the Scorpio Moon increases our sensitivities, emotional outbursts demonstrate our need to protect ourselves. We have a day that holds potential for great change, but old methods and worn-out behavior must be abandoned - to see the opportunities in this highly disruptive day. Be careful with electrical wiring and electrical storms. The winds of communications may be fierce and extreme, but most likely necessary to clean out doubts for new inspiration,

Moon waves buh-bye to the grips of Scorpio on Saturday December 4, and adventures into the wide open spaces that Sagittarius craves in order to spread generosity and good cheer. The day is much calmer that what we may have experienced during this past week. The Sagittarian Moon needs movement, change, and fun. Learning something new this weekend can bring you extreme pleasure, whether you figure out how to use the new gps system, reading a book that takes your on a mental or spiritual journey, or simply sitting in silence and listening to others ~ hat help you to learn more about them, but also more about yourself. It's also a good night to begin thinking about your intentions for tomorrow's New Moon. For some ideas and insight that may be a clue, check out your sun sign's message in my latest Tarotscope for December 2010 here.

There is a lot of activity in the heavens on Sunday December 5 as we start our month with the New Moon in Sagittarius. During the New Moon alignment, our true self becomes aligned with new emotional needs, which encourages a new emotional approach as well. The last new Moon at the beginning of November was in the passionate sign of Scorpio, that maybe had some of us handling our situations with an intense 'do or die' manner. Emotionally, we were literally dying to gain control, and we may have been in the mode of getting 'all or nothing'. So you may understand how things can actually change when we try alternative attempts with a different technique with the way we handle our emotions and our behaviors. So think about what you would like to create this month, with the focus revolving around the areas that Sagittarius rules, such as in: adventures, long distance travel, spiritual journey, abundance, optimism, generosity, the higher mind, expansion, spreading cheer, gaining research, learning, donations, studying, philosophy, education, spirituality, volunteering, legal issues, listening, publications, angels, `finding your purpose', taking risks and dares to create a better situation.

So for an example as to what you can work with the energy, I am going to concentrate on my intention to expand my mind in a bigger way. If you follow along with my weekly writings, you may already be aware of the journey that I have taken up in studying yoga... taking my mind and spirit work and blending in with the body. I decided to take their training course to become a certified yoga teacher, which helped my Sagittarius have an aim, as you may know of when you see the zodiac image holding his bow and arrow. I do get plenty nervous, as I am totally unexperienced and unlearned in this area. I worry about if I will have enough knowledge to meet the courses needs, but rather than focus too much on the outcome, I am excited throughout the journey of how much I have learned and expanded do far from my practice and study. While I have so much going on by simply being self-employed, it can be a struggle at times to think that I will be able to continue to follow my path with this as time and energy can be very limiting. Then let's add the fact that I'm not getting any younger, as I will celebrate my fiftieth birthday (my 'half-way mark' LOL) this Wednesday... so the reality of my mind and body's potential and limitations are a reality, he path came to me in a calling - so I am on the journey, taking the dare that the Universe gave me. So for confidence, optimism, spiritual awareness, and mind and body expansion... I'm obviously taking a risk on learning and traveling new roads rom the Universe. So when I need help with certain areas in my life, I enjoy practices like these to ground me as I stretch wide to reach the stars. The push and open space to take me as far as I am suppose to go.

The color purple is associated with Sagittarius, which stands for royalty, spirituality, and power... so burning a purple candle can bring an additional amount of positive energy as well as visualization to your New Moon ritual. Affirmations are always wonderful to state. I make a note on my calendar, to allow myself to see it not only on the New Moon, but throughout it's lunar course. So I may write something as simple as "I am expanding everyday in mind, body, and spirit' to cover it all, and make it easy to remember when I am driving or in the shower to keep me 'powered up'. The purple candle enhances and empowers my visions and vibrations. This New Moon in Sagittarius is always ready to try something new, to try a different walk in life, to learn, and to live. You may enjoy my article of the Page of Wands for creating and finding your own purpose and life expansion.

Speaking of Birthdays, I am running a special for my Sagittarian and Capricorn clients who have a December birthday. You can purchase any amount of reading time with me, and receive fifty percent discount of the total price. As an example, an hour reading is normally ninety dollars, but if you are an account holder with my service, your hour reading will only be forty five dollars. Or you can look at it this way, when you buy thirty minutes, you get thirty minutes free. click here for the details. And while many have asked in existing years, about my birthday (Dec.8) and where to send a card, or even sending me christmas cards..... you can find that info here.

A Mercury/Pluto conjunction will strengthen your mental vision as to what you hope to accomplish, especially as Pluto can add just the right amount of her magic to foresee your destiny and accomplishments. Communications, inspirations, and perception is crystal clear.

We also have Uranus Direct today, where we have been doing a five month internal study on ourselves during her retrograde cycle. We were challenged to find new ways to break free of stifling people and situations in our lives. It wasn't so much about the physical change, as much as it was about a mental change. Becoming aware of own potential, by facing tribulations and disappointments - we had to face them to create change within ourselves first, before we could create change on the outside. Now is the time to make it happen, if you haven't already. So think about who and what you were going through since July, and where you shifted today. Interesting enough, I personally started the yoga agreement with myself in June, to increase more positivity in my life. As Jupiter retrograded (my Sagittarian ruler), I struggled to accept the possibilities that could be pushing me to grow in a BIG way, and I was losing confidence in a big way. So it is time to let go of fears and allow yourself to change and move forward physically. You are a brand new person, and it is time to show the world.

With Uranus and Jupiter both being direct now, we could see some pretty big surprises, chaotic changes, and/or good fortune in our lives. Check your astrological chart to see which planetary house(s) are being affected with this transit. For me, my fifth House of Creativity and sixth House of Work have new things being invented for me, which is what inspired me from the beginning with yoga, and driving my work into a new direction (and the sixth house rules the body, fitness, wellness, work, service to others, health. This house is ruled by Pisces, increasing my area of work in the body, inner healings and forgiveness take place, and the service to help others to heal themselves. How perfect, as I come out of my Chiron return, allowing the wounded healer to touch and heal others. I'm crazy over excitement as you can tell, but I share my stories (Sagittarius) to give you ideas and teach you what is possible when you allow it.

On another note in regards to big happenings and chaotic changes, Uranus Direct pushes forward like the gust of wind by locomotive, and in his Pisces transit (ruled by Neptune) we could see a large shift happen beneath the earths surface. if you follow my 'Earth Speaks' blog, I spoke of reoccurring visions of a ring of fire at the beginning of the year, and felt it represented a volcano under the ocean. Maybe it was the latest volcano that caused a major stir, or perhaps it was connected with the explosion and fire in the gulf that also caused a major stir. Perhaps, Uranus direct is ready to show me what that 'ring of fire' really meant. Check out more on my Earth Speaks blog.

Suzi Dronzek, is a creative intuitive, tarot astrologer and spiritual mentor, who writes Astrological Happenings from the east coast, with an intention to help others, to help themselves and shine. For a private, insightful session, or for more information, call: 724-832-9283 or toll-free: 1(888) 878-2018, or visit:

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November 21, 2010

Astro Tarotscope for December 2010

Astrology + Tarot Horoscopes! It's not the cards that we are dealt in life, but the way we play them! I've provided a tarot card message and a solar astroscope for your sun sign. Do your own free reading with this mini spread, or contact me for a personalized reading.

Card 1 Rising sign explains 'what you know'

Card 2 Moon sign reveals 'what challenges you'

Card 3 Sun sign shows 'what is manifesting'

SAGITTARIUS (November 22-December 21)

Tarot: The Lovers: Imagination frees us from staleness. Our ears are wide open. Cleansing. Emotions calm. Serenity. The heart is ruling the head. healing. We're an open book. Vulnerable. Logic serves no purpose. We're available to trust. Feeling good. Love is in the air. Self-nurture. Taking care of others. Wholeness. Our realm is kindness. Gentleness becomes us. Good natured person comes along. Natural alternatives to detox. Direction from our feelings. We feel at peace. We receive the understanding that we have been seeking. Motherly Advice. Connected to the earth. Listening. Happiness is ours.

Astro: Happy Birthday Sagittarius! You should be feeling the energy of your true self with the Sun in your sign! Uranus is Direct on the 5th, and joins your ruler Jupiter who recently turned direct, allowing BIG changes in your House of Family and Security, with a Lunar Eclipse shifting your House of Relationships about. Make a wish on the 5th, as the New Moon in your sign asks what direction you would like growth and stability in. Mars steps out of your sign on the 7th to create strength in your House of Money. Benefit!

CAPRICORN (December 22-January 19)

Tarot: Seven of Swords: Karma is inevitable as we make our choice of direction. Wrestling with a balancing act. Cruel intentions. Actions with doubt. A new plan is in the works. Change is unavoidable now. Sneakiness. Investing into analyzation. Immoral code. Cheating becomes a desperate option. A decision to move forward the best way we know how. Hurtful results. Regaining strength and power at any cost. Stressful period. Success costs us more than we bargained for. Unsure plans. Morals and decency are weighed. Devious intentions. Confusion overwhelms us. Should I, or shouldn't I? Your actions determine who you are. Friend or Foe.

Astro: The Sun, Mercury, and Mars in your House of Karma are your faithful sidekicks, to help you fight the blues away. Mercury retrogrades on the 10th, and he may be up to his old tricks as he causes confusion in communications. A Lunar Eclipse encourages your House of Service to alter how much you give of yourself to others. As Mars enters your sign on the 7th, you will have the opportunity to show others what you are truly made of. Rise!

AQUARIUS (January 20-February 18)

Tarot: The Hanged Man: All is on hold. A transition is taking place. Nothing is moving forward nor backwards. Life stops temporarily. Temporarily in suspension. Boredom. Spiritual awakening. Having plenty of time to think. Ready to let go. Life has been turned upside down. Passive behavior. Readjustment. Sacrificing, in order to move forward. A cleansing. All is totally out of your hands. Having the ability to see from a different perspective. Waiting to see what will happen. Regeneration. Rebuilding because of insight. Healing. At peace with the situation and with yourself. Trust in higher sources. Feeling reborn.

Astro: While Neptune has blurred your keen vision for the past years, a Lunar Eclipse requests for adjustments to be made in your House of Creativity. You need to ask yourself as to what you want in your life with Venus finally direct, joining Saturn to have an open house in your House of Publicity. Changes are due as Mars, Mercury, and Sun create a stir in your House of Friendships and House of Secrets. Reinvent yourself!

PISCES (February 19-March 20)

Tarot: The Tower: Purification. Cosmic direction. Growing out of an old pattern. A rapid change that pulls the rug right out from beneath your feet. Letting go of old values. New foundation. Reconstructing old plans. Getting back to the blueprints to recreate our foundation. Catastrophic transformation. What you have been building has not been constructed on firm ground. Walls come tumbling down. Falling and breaking to hundreds of pieces. Rapid changes. A much needed change. Doing without, in order to advance. Disgrace. Security lost, but for your own good. Weakness is found. A major shift. Back on your own two feet again. Awareness. Outgrowing old structures, physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. Arranging priorities and making room for the new. Security lost. Sacrificing what we have been comfortable with in order to grow. Spiritual growth. Caught of guard. Surprising events to shake up your world. Karmic lesson.

Astro: As Uranus sits in your sign Pisces, he is creating alarming shifts to help wake you to the present moment. With Venus now direct, holding hands with Saturn in your House of Transformation, you will have much more to gain, by letting go. A Lunar Eclipse on the 21st highlights necessary knowledge in your House of Family and Emotional Security. The Sun, Mercury, and Mars are shining heavily in your Career House to bring attention to everyone of your recent activities, to bring you from your darkness. Rise to shine!

ARIES (March 21-April 19)

Tarot: Strength: Getting a grip on life. Confidence shines. Having control over a situation. The world is your stage. It is your time to shine. Self-esteem blooms. It's all in your hands now. Bold actions. Courageous gestures to make a situation right. Inner strength rises to great levels. Finding your purposes and becoming friends with it. Heroic deeds. Conviction. Your energy is raw and pure. You beam with popularity and allies. Standing against the rest to do what your heart tells you to do. Defiance is your middle name. You do what no one else will do. Delivering prayers. Determined to voice yourself and make a stand. Conquest. Winning the battle. Achieving what you set out to do. Accomplishment.

Astro: The Sun, Mercury, and Mars team up in your House of Higher Thinking to guide you from old beliefs and into fresh concepts that are bigger than yourself. As Mars charges into your House of Reputation on the 7th, your actions will determine and demonstrate who you are. A Lunar Eclipse on the 21st glows in your House of Communications with insight as to how you transmit information, and how you receive it as well. Awareness!

TAURUS (April 20-May 20)

Tarot: The Hierophant: Quieting the mind. Compassion. Following traditional ways. Returning to our belief system. Wanting social approval. Returning to heritage. Great knowledge is ours. Turn toward religion or moral standards for guidance. Outdated, worn-out ways win over change. Feeling stuck in the mud. Seeking advice from clergy or those who are in our circle. We stop fighting. Kindness. An older individual comes to share wisdom. Historical Importance. Going back to old ways. Conformity. the bible may become of an importance again. It's time to 'own' it. A tendency to hold onto old thoughts and patterns. Settling to receive acceptance. Forgiveness. We step out of the limelight to talk with our conscience. Stature is of importance. Following the rules. Personal sacrifice. Buying time. Welcomed and belonging. Mercy.

Astro: Your ruler Venus is finally direct now after six weeks of retrograde, and with Saturn sitting hand in hand with her in your House of Work, it is time to show a commitment to yourself, with a little give and take. A New Moon plants seeds in your House of Transformations on the 5th, to help you retrieve your personal power by releasing and letting go. A Lunar Eclipse shimmers in your House of Value to make you aware of your priorities and what you have, rather than lost. Trust!

GEMINI (May 21-June 20)

Tarot: The Magician: Self-reliance. Individuality. Ability to talk the talk. Communicates are on a high. Everyone is listening and paying attention. Originality rules. Take the initiative. Creativity. Capability to achieve your goals. Imagination. Talents help us to realize our potential. Be quick to react, think quickly. Opportunities to use our natural skills. Quick thinker. Knowledge is the key to gain power. Ego has no place here, only good management. We become a bridge to create balance. Being your own divine guide. A blend of elements. We are, what we think. Thoughts begin to manifest. Words have power. Assert yourself. As above, so below. You're much more capable that your realize. Our outer and inner harmonize. Charming and friendly demeanor. Entertain your onlookers, and show them what you are made of. If you believe, they will too. Make it happen!

Astro: With Jupiter already direct and Uranus direct on the 5th in your House of Career, progress is yours to move forward. A New Moon on the 5th plants seeds in your House or Relationships that create new friends or business partnerships to increase your growth and public appearance. A Lunar Eclipse on the 21st in your sign, in your House of Identity aids in shedding an old image to bring dazzle to the new and improved you. Reach high!

CANCER (June 21-July 22)

Tarot: Ace of Swords: Clarity. Complete change of mind. Seeing things in a different light. Good communications. Integrity. New vision. Honestly speaking. Logic. Experiencing life from a new perspective. A hero. Seeing the world as it is. Seen as a champ. Cutting illusions to receive answers. A good leader. Truth shall set you free. Ready to communicate. Honor. Seeds of success take root. Creating intention. Good decisions made on facts, not on emotions. Prosperity. Truth is delivered. Winning. Fiery spirit. A healing takes place. A victory. The fog disappears. A birth of a new idea. Power. A new beginning awaits. Goals are reachable. Head over the heart. You pass the test. A light is turned on in your life. Great potential is available. Stronger than ever.

Astro: You may receive exactly what you have been waiting for as the Lunar Eclipse on the 21st removes the shadows in your House of Karma. Make a wish with the New Moon on the 5th as she creates a new emotional approach for you in your House of Work and Service. Mercury turns retrograde on the 10th, but he can be of assistance to find new solutions to old problems. Travel well into unchartered areas. Courage!

LEO (July 23-August 22)

Tarot: Ace of Wands: A new beginning. Ready to climb hills for your goals. Passion for life again. Fresh start in a new direction. Creation. An energy burst. A new project. Developing an invention. Fortune. Starting an enterprise. You gain much now. Trying a new road in life. Inheritance. Going after what you are looking for. Fighting for what you believe in. Becoming a traveler. Self-discovery. Work becomes important. Having a new motto in life. Taking action. "I've got to be me". Genuine in your pursuits. Taking your own path.

Astro: The New Moon on the 5th joins Sun, Mercury, and Mars in your House of Creativity. Dreams may be on the verge of coming true with Jupiter now direct, and Uranus turning direct on the 5th. Fortune falls in your hands with their transit in your House of Transformations. Pluto in your House of Work and Service requests that you remove junk in your life, to make room for the new. The Lunar Eclipse on the 21st sparkles knowledge in your House of Friendships. Search for Truth!

VIRGO (August 23-September 22)

Tarot: Two of Cups: Establishing a bond. Someone comes along and mirrors us. Agreements. Healing. On earth as it is in heaven. Matters of the Heart. Love. Partners in crime. Mi casa es su casa. Celebration toast. Marriage between two strong forces. Romance. A new relationship. Marriage of the mind. Friendship. desire to have companionship. Two peas in a pod. Platonic friendships. Twosome. All's fair. A new individual strikes your fancy. Partnership. Equality reigns. Harmony. Love connection. Blending opposites. Reunion. moving toward each other. Cooperation. Mutual understanding. Heart and soul. Nurturing. Differences are resolved. Teamwork. Someone is by my side. The missing ingredient. Reconciliation. Sexual attraction. Creating magic either personally, or professionally. Balance. Working together. Forgiveness. Having something to fight for. Emotional balance. Peaceful union. Connecting the dots. Sharing the gold. Happily ever after.

Astro: Mercury, Sun, Mars, and a New Moon on the 5th are pulling their weight in your House of Family and Emotions, allowing movement to be created in your House of Relationships now that Uranus will be direct on the 5th to join the luck travels of Jupiter. Venus recently turned direct to join Saturn, allowing your desires to manifest, but with hard work of appreciating what you already have. The Lunar Eclipse of the 21st suggests extravagant changes be made in your House of Publicity and Career, so that you may extend yourself. Transform!

LIBRA (September 23-October 22)

Tarot: Two of Cups: Establishing a bond. Someone comes along and mirrors us. Agreements. Healing. On earth as it is in heaven. Matters of the Heart. Love. Partners in crime. Mi casa es su casa. Celebration toast. Marriage between two strong forces. Romance. A new relationship. Marriage of the mind. Friendship. desire to have companionship. Two peas in a pod. Platonic friendships. Twosome. All's fair. A new individual strikes your fancy. Partnership. Equality reigns. Harmony. Love connection. Blending opposites. Reunion. moving toward each other. Cooperation. Mutual understanding. Heart and soul. Nurturing. Differences are resolved. Teamwork. Someone is by my side. The missing ingredient. Reconciliation. Sexual attraction. Creating magic either personally, or professionally. Balance. Working together. Forgiveness. Having something to fight for. Emotional balance. Peaceful union. Connecting the dots. Sharing the gold. Happily ever after.

Astro: Your ruler venus is now Direct, and with her and Saturn transiting your sign and House of Image, you are strengthening the qualities of your personality now. if there is something you would like to see change, work on it. Mercury retrogrades on the 10th in your House of Communications, which has you backtracking some steps to take care of some old matters. The Lunar Eclipse in your House of Higher Thinking on the 21st brings awareness in your circle and who you are becoming. Be prepared to see the world from a different perspective, Shift!

SCORPIO (October 23-November 21)

Tarot: The Empress: We are looked over and protected. Behind every successful man is a woman. Someone watches out for us. Sister. Something warm is cooking. A female presence or protective individual stands by us. Fertility. Multiplication. A good feeling in the belly. Girlfriend. A creative force rises within us. Domestication. A field of dreams. Auntie. Marriage or Partnership. Flourishing. Love. Female progress. Grandmother. Growth. Mother. The comforts of home and family. Beauty. The all-american mom. Nurturing. All begins to bloom.

Astro: Pluto transits through your House of Communications to transform the way you communicate and receive information. Change is happening as the Luna Eclipse on the 21st transits through your House of Transformations, suggesting that make major transitions are needed. You can begin to express yourself again as Uranus turns direct on the 5th. The New Moon in Sagittarius on the 5th concentrates on freedom in the House of What you Own and Value. Saturn in your House of Karma expects dedication if you want to remove obstacles. Plan!

Suzi Dronzek, is a creative intuitive, tarot astrologer and spiritual mentor, who writes Astro Tarotscopes for Astrological Happenings from the east coast, with an intention to help others, to help themselves shine. For private, insightful sessions, call her at: 724-832-9283 or toll-free: 1(888) 878-2018, or visit her website for additional details:

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