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September 30, 2010

Starcana Weekly Horoscope: October 1 - October 3

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The Moon is swollen in emotional Cancer on Friday October 1, and while our sensitivities want to be protected, they also search for an outlet. We could feel the need to express ourselves as Communicator Mercury opposes braggart Jupiter, and we may excrete more than we should. If you're going to say it and put it out there, remember that a positive approach attracts a positive response. Otherwise, know when to zip it.

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Pressure is building in the cosmos on Saturday October 2, and we may experience strong gusts of wind that cause a change in the weather as fury is stimulated in the heavens. Luna begins to inflate with majestic pride as she enters Leo today. It's not about talk, but taking action. Just as a sensitive firecracker is highly reactive, the Leo Moon is just as raw and willful. Our purposeful shift will create quite the bang for our audience, generating shock as well as proof of our inner strength. Nervous irritations begin to develop as Mercury opposes rebellious Uranus, daring us to speak our mind. Change may be inevitable, especially as old patterns are not benefitting us anymore. It's one of those days that we should know what we hope to accomplish. Being careful with our thoughts and words, or you may get exactly what you were looking for. As a thought, gramma always told me 'You catch more flies with honey, than with vinegar'. Remember sweetness and kindness matters.

For the next few weeks, Mercury joins the magnificent Sun, and enters chatty Libra on Sunday October 3. Like a breath of fresh air, Libra produces bright-eyed intellect and detachment, which tempts us to look at life and our relationships from a new perspective. Thoughts become less heavy, which gives us the ability to simply say what we mean. We're confident and speak our mind, which helps us to showing our true colors of who we are and what we are willing to stand up for. Our minds will most likely be focused on our relationships (Libra), which includes romantic couples, professional partnerships, family members, our spouse, our children - as well as those who we are at odds and confrontational with.

Libra is popular for being 'sweet' and the 'peacemaker', and with finesse, their words are cunningly sharp and 'to the point'. Communication will be clear and strong, and most likely too strong over the weeks ahead, If we are not mindful, we may show our opinionated, prejudice, and judgmental side. Why might this be? Because Libra in the zodiac, is the perfect display of genuine balance as seen in the Scales of Justice, for truth, fairness, and sweet justice. Despite it's beauty, it is a lifeless, inanimate object, being the only sign which is neither human or animal. Metal is cold, so it lacks warmth and compassion. And like the scales, our mind and our words (Mercury) will be like cold metal, and not easily influenced. We can appear to be confrontational if we are seeking truth, and interrogating others like a legal voice in a courtroom. Nothing but the facts. Seriously, think of Libran Judge Judy Sheindlin.

While some may accuse me of presenting this information in a negative fashion, my goal is to simply be truthful with the facts. My Libra Ascendant will always provide others with the good information WITH the 'not so good'. If we are to make choices as to what direction we want to be in, I believe that we need to know ALL the details, not just a portion.

It's a good time to think about those who you may be at odds with now. Use the image of the Libran Scales to understand that there are always two sides to every story. The healthy way of reaching a mutual agreement, while finding peace and happiness is by doing the homework and researching the facts, so that you can separate the reality from the illusion. Libra is a cardinal sign who is wiling to do what is needed to makes things happen.

If you choose to ignore the necessary work, then you also choose to ignore the facts - which is the path of the 'lazy man' who makes excuses and assumptions, instead of proving his word. Not taking the higher path runs a great risk of everything that you thought you were building to simply crumble apart - as weaknesses in foundations are put through tough tests as Saturn (moral responsibility and discipline)transits his way through Libra. With courageous Mars transiting through Scorpio, we're aggressively creating closure behind closed doors. With Mercury, Sun, and Saturn in Libra, balance is rewarded for our fight for truth and justice.

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If you didn't already guess, I'm a change-aholic, and like to keep myself and others from becoming too comfortable and settled. But since I don't move furniture and rooms around like i use to, I need to find other outlets. So do I have a freaky personality? Uh yea, I've got plenty of aspects with my rebellious Uranus in my chart (which is always great to blame) and I need an outlet for that too. Anyway, I have shared a bit more information about myself on the AstroCreeps and TarotFreaks Blog, so check it out.

Make it a great week and shine on!

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