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June 27, 2010

Astrological Happenings Horoscope: June 28 - July 4

We start our week Monday June 28 on a much quieter note than last week, although vibrations will continue to linger as a reminder that changes are still in the works. Moon enters Aquarius, and we become desensitized as to what life may throw our way, allowing us to behave more intellectually. We're motivated to be the 'bigger' person and help those who are less fortunate. As Sun and Mercury form a conjunction in the nurturing realms of Cancer, our purpose and joy becomes much more clear. It's a good time to pay it forward.

The Sun is the great origin of power and light. In the Tarot, The Sun represents vitality, luminosity, and inner joy. This is our inner source of light that is capable of banishing darkness and fears, to pursue happiness. Mercury is the communication specialist and found in the charm of the Magician card. What sort of magic do you want to perform today? You've got the skills, the tools, and the confidence to make it happen. With the Sun on your side to back you up, your path is bright and clear. Use this energy to accomplish something powerful today.

Moon continues to travel in Aquarius on Tuesday June 29, sprinkling us with bright ideas and creativity to make our world a better place to live and work in. A minor bump in the road later as Moon opposes Venus, can cause us to feel as if we're not going to get what what we want. Don't focus too long on this moment, and do what you need to do to let it pass.

Moon enters Pisces Wednesday June 30 persuading us to open our emotional doors and to simply trust. Of course, this will cause us to become more vulnerable as we leave ourselves wide open to those who are less sensitive. Be a little choosey as to what you hold onto today or it may end up disturbing your calm waters.

Our minds and communications are full steam ahead and quite busy on Thursday July 1 as Mercury sextiles Mars. What we express harmonizes well with our actions, but as Mars transits through fault-finding Virgo, we should be careful of our words. Especially with the Moon in sensitive Pisces.

The typically serene Pisces Moon sways a bit more unevenly in the later part of the day on Friday July 2, but if we remember to let go of the oars and flow with her current, we can find ourselves back in peaceful waters in no time.

Things could heat up on Saturday July 3 as Moon enters Aries. We're fired up with energy and courage. Aggressive emotions will be fluctuating throughout the day. If you happen to feel pressured and overwhelmed today, you may have an interest in my Tarot Affirmation if you are searching or strengthening your backbone on the AstroCreeps and TarotFreaks blog. Use those sparkling vibrations to spread laughter and happiness. If you stifle this force, it will only cause inner frustrations. A day to make love, not war.

As long as you keep a person down, some part of you has to be down there to hold him down, so it means you cannot soar as you otherwise might. ~Marian Anderson

Happy Independence Day! Fireworks, parties, enthusiasm, and fun is the theme for Sunday July 4. Make it a happy one! Get your Tarotscope for your sign on Starcana Tarot blog..

Make it a great week and shine on!

Suzi Dronzek aka Starcana, has been practicing with the metaphysical arts, intuitive astrology and spiritual tarot for over twenty years. To compliment this week's cosmic report, personalized consultations are available for your questions regarding self-growth, relationship guidance, and life direction. For more information, contact her by phone: 724-832-9283 or visit her website:

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June 20, 2010

Astrological Happenings Horoscope: June 21 - June 27

Starcana ala Mobile

Happy Summer Solstice! Monday June 21 is a day of great light and energy as it is the longest day of the year. During the next three months, we should put ourselves into personal or professional projects to help determine our path. The amount of time and effort that we use to work towards these goals - the richer our investment becomes. There are no excuses as to why you try harder now, as Sun finally leaves Gemini, giving us more quality time to concentrate ourselves as socializing becomes of less importance

As Sun enters into the homebody realms of Cancer, this can cause us to crave for more privacy and personal security. Only important , trustworthy people are allowed to enter our secluded domain. We'll be relaxing in seclusion while getting in-touch with our domestic side. Cancer's 'parenting' personality creates an inner need to care and nurture, so don't be surprised if you decide to take on a stray cat, an estranged friend or family member, or even an ex-partner! Mothering and playing house comes natural to us, and in healthy relationships, this can truly bring out the best in each partner as the extra work proves commitment. For partnerships that are struggling, the partner who is trying harder to make things work will mostly likely experience resentment when their effort isn't being reciprocated or appreciated. With Pluto and Neptune both retrograde, our emotions are cooled down and reserved, helping us to see life from a more sensible perspective. As we detach, we can figure out what we need to change and let go, in order to move forward. Unfortunately, Cancer the Crab has those big strong claws that don't let go so easily, meaning that his can create some confusion and stress as to what we should do with what we are hanging onto. With a Cardinal Cross, Full Moon, and Lunar Eclipse on this coming Saturday, energy and tension will continue to build in the coming days, magnifying our needs. As we get closer to this celestial event, life becomes more irresistible and intense as we begin to define what we are emotionally searching for.

In the Tarot, The Chariot represents the passion and drive of Cancer. So in relation to the card image, imagine taking your life by the reins, with you being in total control of direction. The cardinal energy that vibrates from this card doesn't allow you to sit back and wait for life to happen. With no regards as to what others may think, you simply put yourself first and go after what you want. Your action (or lack of action) will determine the ingredients of your next chapter. In my own opinion, The Chariot is a powerful and aggressive force that has the ability to run right over a relationship because of it's strength. A gentle and careful approach is necessary. I believe that this card works perfectly in work and career, forcing us to do whatever we need to do, to get that interview, promotion, or client. The Chariot has no patience for 'if's, and's, or but's', as we're on a roll and there is no stopping us from what we want to achieve. if someone dares to get in our way - we'll most likely tell them to move and get out of the way!

Check out your personal tarot card and message for June 2010.

Moon also shifts today and enters cautious Scorpio, adding an extra helping of unsolved emotions. I might suggest that we utilize all these emotions right now as fuel to jump obstacles and hurdles in areas of personal development and in business. Investing into ourselves can definitely give us the confidence we need to search for what we are looking for. Later, our ego is challenged with change as Sun squares Uranus. It will be important to be gentle and creative at this time, as timing proves to be powerfully positive or explosive. Scorpio moon will encourage us to do what is necessary to remove the drama from our life. If you haven't read it yet, I recently posted a Tarot Affirmation on the 'AstroCreeps and TarotFreaks' blog for 'Detaching and Cutting Ties'.

'If you nurture your mind, body, and spirit, your time will expand. You will gain a new perspective that will allow you to accomplish much more.' ~Brian Koslow

A much calmer day in the heavens on Tuesday June 22. Use the Scorpion moon to self-nurture and do something special for yourself today.

Early morning may be strained on Wednesday June 23 when the ego is challenged with expansion as Sun squares Jupiter. It will be necessary to be flexible and make adjustments within ourselves if we hope to see the opportunities that are available to us now. Our mood will shift dramatically as Moon dances her way into adventurous Sagittarius. We should feel a strong need to get as far as we can from whatever is spoiling our party and pursuit to find happiness.

Our communications and thoughts become quite heavy and stifled on Thursday June 24 as Mercury squares Saturn. We will need to work through what we are experiencing to avoid putting of responsibilities. A few hours later Mercury trines Neptune, allowing our thoughts to flow harmoniously again. It's a magical time to express ourselves, whether this is to others, or through a creative project.

The cosmos are quite active on Friday June 25, so get out your surfboard and be ready to ride out the waves. First, Mercury (communications) joins Sun, and enters Cancer. Mentally, we may experience a touch of shyness or vulnerability when it comes to sharing our thoughts and feelings, and because so, we keep a low profile and hold a lot in. When you have a hard time finding your own voice at this time, you may want to try writing or journaling to express yourself, to get a better outlook as to what you want to convey... or else our actions will differ from our intentions and cause confusion or misunderstandings. A 'push me' - pull you' syndrome can also develop - where part of us wants our space and to be left alone - while the the other half wants someone to care enough to break down the walls that we put up. Try not to assume that the people in your life know exactly what you are feeling and keeping hidden. They are not psychic readers, and you can bet they aren't going to be good at guessing either.

Tensions continue to brew as stormy cosmic weather causes disruption as Mercury squares electric Uranus. The winds of change are upon us, but because perspectives may differ, disagreements may be the result. If you can agree to disagree, this can be a day of brilliant ideas and new inspiration to draw up a new blueprint of your dreams. But as Sun opposes Pluto, these two strong cardinal energies (Sun in Cancer and Pluto in Capricorn) refuse to bend and work with the other. This creates an extreme power struggle between our ego and what we should eliminate - in order to shine again. As we become irritable with ourselves, we clash harshly with others. Rather than react, utilize this time for self-discovery. Release old issues and pattern that keep us locked in the dark. The cardinal force is a natural reactor, as it doesn't wait around. If we must decide as to what is important - the ego (Sun) will naturally win, causing change, transformation (Pluto), and the removal of toxicity that exists n our lives. As Pluto retrogrades, we could find ourselves dealing with old grudges and resentments that we thought were behind us. With Moon entering Capricorn, we opt to take action that strengthens our emotional well-being.

If you're as sensitive as I am, you may have felt the pressure building to an extreme within the past few weeks. Thankfully, I am flowing with the energy at a much smoother ride, with plans to enjoy this eventful weekend in my yard with some frozen strawberry margarita's and a small fire to honor the Solstice and tomorrow's eclipse. Join in and make you own: Put about 6 cups of ice in a blender and crush it for 30 seconds. Add about ten ounces of frozen strawberries, six ounces of tequila, two ounces of triple sec, four ounces of limeade, and blend until smooth. Cheers.

A very powerful day is upon us on Saturday June 26 and the day starts with an overload of information as Mercury squares hefty Jupiter. Our communications and thoughts increase, forcing too much on others as we search for a way to release the pressure inside of us. We may appear bossy or 'preacher-like' as we push details on others. Be aware of the moment, so that you can catch yourself and breathe.

We also have a grand cross of cardinal vibrations from yesterdays turbulent opposition between the Sun and Pluto - and todays Full Moon/Lunar Eclipse with the Sun in Cancer opposing the Moon in Capricorn. We have power struggle going on within us, and in our surroundings. As within, so without. We are encouraged to use this influential time to take action and get control in our lives by creating a balance between darkness and light. Depending on your life, current struggles, or your astrological chart - not all are influenced by the ecliptic energy. For more detailed information, check out my friend and gifted astrologer Astrogrrl at for detailed write-up on today's occurrence.

I've made it no secret as to the intuitive vibrations that I have been receiving from what earth has has been experiencing. Not only do we need to find balance in our lives, but just 'as within, so without' I believe that Earth and Mother Nature will be doing what is necessary to make her own necessary adjustments, especially after the whole situation with the oil crisis. Earth is shifting from excess precipitation, rain, wind, and lightning. If you are reading from an area that experiences potential threat of the weather as in mudslides, sinkholes, hurricanes, tornadoes, lightning, fires, floods... if you don't have home insurance for weather-related damage, I advise that you research into it and have your emergency items packed and available. It's always better to be safe, than sorry.

Mental tension could distract us from our goals on Sunday June 27 as Mercury opposes Pluto. If we're feeling temperamental or seeing others being high-strung, it might be wise to make an extra effort to use the energy of Capricorn moon to build security and strength in our lives.

Make it a great week and shine on!

Suzi Dronzek aka Starcana, has been practicing with the metaphysical arts, intuitive astrology and spiritual tarot for over twenty years. To compliment this week's cosmic report, personalized consultations are available for your questions regarding self-growth, relationship guidance, and life direction. For more information, contact her by phone: 724-832-9283 or visit her website:

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June 16, 2010

Detachment Meditation: Cutting Ties, and Letting Go

I wanted some of you to think about the number of major changes, breakdowns, and acts of defiance that were a part of your 2003 - 2010 when Uranus 'The Awakener' entered Pisces, ruling our illusions, dreams, and 'our reality'. Uranus was literally 'waking us' to what we had been experiencing (or imagining) in hopes to that he could help to release us from our self-inflicted guilt, hopelessness, and drowning in our sorrows - to restore new faith and inspiration in our lives.

If you are searching for your true self and worth again, I have created a meditation using creative visualization, affirmations, and the tarot that is simple, but requires deep inner work to lead you in the right direction. Keeping Uranus in mind, we can follow in his grand steps of knowing when to cut ties and to practice detachment. I know plenty of my followers are clients, and I think this tarot meditation could guide many of you on a fresher path. For others who don't know me but follow my blog and scopes, perhaps this could be of help in some way too.

Here's a short clipping from my series 'Tarot Affirmations', which is my contribution to the AstroCreeps and TarotFreaks blog: "...followed their path, you went on yours. You made a HUGE sacrifice to find your way. There isn't a lot of traffic on this road of higher thinking, so loneliness was to be expected. All that you have learned, experienced, developed, and manifested in the past seven years - is ready to be put to rest. Your soul searching for change, answers, and healing has been... read more >>"


June 14, 2010

Astrological Happenings Horoscope: June 14-20

Venus enters romantic Leo Monday June 14, and she will be truly enjoying her stay in this godly mansion for the next four weeks. Venus rules relationships and money, and Leo rules heart and passion. Together, they love to wine, dine, make love, spoil each other, and simply enjoy the good life. It's what we work hard for, isn't it? Venus' job is to create beauty and desire in our life, and she's doing so in a BIG dramatic way while traveling through Leo! Don't be surprised if we find ourselves wanting to spend a little more lavishly on ourselves or on our loved ones in the coming weeks - and we're not talking cheap baby - we're talking the good stuff and the B-L-I-N-G!! We want it, we want it now, and we're willing to completely invest ourselves to get it. Hair-makeovers, back massages, skin treatments, jewelry, and glittery clothes are a must if we want to show off our new look of confidence! Romantic partnerships will be ready to dance the night away to enjoy a perfect 'happily ever after'. Business partnerships will form now, or they tighten their bond at this time. When it comes to money and finances, some of us may need to give ourselves just an allowance if we're on a tight budget. Investment can prove to be quite favorable at this time, but be sure to do your homework first. Like everything, Venus in Leo has a dark side. Our natural viciousness can be exposed, as we can become jealous, protective and territorial. When you least expect it, you're loyalty will be tested.

Our emotional approach to life becomes action-oriented as Moon enters Leo. We don't have time to wonder about our feelings, as we need to be quick and in-control. It's favorable energy to get to the heart of the matter and to indulge ourselves into a creative project. A sparkly Venus/Uranus trine allows magic to happen as opposites attract (kinda like what happened when chocolate collided into peanut better!) Don't be too quick to say no, and dare to try a new route today - as something out of the ordinary is bound to have you going 'ga-ga' and craving for more.

In the Tarot, we have The Empress (Venus) who shares, supports and comforts Strength (Leo). In return, Strength befriends The Empress and contributes his worldly goods and treasures to her. It can truly be a match made in heaven. On the flip side, when material interests are exchanged with attachment, a dark need for power and control can develop - where Strength can feel threatened, reacting out of defense.

Now of course I want you all to enjoy the fun and the moments when 'material things' may look like love... but I also want you to remember that real love is pure and simple, and it doesn't need 'things and bling' to make it work. Otherwise, someone could bite the hand that feeds it. So enjoy, indulge, and play it smart.

A day of blessings on Tuesday June 15, as golden opportunities form throughout this day, so make yourself available to it. Enthusiasm and optimism charges our batteries as Venus/Jupiter trine romances us with an abundance of temptations. Then we've got something to gain as a Mars/Pluto trine leads us directly to what we have been searching for. Whatever you call it, flirtations, sex appeal, love, intimacy, love-making, bootycall, well - the energy is there and it's yours - if you want it.

It's a bit calmer in the skies on Wednesday June 16, as a friendly Moon/Sun sextiles creates warmth in our world, we find ourselves enjoying where we are right now. Life is good.

Moon enters Virgo on Thursday June 17, where she joins Mars and Saturn, who have been busy building a strong moral structure for us to live by. Look in the house that Virgo rules in your natal chart. This area has been under some serious reconstruction since 2007 - detecting weaknesses and flaws - while rebuilding strength and discipline. Enjoy the quiet feelings or thoughts that you may experience today, knowing how much you have grown, from who you use to be.

Later, we may search for reasons that really aren't there with a confusing Venus/Pluto quincunx. This is a dark cloud that temporarily passes by, but it could be enough to test your sense of obligation. Let it run it's course while finding something constructive to occupy our mind.

Virgo Moon typically enjoys time alone to think and work, and on Friday June 18, we have calmer skies that allow us to enjoy our day by dissecting, organizing, disinfecting, and putting life, relationships, and work into order.

Fluctuating aspects throughout Saturday June 19 can feel much like an emotional roller coaster, so it's important to be aware of the bumps ahead, and to ride with them. Ultra-sensitive individuals may want to find solitude and explore their creativity to avoid reacting to an inconsistent pattern. Then we have a Sun/Saturn square which can put a damper on our self-worth, but if we embrace this vibration and put our nose to the grindstone - we will actually see how competent we really are. Today's Moon shifts into rational Libra, so we should be able to make sense of the day and find a healthy balance. Later, a magical Sun/Neptune trine allows us to see the reality and possibilities of our dreams.

A calmness in the heavens on Sunday June 20, allows us to enjoy the peaceful Libra Moon to make this a happy Father's Day.

Make it a great week!

Astrological Happenings is written by Suzi "Starcana' Dronzek, Spiritual Tarot Astrologer. To compliment this week's cosmic report, personalized consultations are available to answer your personal questions regarding self-direction or relationship guidance. Call (724) 832.9283 or tollfree (888) 878-2018 or visit my website:

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June 06, 2010

Astrological Happenings Horoscope: June 7-June 13

Life is a jungle, and to survive it's constant maze, we must learn to rely on our natural instincts and ability to react quickly when a threat appears. Knowing this, think about your own life and the recent tasks and obstacles that you have been conquering for the past months, in either your personal or professional life. Since October 2009, Mars has been very busy traveling through the heavy forests that are ruled by Leo (of course, as he IS the king of the jungle!). These vibrations have been available to increase our bravery and confidence, to do what was necessary, to get control in our lives. Now that we've been reintroduced to our inner strength and defined our territory, we must nurture and protect it, as Mars will move into Virgo on Monday June 7, til the end of July. The aggressive energy that Mars has, will burn differently now, as it's energy is more contained, if we are to protect the home fires. Rather than react instantly as in Leo, the energy is grounded, slowing things down so that we find patience and create a plan that is proven to outlast past decisions in order to bring us success. Luckily for us, Virgo is a perfectionist who is quick to critique over the simplest detail, but they rule when it comes to improving ideas. For Virgo's, or signs with Virgo being prominent in your natal chart, Mars can give you the fiery passion and edge that you have been looking for. Mars also rules sex, so you can expect your appetite for connecting with another to increase.

Virgo rules our service to others, our work, health, and personal well-being. Mercury rules Virgo, communications and the way we process our thoughts. Mars will energize many of these areas - where we may become overwhelmed with thoughts and ideas flooding our brain and speech. Mars can be just the fuel you needed to get on a fitness kick or to jumpstart new projects at work. On the flip-side, Mars can create anger if it feels stifle or taken advantage of. Mars will increase its aggressive speed to get to the heart of the matter. We could become extremely defensive, and determined to protect what we've been freely giving away. Mars can be a little too excessive for the more sensitive Virgo's and stir more nervous energy and cause sleepless nights. Virgo rules the respiratory system, the intestinal tract, and bowels. If you find these areas becoming irritated, it may be time to step back, check your food intake, and de-stress with meditation, creative visualizations, or affirmations.

As Mars enters Virgo, he will also be temporarily rooming with Saturn (another tough cookie) who has been helping us to clean up self-defeating patterns for the past five months. Mars will create a feeling of urgency to make things happen NOW, but there's a good chance that we'll feel stifled with the heavy responsible energy that Virgo and Saturn are made up of. It's a time that we can thank our lucky stars for Virgo's 'nit-picky' influence, helping us to become just as anal over the simplest details in our life - which is for our own good - to slow impulsive behavior so that we can patiently make smarter choices. Look to the house that Virgo rules in your natal chart to help your figure out what direction that you want to go in: fixing ourselves or trying to fix another. Here are a few words of wisdom: no one can be fixed, unless they are doing it for themselves. Be a little selfish now, and concentrate on your own personal growth.

"I have found that the only thing one can be sure of changing is oneself." Aldous Huxley

Our emotional approach to handle life becomes self-righteous and blameless in today's Aries Moon. Use this sensational cardinal energy to create our week on a good note, as Aries likes fresh starts and new beginnings. get ready to jumpstart a new project, but let new ideas erupt now - to create the perfect intention for this weekend's New Moon. Check out the Starcana June Tarotscope for your zodiac sign's personal tarot card message - to guide your journey.

Our approach to life is more tolerant and observant as Moon enters Taurus Tuesday June 8. It's a favorable to day to concentrate on de-cluttering, organizing, and enhancing what we have in our life. Later, we become disciplined and reserved with a Mercury/Saturn trine which can produce good progress and opportunity. Communication is clear, structured, and precise. A good time to work on paperwork or finances that need attention.

You must weed your mind as you would weed your garden. ~Astrid Alauda

We have a spectacular and rare event that can open doors and create opportunities with a Jupiter/Uranus conjunction. Jupiter expands, donates and increases, while Uranus rebels, electrifies, and changes. Your luck is sure to change, which can allow you to reap the rewards of what you have been busy sowing (or not sowing!). As these these two 'outer' planets meet and connect, we can take advantage of the time that it takes for them to disconnect over months ahead! We can expect great flashes of light and illumination. They glow brilliantly in Aries, stimulating both completion and advancement. Organizations, groups, and circles of friends increase. Technology will expand in a really big way. Jupiter rules religion, publishing, and education, so we could see some major changes really start to develop in these fields. On the flip side, an overwhelming amount of agitation could have some choosing detachment in a big way. Rebellious individuals, bullies, hate groups also grow. The weather will be just as erratic and moody as they sit in furious Aries. More strength and increased numbers in hurricanes, tornados, micro-bursts, lightning strikes, and fires. Use caution with electrical outlets and appliances. To know where a major shifts and change of luck is happening in your life, check your natal chart for the house that Aries rules. Expect the unexpected, and the unpredictable.

In my opinion with the tarot: The Wheel of Fortune (Jupiter) creates movement and a huge shift in our secure world as we see in The Emperor (Aries). The Wheel of Fortune provides luck, blessings, and chance. A windfall of goodness (or not so goodness) depending on the hands of fate. The Wheel of Fortune (our circle of life) is similar to the game of roulette... one that can be the cause of great 'blessings' or great 'affliction'. Sort of like when we wish we would win the lottery, and for some it's the best thing ever - and for others, it was nothing but a curse.

The Fool (Uranus) offers us a brand new start. Depending on the individual, this can either be great - or not so great. Great lessons bring great rewards in some form or another. Choices that we have made are being judged by the Universe, and our destiny relies on the karmic wheel of consequence. Speaking of the tarot, I was recently invited as a guest on Theresa 'The Tarot Lady' Reed's blog, where she is creating awareness in the tarot community. Check out her post 'Talking Tarot with...'.

Illusions and forgetfulness may get the best of us on Wednesday June 9, with a Mercury/Neptune square. We could struggle with responsibilities today, so be patient, write notes, and be careful on the words we choose.

There's a lot of emotional activity in the cosmos on Thursday June 10, so remember to go with the flow. Inner harmony is available to us with Mercury/Jupiter/Uranus sextile. Mercury also enters his natural home in Gemini, activating logic, socializing, and an interest to study something new for the next few weeks. Our concentration is at it's best (unless you have conflicting aspects in your personal chart). Moon also joins in on the party, entering Gemini, which is helpful to put sensitivities on the back burner for awhile. Basically it's a good day, and we only have one bump in the road with a Moon/Mars squares later this evening.

Are you curious with all the astrological talk what this can mean for you? You can order your own natal chart on my website that will give you 'the wheel image' of where the planets were on the day you were born, with a written report of what their position in each house means, and more! Know your talents and your challenges, and follow along with the cosmic flow. For more information to order a chart/natal report, transit report, or compatibility report, visit my website here.

We're still flaunting our socializing skills today at the water cooler, and there's a busyness in communications with phone calls, emails, texts, faxs, and so forth on Friday June 11. use caution later as a Mercury/Mars square could expose our impatience with an aggressive choice of words. These vibrations are bound to bring out 'the sore loser'.

We have a friendly Gemini New Moon on Saturday June 12, and it's time to rethink our desires and to put our intentions out into the Universe. We start a fresh emotional cycle with new possibilities to achieve our goals. Use this time to plant a thought or idea and give it time to grow underneath the care of the Lunar Goddess. Since the Moon is in Gemini, we should have our 'wish' revolve around communications, friendships, siblings, neighbors, learning, and short trips. A Venus/Saturn sextile produces satisfaction in a job well-done. After dinner a variety of aspects that challenge the New Moon could create an internal edginess that craves space and solitude. As Luna enters Cancer later this evening, we might be okay with some quality time to self-nurture. Check out our group blog AstroCreeps and TarotFreaks as my friend Astrogrrl shares what's in-store for this weekend in 'Luvscopes'.

There are a few aspects that can cause us a little confusion in the wee hours on Sunday June 13, which may cause disturbing sleep or communicative dreams, but the rest of the day is clear in the cosmos, so make it a great weekend!

Roses are red, Violets are blue; But they don't get around, Like the dandelions do. ~Slim Acres

(LOL, I'm a fool for wildflowers like dandelions and daisies, which is POSITIVE reason for the dandelion photo!)

Make it a great week!


To compliment this week's cosmic report, personalized consultations are available to answer your personal questions regarding self-direction or relationship guidance - using intuitive astrology and spiritual tarot. Call my local office (724) 832.9283 or tollfree (888) 878-2018 or visit my website:

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June 01, 2010

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Scroll down to get this months Astrological Happenings for June 2010 or click the link to find it for you!