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October 08, 2010

Putting the 'ME' in Meteor Showers

I had a bit of an emotionally frustrating day... nah, it was damn right cranky for awhile. Nothing major to set me off, just that 'heavy lead-footed' Mars, and his companion Venus stationing in my second house of life's pleasures. I wasn't able to follow my nice little routine today. We've been updating the electrical work in our home, which of course is a good thing BUT this meant that MY whole day would be without power. You know that stifled feeling... waking up to no hot coffee, no hot shower, no computer, and ::gasp:: no internet. Mars is getting all impatient while Venus is saying 'nooo... not right now'. Then Luna enters Scorpio, who's all about releasing, in order to gain power ~ so for awhile today, I felt like I was coming up a bit short. Annoyingly, the Rolling Stones lyrics jumped into my head again ' can't always get what you want... ♪' taunting me, as a reminder that Venus (desires & cravings) was holding back the goods. I was not going to have any control over my day, and on my work schedule - that gives me a problem.

After feeling a bit lost and confused with a few inconjuncts as to how I should react, I was able to let go of trying to figure this all out, as it wasn't mine to figure out. As I let it go, I was able to sail forward to see where these crazy waves were going to take me. Well, I ended up spending the day outside of my office, basically catching up on some required reading - which didn't demand a battery or electrical socket. The only thing that got plugged in today was my brain, and it generated a whole different kind of power for me. '... And if you try sometime, you just find, you get what you need... '. Yea, I love my Leo Moon, but she was quite the drama queen when rebellious Uranus semi-squared her into a corner and confronted her today. Then it was like, 'aww HELL no'.

But I forgot all about the meteor show happening over the weekend, so if you're like me and into some night-sky fun, it's time to check it out. Here's a quick article for great details by Dennis Bodzash to get you started on the details! After a lead-up of several days, tonight October 8, 2010, is finally the peak (days vary from October 7-9 depending on the year) of the Draconid Meteor Shower. With this event, meteor season 2010 kicks into high gear as numerous showers will populate the skies through the end of meteor season, which should go out in a big way with the often stunning Geminids in December.. read the full article >>

And another good article!
Have a great weekend!

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