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July 12, 2007

Scorpio's Curiosity with Emotional Control

Dear Starcana - my question is tell me how carson feels towards me. Debs

Hi Debs - I pulled the 2 of swords from the tarot card deck that I regularly use (which of course is the beautifully illustrated (Robin Wood tarot deck) regarding your question as to Carson's feelings for you - and as I can see, there is truly a strong connection between the two of you. Carson enjoys your gift for gab, as you tend to have a lot of useless information to share with him, and this can be quite exciting as well as entertaining! He is a perceptive person who is also aware that despite your fluctuating moods, that you tend to have pretty good control of your emotions. Maybe I should actually say TOO good. You tend to flutter with your personality and the conversation is just as rapid, which can make you appear a bit scattered. But I would assume that he is just as curious as to how you feel about him, as you don't share much through your busy words or careful body movement.

I took a look at your planets Debs, and your moon is placed in Airy Gemini - which makes you a wonderful flirt and a best friend in relationships - but Gemini is not always demonstrative of deep emotions, while your Scorpio sun can be overly cautious and protective from opening up when it concerns your feelings.

There is something bright in the stars for both of you - but do not let fears hinder something that could be prosperous. Carson senses that there is something that you are uncomfortable with, which he is not exactly sure what that actually is - but without the right amount of information or communication - things could get a little rough ahead, and possibly shift in a different direction.

Hope that helps Debs!

July 02, 2007

Curbing the Fiery Anger

Dear Starcana - I am an Aries and my husband is an Aquarius and most of the times we are arguing about his drinking problems. What can I do to not spit fire everytime I see him drink, are we (our signs, fire-air) compatible? Diva

Hello Diva, Fire and Air elements are very compatible and compliment each other very well, but like anything else, a little too much Fire can add too much heat and energy, and cause arguments and huge explosions.... while too much Air can add to much coldness and sarcasm, causing judgmental opinions and spite. There truly has to be a meeting of common ground where communication and reasoning are part of the solution.

Your fiery Aries will have a hard time NOT releasing the fire, as Mars rules your sign which makes you King of Fire. It is your defense and it your weapon. Add more of his Air and cold words to your fire - and the flame only gets bigger and bigger, forcing the two of you to compete against each other, going back and forth with the hurt.

Use the skills of your Aries and Mars: creativity and leadership to curb your angry fire... and transform it into a fire that is warm and approachable, so that you can have an opportunity to take control of the situation. Use your Fire to inspire and motivate him to change - rather than to attack him. It's a obvious fact that he has a problem, and arguing about it does absolutely nothing to FIX the problem.

I drew the Death card from the Tarot and this suggests that a change in your approach is necessary, and the only answer, if you want to stop spitting th fire. Whether this would have you walking away from the relationship - or initiating the fact (in an adult manner) that the problem is very real and suggesting third party help.

Your Mercury in Pisces wants to believe his charming words and trust him when he promises that things will change - but your Capricorn moon knows it won't. Your Fire is a reaction to the situation - as Fire burns louder and brighter in hopes that he will pay attention and change. Too much Fire as I mentioned will eventually burn itself out, and nothing will be left but ashes. The relationship will be totally destroyed, with absolutely nothing left to rebuild.

If the hard effort provides no solid change, walking away may be the only other alternative.

I'd like to suggest that you should contact the professionals for serious advice in taking control of this matter. I recently added some emergency crisis numbers on my website if you would like more information about the problem that you are having regarding alcoholism (or drinking that could lead to alcoholism) and all the people that it effects. I am not a trained individual with this part, but the numbers I have placed on my site are toll-free, discreet, while the information and conversation is also free with professionally trained individuals who can genuinely help and give you the real facts.

Be proud of your Fire Goddess within, and use your light for direction and peace.