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October 11, 2010

Astrological Happenings Horoscope: October 11-October 17

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It's a pretty quiet week with no major planetary distractions, so take advantage of it. This week starts on a positive note as Moon travels in gracious Sagittarius on Monday October 11. Opportunities are available, pay attention. Travel, education, outrageous adventures, and spirituality are favorable. Happy Columbus Day.

We may feel limited on Tuesday October 12, but our need for speed is still activated as Moon races through Sagittarius. Be mindful of our own motivations when we feel annoyed or frustrated. Barking may be a first reaction, but then we destroy our chance of being heard. Use patience, truth, and negotiation to steer this in a positive day.

The day takes on a much more serious tone as Moon shifts her way into hardworking Capricorn on Wednesday October 13 and Thursday October 14. Stay focused with work and the home, as productiveness distracts us from the blues.

We're ready to 'clock out' early from responsibilities on Friday October 15. Moon enters defiant Aquarius, rebelling against office paperwork and house duties. We're eager to party or do something out of the ordinary! Get out of your way and discover some real fun!

The winds begin to stir and encourage change on Saturday October 16, The Sun/Mercury conjunction harmonizes self-confidence with communications. The Aquarian Moon puts us in the mood to jump and go for the distance. What's love got to do with it?

The electricity from the last few days begin to taper off on Sunday October 17, as Luna flows into the cool waters of Pisces. Sensitivities begin to overload, which could confuse us. We're dreamy, comfortable, and playing it safe. Compassion, wellness, forgiveness, love, and creativity are favorable. Experience the emotions that we are receiving now, and wait on any important decisions. Add insight to this week's horoscope by checking out your October Tarotscope.

If you are from the local area of Greensburg PA, and looking for something fun and unique to do, check out Moonglow Yoga's First Annual Yogathon on Sunday ~ which benefits the American Cancer Society. There's going to be drawings, door prizes, and plenty more!! Check out their website for more details here!

Make it a great week!

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