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April 19, 2007

Continuing Law School

Dear Starcana - Should I continue to pursue getting into law school? Ravenous

Hello Ravenous - I drew the 10 of Pentacles R, the Lovers R, and the 2 of Pentacles. The cards seem to be in favor of your interest in law school, although there are several personal issues that you will need to work out. Your energy is strong and your focus is clear. But it isn't going to be nice and easy, as there are a number of challenges and obstacles ahead of you - but with the right attitude and determination - you can pace yourself slowly (and carefully) to do what you need to do to stay on the right track. During this journey, you will also build self-esteem, patience, as well as a good business head. Let go of doubts and past failures, and especially the influence of others opinions - as they are only confusing your goals and your path.

Good Luck!