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September 30, 2008

Free Horoscopes - October 2008 Horoscope

What's New in October
I love Autumn. I can't say it enough. Love it, love it, love it. Cooler weather, crisp evenings, starry nights, the colors painted on the trees, the smell of Fall in the air, picking apples and pears from the trees, making fresh apple crisp, Halloween!, and especially cooking this time of the year when you get to really enjoy the aroma! Stews, chili, homemade soups, hot apple cider, etcera.. mmmm mmm mmmmmm!

The Pittsburgh Renaissance festival was a lot of fun, and it's finally come to a close for the year. Now that I have more free time again, I have updated my hours to fit some of your time requests that I have received. I'm available Mondays though Fridays from 10am until 6pm (east coast time), and occasional weekends between 10am and 2pm - that is IF I don't have any business engagements or personal plans. But you are welcome to try my number.. and if I am available, I will gladly take your call.

And a VERY special happy birthday to my Libra hubby!

Enjoy your Halloween, and make it spooky trick or treat!!

Happy Birthday Libra
Born September 23 - October 22..... Libra is the sign of the Scales, creating balance and harmony all around them. Libra is a masculine air sign which is cardinal, allowing them take action towards their goals. They are ruled by the planet Venus, and many Libras are recognizable for their "pretty facial features." The Air element keeps Libra on the move, always having changes of some sort surrounding them. These original interpretations from let you know that a Libran needs the balance of a partnership in their life. They are born flirts, which in most cases is quite harmless. Librans are also known to be very visual, so the nicer you look, or the nicer you keep your living area, the more happy and content they will be. They are inclined to be indecisive, weighing over the pros and cons of each choice they have to make in life. Librans are quite optimistic and sentimental. They have a need inside them to constantly try and please everyone. Their best color is pink for kindness. This sign rules the kidneys and the buttocks, which can make them prone to lower back and skin problems. Celebrity Scales: Andrew Dice Clay, Chevy Chase, Simon Cowell, Eminem, Snoop Dogg, Sting, Van Damme, Will Smith, John Mellencamp, Evel Knieval, Suzanne Sommers, Tom Petty, Randy Quaid, Truman Capote, Armand Assante, Heather Locklear, Sharon Osbourne, Tanya Tucker, Mario López, Julie Andrews, John Lennon, Cindy Margolis, Matt Damon, Gwen Stefani, Neve Campbell, Natalie Maines, Sammy Hagar, Sylvia Browne, Kate Walsh, David Lee Roth, Meatloaf.

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OCTOBER puts us in charge with a New Moon in Libra, with seeds planted in finding peaceful attempts to relate with others again - personally and professionally. This gentle approach could find us struggling with our own individual needs when Pushy Mars entering Moody Scorpio on 10/04. If anyone is forcing an issue, things could get pretty ugly. It would be wise to put this burst of energy into something productive... as an exchange of words could be merciless, emphasizing power struggles. If handled in a mature fashion, everyone benefits on 09/05 when Venus sextiles Jupiter.

The Sun trines Neptune on 10/14, boosting our confidence to achieve dreams and goals. Look for small windows of opportunities as the Full Moon enters attention-grabbing Aries in the late afternoon. Make yourself seen during this time, as our energy and our surroundings are brilliant and magnified! Emotions and egos could also run high, and this may irritate others around us. Choose actions and words carefully.

Mercury turns direct on 10/15, allowing the flow of communications to move full speed ahead. This is a good time to check paperwork, sign agreements, open up in relationships, and to balance the checkbook. As Venus enters Sagittarius 10/18, we are thinking about how to get more personal space, and we may possibly decide to travel. Communicate what you are needing during this time - so no one important feels abandoned and left out.

Just as we finally feel like everything is under control, Magnificent Sun partners up with determined Pluto on 10/21. We should be feeling confident, and figure that it's all down hill from here. But the apple cart tips on 10/22, as Mr. Sun joins sneaky Scorpio, and we may be dealing with outside influences again. Prioritize future goals, to gain peace and emotional stability, as this period can help us to make a necessary change of direction - that better suits our needs. As we begin to sprout and experience new growth, some things will obviously need to be left behind, as we find ourselves walking away from whatever isn't working for us anymore. Make logical decisions at this time, as emotions are very powerful and tempting - especially as Mercury squares Jupiter. We may still try to hold onto everything, instead of letting go - stunting our growth.

By 10/28, the New Moon, Aggressive Mars, and "Take Charge" Sun will be seated near transformational Scorpio, planting new seeds in our lives to gain emotional security. Words and reactions could be more sharp and cold, as we forget about our losses, and focus on steps toward the future. During this inner cleanse, we could feel old wounds and fear, finally healing. Pursue a gracious act to erase stress and tense energy, as this will help to regain our power that was once lost. Reach out to those who you have lost touch with, or communicate with those that you could be walking away from. As this time is for healing, be sure to state crystal clear intentions and concise wording (verbally or written) before dropping the final curtain.

Celebrate Halloween and Trick or Treat on 10/31, Be safe, and Don't Drink and Drive!

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Tarot Insight
This *One Card Message* for October - comes from The Ace of Wands which suggests that only time can heal, and that time changes everything. Just as the season is changing around us - we are also experiencing a change within ourselves. This is a time to think about ourselves, about achieving our own needs, our desires, and nothing else.

We are feeling more courageous, bold, and energized. No fears or stumbling blocks shall get in our way. We are doing what we must to keep this dream alive. Actions MUST be honest and honorable to get where we are going. Any dishonesty and deceit used during this time will take you on a much darker path. Our life is entering a new season, and intentions must be good and pure.

This month provides a change in direction as well as a new start. This month, we must take action on what must be done - to reach goals. For instance, whoever makes us shine because they WANT us to do well, we must cherish and bring them along with us. Whatever is working for us, we should continue with it, and enjoy the journey! And, whatever isn't working for us, it is time to let go. Whoever makes us doubt ourselves, because of their their own issues, we must let go.

It is time to let go of our thoughts and our feelings and to now take action. We are preparing ourselves for growth, to try a new way, and to take a chance... and nothing (or no one) is going to get in the way.

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September 03, 2008

Free Monthly Horoscope - September Zodiac Birthday, Virgo

Free Monthly Horoscope, September Zodiac Birthday, Virgo

What's New
We're closing the doors of summer as we welcome the Fall Equinox in a few weeks. I've noticed the sun lowering earlier and darkness of the time. I've also enjoyed the cooler weather, especially in the evening. The poison ivy is blooming with red leaves and vines to start the season, along with a few other trees that have changed some of their color prematurely.

I've been busy with a number of things, and a big treat is performing card readings at Pittsburgh Renaissance Festival, which has been going on for the past two weekends now. If you are from the local area,
and at the fair - feel free to stop by and say hi to me at the "So Sayeth the Soothsayer" booth. I've given away a few hugs to a few customers, and have gotten a few hugs back! Check out the Pittsburgh Renaissance website at:

If you have a chance to look around the site, I've added some new things to the site - like I offer Gift Certificates that can be purchased so that you can offer someone you love a mystical reading, options to earn a free reading, or free minutes for those that have an account with my service. Also while prices are being spiked higher in the world today, I decided to add another price option to keep my service affordable. Check out my site for details at

Last, my thoughts and prayers go out to those during the horrific visit from Gustav. His stay was not as catastrophic as Katrina, but I am sure that Gustav triggered many unwanted memories and pain from the past. If you would like to help the flood victims, please visit for information and details about what we can do.

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We start this month of September to first say Happy Birthday to our Virgo friends! We have started this month with new seeds planted in our own personal growth and development. It's about who we are, how we represent ourselves, and what we own, to show our material or spiritual worth. Insecurities could arise as we start to take account for what we have used to help others, and what has (or has not) been replenished. Our own personal effort is recommended to pay attention right now to our own resources, and determine who we are, what we have, and what we need to do in order to grow as a happy individual. If we have been busy taking care of our own, we will than likely feel more secure and grounded during this time. On the other hand, if we have been procrastinating on our own spiritual or material inventory, we could find ourselves feeling shaky with nervous tension and sleepless nights - with no resolution in sight... causing us to disappear into hiding for self-examination.

On September 3, confident Sun conjuncts grumpy Saturn, and we could feel like our life choices and motives are being tested. If you have at least started your homework of taking care of yourself, then September 4 is a day that is charged with a powerful trine between the Sun's strength and lucky Jupiter, to help you to feel more excited and competent in reaching your goals! If you have procrastinated, then you could fell Saturn step on the brakes and scoot you out the car door, as he rewards the rest with a ride to the ice cream parlor! No pain, no gain. Maybe next time, you'll learn your lesson, and have everything taken care of. Otherwise, you get no treats.

On September 7, we could feel a bit more agitated, as some of us won't want to rely on lucky charms - as studious Mercury and impatient Mars squares optimistic Jupiter. Mars doesn't know how to sit still, and challenges any obstacle (or person) that gets in his way. Be careful of what is spoken during this period, as what you put out in form of communication could cause an unbalanced reaction and assume that what you just spoke is "are fightin' words!" and have everyone canceling plans for the rest of the year. September 8, Jupiter trines Saturn, and if you reorganize goals, so that everyone can benefit - everyone wins! - which means everyone is happy and another hurdle is left behind. Also on this day, transformative Pluto finally turns direct after being retrograde since April 2, 2008 and he demands that we all get back to "the real world" and take care of personal and professional matters. Pluto is now confidant that we have grown on an inner level for the past few months, and that we ready to use what we have learned. Just be crystal clear in your explanations, from asking the right questions, to answering all questions, as Venus squares Jupiter on September 9, and someone could feel like they got the short end of the straw. Listen for the quiet growls. September 11, lovely Venus conjuncts busy Mars and we could find ourselves wanting to have our personal needs met, but this time, by making peace - not war. Good time to double check motives right now. But on September 12, the Sun is in opposition with rebellious Uranus, and while this could be a time for creative problem solving, instead we may start to feel that we are being pushed into a corner, and instantly find ourselves pushing back. Then by September 14, Mercury conjuncts Venus and we find ourselves not struggling with our decisions and outcome, but feeling much more comfortable, and in the mood for doing some shopping.

The Full Moon in dreamy Pisces on September 15, allows us to become more understanding and compassionate to others needs, and is a good to day for communicating all that is affecting you. Then as generous Venus trines magical Neptune on September 17, we start to feel like our dreams are manifesting (even if it is in our own thoughts) it just feels good to enjoy the moment and feel happy. And as Mercury joins in on the Venus/Neptune party on September 19, we may start to think that maybe dreams actually DO come true. But on September 20, as the Sun squares meanie Pluto, we find ourselves struggling with what we can't have, "as we want it all" now, and find ourselves rudely awakened with reality, and no treats. September 21, Mars trines Neptune, and we could still be hung up on the last few days of fluffy thoughts, and decide that we could put more effort into what we want. As the Sun enters Libra on the Fall Equinox which is September 22, Venus sextiles Pluto, and we may be willing to put ourselves on the line (or lowering our standards) to get what we want.

On September 23, Venus gently closes the door on easygoing Libra, and tiptoes over to enter the secretive world of Scorpio. We may find ourselves getting back to our life inventory that we forgot all about, and decide to close the door(s) on others temporarily, to calm some unsettled emotions and personal struggles that have not been comfortable to deal with lately. Deep thoughts could help us make a decision on what to keep in our lives that could help us to flourish into something stronger, and what we may need to weed out. Could be a shutdown of emotions, and it would be smart NOT to interfere with Pluto when he's thinking, or else, you could be next on the garbage list. The choices made during this time will be about removing the clutter, are most likely be a permanent choice - so use this time wisely before erasing people, situations, and so on. It is important to re-work your ideas and plans before making any major moves for the next few weeks, as Mercury goes retrograde on September 24 until October 15. This transition is tricky, as it will fumble with your thinking process, as well as with all forms of technology and communication (computers, voicemails, agreements, etc, seem to go haywire). Consider a temporary delay for any important moves during this period, and use this time to make sure you have considered all possible options. Everything will be much clearer after Mercury gets his head on straight and returns to his normal direction.

Last, the New Moon In Libra occurs on September 29, and new seeds will be planted in finding fresh inspirations that make life more refreshing, from experimenting with a different groups of friends, remodeling your home, getting a makeover, to improving our own comfort as we learn to enjoy our own company. Enjoy your month!

Tarot Insight
September's One Card Message - comes from The Queen of Cups suggests that we take time out for ourselves this month, and to appreciate and enjoy the small things in life that we could have overlooked. But doing this, we get back in touch with our softer sides, and stir our creativity and imagination. By balancing this with the practical side of our brain, we enable a balance, which is needed in order to make fair and rational decisions. Allow yourself some special time for just yourself, to become aware of everything around you, and to listen to your own inner voice. It is important to trust that you already know what changes that you need to make in your life - to find comfort and peace. This same comfort and peace will be there to afterwards, when you struggle to make sense as to what has changed. What has changed, is you. Like the Queen of Cups, you become in complete control of you emotions and needs, as you understand that a change must take place, and what you release to find it. This release can include other individuals, or attitudes, emotional baggage, or a situation that simply isn't working for you anymore. The transformation must be compassionate and gentle (for you and for other parties involved) or else you disturb what inner balance that you have found. As the sea of love washes away sadness and pain, the tide returns, with fresh sentiments and new intuition to guide you on your new journey into the unknown.

Happy Birthday Virgo!
VIRGO (Knight of Pentacles) Born August 23 - September 22... Virgo is the sign of the virgin. Virgo is the sign of the analytical thinker. A Virgo dissects situations until they find the most practical solutions and explanations to their problem. These original interpretations from let you know that the Virgo is a feminine earth sign which is mutable. Virgo is ruled by the planet Mercury which is strong with reason and communication. To help clear their mind from constant thought, Virgos can become workaholics, and therefore very successful. These sincere folks want the best, not only for themselves, but for others as well. They need to be reminded to lower their standards, so they may attain their goals. Their best color is gray for stability. Virgo is the sign of the worrier and it rules the nervous system and the intestines, which makes them prone to insomnia and stress-related illnesses.
Celebrity Virgins: Billy Ray Cyrus., Jennifer Nettles, Richard Gere, Scott Baio, Michael Jackson, Ricki Lake, Cameron Diaz, Joan Jett, Tommy Lee Jones, Keanu Reeves, Terry Bradshaw, Rick Springfield, Nicole Richie, Shirley Manson, Agatha Christie, Mother Teresa, Stephen King, David Copperfield, Hugh Grant, Raquel Welch, Faith Hill, Charlie Sheen, Shania Twain, Paul Reubens, Pink, Prince Harry, Beyonce Knowles, Chandra Wilson, John Ritter. Read more about my specific details of the Practical Virgo Personality

Enjoy your month!

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