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November 07, 2010

Astrological Happenings Horoscope: November 8 - November 14

We have a Sagittarian Moon to brighten our Monday November 8, and we're busy spreading the love to as many as we can, but as Luna opposes Jupiter later this evening, we're overdoing it, and we should find some healthy personal boundaries to avoid burn-out. Our thoughts and words will expand majorly as Mercury enters the abundant world of Sagittarius for the next three weeks. You should notice a significant difference from Mercury's reserved travel through cautious Scorpio. Rather than wasting time on conserving what we know, we are quick to spread it around. Our mind explodes with information, which causes us to immediately communicate the knowledge that we have obtained. We have an urge to mentally grow and learn new things, possibly encouraging some of us to go back to school or take up some new classes. We yearn to learn, so that we can teach. We may find ourselves talking a little too much now, and most likely too loud ~ which can make some appear to be boasting. Sagittarius is all about listening, learning, morals and being honest, so although the storytelling could become a bit bloated and colorful ~ the tone isn't about lying to others ~ but about making a bland story to sound much more exciting and adventurous. We are looking for something to believe in now... or maybe just a reason to believe. Our mental search helps us to discover exactly what that is. Talking about it as we strategize is soothing to our ears, like taking mental notes. We may be thinking about traveling now, taking extra trips, socializing, getting involved in legal affairs, taking on a good book, or increasing our spirituality. We're in a much better mood now, as Sagittarian is the optimist who is always happy and ready to lend a helping hand. Relationships should focus more of the friendship now, rather than romance as Mercury in Sagittarius needs a change of scenery and more fun in their lives. Try something fresh, and the more sportier and competitive, the more the turn-on.

As Luna square Uranus in the wee hours of Tuesday November 9, we could have stayed up later than we should have last night, or possibly just experienced a very unrestful sleep. Moon waves buh-bye to the freelancing Sagittarius, and enters responsible Capricorn on. There's no time to give in to our weaknesses now, as we're disciplined and ready to act on our dreams, rather than just chit-chatting about them. Get focused and make your work count today. Wherever you invest your hard work, will increase value and self-confidence. Dark clouds roll in during the afternoon as Moon conjuncts Pluto. We have all that we need now, but we could feel that it isn't enough and most like stray from our protected boundaries, as Mercury (thoughts) in Sagittarius (travel) is all about taking risks to move forward. Be careful not to tread on anyone else's toes. What's you sign? Read November's Tarotscope messages for your personal tarot card and insight for the month that could help guide you into a smoother direction.

We're still accomplishing what we set out to do on Wednesday November 10 as Luna continues her travel through ambitious Capricorn. The keyword for the day is: Work. The more of it, the more secure we become. Who has time to feel down in the dumps when we're making life happen with plenty of sweat and elbow grease? A Moon/Sun sextile harmonizes our emotions and ego, and we're pleased with our day.

Physical changes or changes in our attitude are created in a positive way as Moon sextiles Uranus in the early hours on Veterans Day, Thursday November 11. Be willing to go with the flow if your routine is disrupted. Moon shifts into free-spirited Aquarius, and we're rebelling against the norm to nurture our own uniqueness. We want something different and out of the ordinary with a Moon/Venus retrograde square, and we''re determined to do whatever we have to to, to claim it. Be nice.

Luna is still in the humanitarian hands of Aquarius on Friday November 12. As we brainstorm, we're inventing ways to improve our tomorrow... from organizing shelves, restyling our business forms, creating new job positions, etc. It's all about making everything work better, and smoother. Socializing, solving puzzles, and playing strategic games are highlighted. Our ability to take on a major change takes a positive turn, and we're highly protective of it with a Moon/Mars sextiles ~ and especially with Mercury in Sagittarius who is looking for a reason for something to believe in. We trust it, and we're gonna take it as far as we can go with it.

We're still inspired with the Aquarian Moon on Saturday November 13, and no one is going to disturb us from our thoughts as we design our ideas in solitude. As Moon squares Sun in the afternoon, our emotions and Ego are off-balanced and stir agitation, but a Moon/Neptune conjunction in the evening softens the evening into a comfortable glow.

Our sleep could be devilishly delicious with a Moon/Venus retrograde square on Sunday November 14, and our dreams may stay on our mind throughout the day as Luna melts her way into dreamy Pisces. Imagination is where we should be today, so make it a day of enjoyment and togetherness. As Moon sextiles Pluto in the afternoon, we submit ourselves to temptations.

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