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November 20, 2010

Astrological Happenings Horoscope: November 22 - November 28

We're still picking up the magnificent energy from yesterday's Full Moon, so today's Gemini Moon on Monday November 22 should be busier and much more chattier! We could feel the need to move about, but unclear as to what direction. Everyone seems to have something to say. Communications, phone calls, emails, faxes, letter writing, and short trips are favorable. The Sun leaves the dark waters of Scorpio and burns brightly as he enters the optimistic realms of Sagittarius for the next four weeks. Happy birthday to fellow Sagittarians! We can experience our energy to be much more lighter and brighter, as we carelessly leave our woes behind, to experience happiness and joy in our lives. It's particularly good since Jupiter (The ruler of Sadge) finally turned direct after four long months. We're in the mood to spread the love as our confidence beams sunshine from within our souls. We just want everyone to be as cheerful as we are. Sagittarius interests can be increased now, as in law and legal affairs, higher learning and education, long distance trips and spiritual journeys, socializing in large crowds and looking for a reason to party, giving the gift of love, through generous gifts and volunteering our time. A Moon/Saturn trine later this afternoon stabilizes our sensitivities, allowing us to feel pleased with what we have accomplished, that opens doors for new growth. Speaking of Saturn, he can make life seem a lot harder, and when we feel stuck it can be very frustrating to get out of ourselves and our troubles. I recently wrote up my latest article that included Saturn with the relation he has with The Devil card, as they can both create dependencies as well as depressions. Continue to read more >>

There's a number of fluctuating aspects on Tuesday November 23 that could feel stressful or have us feeling as if we're going around in circles. Gemini Moon feels a need to multitask to get everything done, so make sure you take a break or two to go outdoors to bring digest some fresh air into your fuel tank. We could feel a strange need to disagree and follow your own direct with a Moon/Uranus square in the late afternoon, shortly after the energy mellows with a delicious Moon/Venus trine to attract what we were searching for. As the Moon enters domestic Cancer, we may be ready to make the world go away and find pleasure in our own little corner. Cancer Moon favors creating home-made dinners, baking cookies, cleaning house, as well as splurging in bubble baths and cuddling under a blanket. Our natural nurturer rises and wants to love, and be loved. If we're experiencing upsets, we crawl into our own shells to take care of number one to get the emotional stability that we so need at this time. [ image is of me & my pup ]

The sensitive Cancer Moon continues the need to 'take care of something' or 'take care of someone' on Wednesday November 24, so we'll be doing what we need to to keep busy. It's favorable to use this cardinal energy to also nurture our work and careers. The Cancer Moon has great passion and creativity that is generated when her emotions rise to the top to defend and protect. Power and self-control is yours, so allow it to create a clear path in the direction that you want to succeed. Later, a Moon/Saturn square may have you feeling a strong urge to get ahead, and you could end up tripping over your own emotional waves. Keep steady, and focus solely on your work to reach your goal.

Sending warm wishes on Thursday November 25. The loving Cancer Moon is ideal to set the theme for unconditional love and taking care of others needs. When one makes a great act of offering, always show respect and appreciation ~ or else the Cancer Moon can take unjust remarks very personally (especially with an early complaint from Mercury/Jupiter square), with a need to hide in solitude. When goodness is given, return the goodness to create a healthy relationship, which Saturn (moral responsibility and discipline) is determined to teach everyone now during his tough connection with Venus (love, partnerships). If you are accustomed to taking without giving, you will be experiencing a big wake up during the Saturn transit until 2012. Saturn is teaching respect to Venus (appreciation, manners, value) to be kind to what you have or have received... or else, you will suffer the consequences, as Saturn isn't here to make buddies with you, he is here to make you a bigger and better person, and who isn't attracted to that! Saturn and Venus (relationships and money) together are testing your strengths and commitments, to those who spend time and energy on you, and also to yourself. If there is loyalty, show it. Otherwise, struggles will develop, that will encourage devotion and dedications to crumble in the wind. If you are thankful to those who have gone out of their way for you, announce it at the dinner table with your other prayers and gratitudes.

It is time for the winds to change direction as Mercury squares Jupiter, as communications could turn disrespectful with entitlement. You could run into a little trouble with your travel under this aspect as well. Kindness and appreciation go a long way, so use this square to create a promising transition. Remember those who may be alone with a polite gesture or a kind phone call. Start your new year a little early, and make yourself a warmer person in someones life, as well as in your own. Positive changes create harmony with a Moon/Uranus trine. Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family.

He who purposely cheats his friend, would cheat his God. ~Johann Kaspar Lavater

May you blessed with much love and happiness in your life ~ even if you are sharing a bowl of Cheerios on a few milk crates. Always be thankful for the simple things in life, the air that you breathe, water to keep you hydrated, shelter to keep you warm and protected, the clothes on your back, and food on your table ~ for it is all that one actually needs. And aside from my own prayers and gratitudes, I do want to thank you, my clients as well as each of my followers, as you have been a great support to me and my starcana blog. Seriously, you all rock, and I appreciate the time and energy that you take to follow my humble writings. Thank you. xox

Moon enters righteous Leo on Friday November 26, and we proudly take control of what needs to be taken care of. The Leo Moon has a heart of gold, and the heart of warrior. Compassion and courage mage a fine mix to attempt to make things right in your life, especially with Mars taking charge and doing what he must to get the knowledge and the truth (Sagittarius). The fiery elements burn brightly now, and the light shine brightly to uncover what has been conveniently been kept hidden in the dark. Emotional needs are confused with psychological moods as a Moon/Pluto quincunx, and we not be sure who is on our side, and who is the traitor. The Leo Moon, the great protector and king of the jungle is quick to jump in attack mode, to defend themselves and the loyal kingdom. Use your listening ears and ask questions before reacting, as Moon/Sun trine harmonizes favorably between our heart and ego, allowing opportunity and growth. If you would like to have my postings delivered privately to your email, you can make a subscription here.

The Leo Moon continues to stroll over the lands in a heroic fashion on Saturday November 27 as she patrols and watches over all. She looks out for not just herself, but for everyone. A Mercury/Neptune sextile calms the mind, and puts us peace... daydreaming of rainbows, butterflies, and little fluffy bunnies. It is a highly creative day, so whatever your attempts, allow your imagination to create sweet music and magic. Later in the afternoon, a Moon/Mars trine alerts us that we have things to do and places to go. Someone always has an eye on us during the Leo Moon, so be sure to dress up and be ready for anything to happen! Later, a Mercury/Uranus square creates much tension and irritability. Expect the unexpected, and moods, thoughts, and actions follow the path of the winds as they begin to stir great change. Minds can be cold and sharp. Words may be bitter and biting. We seek change and may feel limited in our own individual path. All actions move in lightning speed now, so be flexible and ready for the shift ~ especially as a Moon/Neptune opposition opens us up to our outer world. This energy promotes super genius ideas with lots of brainstorming activity, so say 'no thanks' to unfriendly disagreements to invent something bigger than yourself. Dramatic changes may be possible in the weather, stay alert.

Things begin to finally calm down on Sunday November 28 when Luna relieves Leo of her duty to enjoy the thinking chair with studious Virgo. In Virgo, we're more reserved, less activated on our outside influences to analyze the details in our own lives. Favorable energy at this time revolve around our finances, correcting our checkbook, paying off bills, getting our health into order, fitness, exercising, yoga, healthy foods, and meditating. Virgo Moon has a habit of causing us to worry too much, and we can suffer from nervous tension, obsessive thoughts, and insomnia or restless sleep ~ so it is important to get your life in order at this time, to ground any insecurities. An early Moon/Pluto trine brings us awareness as well as a new perspective to gain self-control. Later, a Moon/Sun square creates competition between our emotions and ego. Don't let anything upset your family time or beauty sleep. Pull within yourself, with a mug of hot cocoa, and a good movie or your favorite book. Be sure to check out my Tarotscopes for additional insight for your individual sun sign.

Suzi Dronzek, is a creative intuitive, tarot astrologer and spiritual mentor, who writes Astrological Happening from the east coast, with an intention to help others, to help themselves shine. For private, insightful sessions, call her at: 724-832-9283 or toll-free: 1(888) 878-2018, or visit her website for additional details:

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