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November 15, 2010

Astrological Happenings Horoscope: November 15 - November 21

If we carefully plan and invest ourselves carefully, we could have an awesome week for development and advancement. With a Mars/Saturn sextile on Monday November 15, can literally start off with a bang as Mars is ready to go, go, go (especially in quick to travel Sagittarius), as he can't wait to take his foot of the brakes and put the pedal to the metal... but Saturn throws his hands up and says, 'whoa, slow down boy, what's the rush'? Use your energy in productive ways, not too forceful, as you could run into a few detours with Saturn's crew ahead. Follow the rules, show you're a team-worker, and you can pass by with flying colors. This is a day to use planned action with responsible steps, to create remarkable new doors. Think of it this way, your goals/relationships are represented by mountainous Saturn, while Mars symbolizes your passionate actions, aka a hefty load of dynamite. Prepare your tactics accordingly, as this burst of directed energy can produce new windows of opportunities, destroy major obstacles, but possibly flatten it to pieces. A Sun/Jupiter trine delivers us a chance to show off what we do best, and we shine brightly. Travel, legal, spiritual journeys are favorable. It's a day to feel like a winner, and luckily with Moon in dreamy Pisces... magic is definitely possible.

Expect spontaneous mood changes early on Tuesday November 16, encouraging us to make some alternative modifications as Moon conjunct Uranus. As Luna enters heroic Aries, we feel that it's time to start something new, and we're eager to do what is necessary. Results are created by taking risks. Read Starcana Tarotscopes for November for your personal tarot card and message for the month.

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We've got a good head on our shoulders as Mercury sextiles Saturn on Wednesday November 17. As the Moon travels through Aries Moon, we have the heart of a warrior, and we're primed to react and defend. Favorable for travel, communications, school, and business.

It's all going to be okay now asJupiter and Venus both turn direct on Thursday November 18. Jupiter (law, higher learning, travel, generosity) has been retrograde for four months, and now you can expect your luck and confidence to change. Venus (relationships, money) has been retrograding for six weeks, and we can now move forward with what we have been desiring. Venus is ready to kiss and make-up, and Jupiter is assertive and ready to move forward in a BIG way. This will be especially good news for Tauruses and Librans (ruled by Venus), and Sagittarians (ruled by Jupiter). (My Sag Sun and Libra Ascendant couldn't be more thrilled.) The spirited Aries Moon will just add icing to the cake.

Emotions ground as Moon enters the earthy grounds of Taurus on Friday November 19. We take in account as to what we have in our life, with a need to build from it. Favorable for families, relationships, home, and finances.

Busy, busy, busy we are as Mercury conjuncts Mars on Saturday November 20. Mentally our thoughts are buzzing with energy (possibly with worries or nervous energy too). Communications increase, from plenty of chatter, phone calls, emails, faxes, and travel. Mars spells movement, so move along with it. He not only activates energy, but he instigates aggressiveness and fury if stifled. If this happens, you could see signs of impatience, headaches, argumentative people, and road rage ~especially as the energy increases with tomorrow's Full Moon. Today's Taurus Moon makes us very stubborn, 'my way or the highway' ~ which is an ingredient for stifling communications.

'The secret of being miserable is to have the leisure to bother about whether you're happy or not. The cure is occupation'. George Bernard Shaw

The Full Moon in Taurus illuminates answers and information to us on Sunday November 21 that will create stabilization in what we receive. What we receive (good OR bad) encourages us to use this to build something better with. Our serious nature exits the stage as Moon enters unstoppable Gemini, freeing us from immobilized emotions.

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