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November 17, 2010

NEW Astro Tarot Affirmations, Saturn, The Devil, Depression

A new article has been recently posted by Starcana on the AstroCreeps and TarotFreaks blog. Check out the mini preview:

Astrologically speaking: The Devil is ruled by Saturn, who rules Capricorn. We need to be strong, focused, and wiling to make genuine sacrifices to achieve our goals. Otherwise, we can drown in our own karma, overwhelmed as difficulties seem never-ending. Saturn teaches us discipline, respect, and moral responsibility, through hard work. If you want your power back, if you want to gain control, then you will need to prove it by ripping down the damaged, and building fresh foundation.

The Devil in the Tarot is your mirror, and your personal reflection is crippled. The Devil reminds us of what we don't have, how we don't appear, and tells us that we can not be happy without it. As our cravings multiply, we encourage our own ugliness, our dark-sided monster to rise from the depths of our own hell. Look at the card image for The Devil. You are quite aware that a light is at the end of the tunnel, but you are unable to separate yourself from what is real and what is illusion. You may appear to be trying to escape, but yo

u sabotage your own efforts in the end, by holding onto your weakness, which keep you weighted down.

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