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March 26, 2009

Astrological Happenings Horoscope, April 2009

APRIL reigns in puddles of opportunities, from outdoor activities, romantic adventures, and financial endeavors! It's important to first mention that whatever may come our way, do not criticize it. Be completely open-minded and welcoming, as it is comes our way for a reason. Doors will be opening, proving to us that other options are available, and then they could close just as quickly. Whether these doors of chance re-open or not, will be totally up to our own elbow grease. We will have a cluster of planets residing in feisty Aries this month, and that is PLENTY of fuel to take us wherever we want to go with our goals - so start taking the steps that we need. We already did enough analyzing and thinking, and it is time to put our plans into action!

Last month, the Sun, and the New Moon entered energetic Aries, and this vibrant energy is still telling us to 'do what we need to do' to make our dreams happen! We're confident, and we are ready to take on the competition. Pluto retrogrades on 4/4, and there's a good chance that we will begin to second-guess ourselves and some of the choices that we have made over the past few months (and for some, it could be choices over the past years). Old emotional scars are re-opening, and individuals from our past could re-appear, giving us a second chance to either make things finally right, or to simply find closure. Mercury enters Taurus 04/09 and this helps to ground some overactive thoughts that we have been experiencing. We're starting to feel as if we can make rational decisions in both love and in work now. While Venus is still in retrograde, it is best advised to hold off on any decision-making until she turns direct later this month. Personal development and our career will be more prominent this month. A few days around the Full Moon in Libra 04/09, we will finally get some answers that we have been searching for. Communications with others (especially those that we have lost touch with) will be more accessible and revealing at this time. Old scores are settled.

Venus enters Pisces 04/11 and some of us will want - just what we want - no matter what the cost is. Intentions could be confusing and it's very possible that we could find ourselves available to trickery and manipulation if we simply rely on trust alone. Important agreements in business should include legal negotiations that spell everything out in detail. Promises that are made, come up empty - so smart choices with a plan of action is certainly encouraged right now. Venus and Saturn are both retrograde, and this energy will make it feel as if our efforts are taking us nowhere. Relationships can come to a screeching halt, and financial endeavors can appear hopeless. This slow pass of time will be testing our patience, as everything is reacting slower than normal. Make good use of this timing, as the Universe is simply giving us more time to examine our goals. Stay focused and work through the small stuff. This blend of hard work and determination will be building something more solid, which is a stronger spirit and a gift of self-respect. Green lights ahead as Venus finally turns direct on 04/17. It's business and relationships as usual. We'll also be finding ourselves as the center of attraction, meaning that we are attracting what we need. The ball on the roulette wheel finally lands, and we can finally exhale. Everything is falling into place. The Sun enters earthy Taurus on 4/19, and our efforts are generously rewarded for the next few weeks, so again, make wise choices! It's a good time to go over business papers, work out differences with loved ones, and to work with our allies. Mars enters sassy Aries on 4/22, and our courage aids us in requesting that promotion, starting a new career, or wining the heart of another. Happiness is only footsteps away!

Enjoy your month!

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