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March 22, 2009

Horoscope and Tarotscope Review

I'm finishing up on organizing my different writings, to start a new project, and looking back - I've moved some links and information around for easier tracking and organization. So if you've missed something, I'm providing this quick summary for your convenience! 

The month of March is nearly over, and soon there will be another astrological message for next month. In the meantime, scroll below to catch up for this month's astro writings from the heavens! If you prefer to receive these monthly updates in your email, subscribe now (at the column on the right)! 

If you prefer the mystical information from the Tarot - a new Tarot message for the month of April is about due. In the meantime, check out March's Tarotscope Happenings! and the monthly affirmation to close this final week - using your intuition for inner guidance, with trust in your personal belief system - and trust in yourself!  Click to read and subscribe for free, to my psychic writings: Tarotscope Happenings!

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Until next month!

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