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March 02, 2009

March 2009 Horoscope, Astrological Happenings

March 2009 Horoscope, Astrological Happenings

March comes in like a lamb... and this time of year drapes a fine gentle mist that just FEELS good. It softens our hearts, emotions tend to flow more freely, and we're exchanging kindness and compassion to others, and to ourselves. The Sun and the Dark Moon entered dreamy Pisces last month, and those vibrations are still influencing us. It's a beautiful time to make new friends, to explore new romance, and to deepen intimacy in our relationships. Creativity, tranquility, and fantasy are truly meant to be explored! Imagination is also at a major high, so use it with your artistic talents or technical skills to benefit your work and your personal playtime. Don't forget to pay extra special attention to your dreams, especially during the first three weeks of this month! Our dreams and our subconscious really want to talk with us now, so keep a journal beside the bed, and take notes of all the details, to understand what is going on in our life.

Creative problem-solving is a must during this first week of March, as our patience will be tested on 03/02, as we sense struggles with creative blocks and confusion with communicating with others. The tension is high and it would be a day to lay low, and release high expectations. Similar energy on 03/04 will continue to have us feeling frustrated. We are reminded to simply recognize the ACTUAL problem, and to then try a new approach, basically because what we have been doing - has not worked. By becoming more flexible and open-minded - we can allow changes to produce better results!

Venus in heroic Aries encourages us to enjoy the moment and to take what we can get, but when she turns retrograde on 3/6, we may decide that we need to put our emotions and trust on hold, waiting for our generosity and kindness to be replenished. Detachment and self-exploration are likely. Suddenly we bump into someone from our past. Psychic experiences rise. It will feel like a personal necessity that we spoil ourselves, while finding quality time to retreat and nurture our soul. Yoga and meditation is highly beneficial. As Mercury enters shadowy Pisces on 3/8, not everything will be as it appears, and we find ourselves being swayed and manipulated into the comforts of relaxation, procrastination, the fantasy good life. While imagination is fun, it isn't reality - and this is where misunderstandings and false promises can develop in our relationships or in our business ventures. Vision and communication is cloudy in this month's murky waters, creating a variety of illusions. We may not be one hundred percent sure as to what we should believe at this point, so you may need to trust your intuition and gut feelings to get you through. We may doubt our loyal allies for imaginary friends. In matters of personal security and genuine trust - be sure to stay alert, ask factual questions that require practical answers, and keep up to date with our own personal responsibilities and written agreements.

Restless energy activates on 03/08 as Jupiter's opposition could cause us to over-think ourselves, and we may feel rushed and jittery, which could have some of us going overboard on our shopping or eating habits. Saturn's opposition occurs shortly after, forcing our shuffling energy to a screeching halt. Watch out for bullies and aggressive drivers. Tension tends to carry over to 03/09 as Neptune and Mars opposes the Moon, forcing us to toss and turn, and disturbing our sleep pattern. We grumpily climb out of bed, and Mercury's opposition adds to the fuzziness of our tired minds. Make the best of the day, and find time to quietly clear the mind with meditation.

As Mars enters Pisces 3/14, our energy level slows down and mellows, and sensitivities are heightened. Some of us could feel under the weather. We may decide to withdraw, to avoid oncoming storms and confrontations. Take advantage of this quieter timing to rest and recharge batteries for next month's busy activities. Sensuality and serenity will our lower stress and tension, while raising interest in sexuality and self-discovery. The rest of this month has calmer waters ahead as the Sun shifts into courageous Aries on the Spring Equinox 03/20. The clouds distance themselves, allowing the skies to clear out. We'll be ready to venture into some new and unfamiliar territories, as our spirit heals, and the sparkle is back in our eyes. Mercury enters Aries on 03/25, and we'll be more in tune and in control of our own lives, as our confidence leads the way.

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