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April 07, 2009

What's New at Suzi's Desk

Happy April!

Isn't the extra light wonderful! I enjoy the fact that I can be finished with most of my work day, and it's still light enough to go outside and get some fresh air with my pup!! I love the sprouting of the season - the green grass, the greenery on the trees and shrubs, young seedlings, and of course MORE sun!

I really don't have as much to share this month, as I am just having normal business stuff going on around me right now. I'm busy working on a few projects on the side - online and off. I am still involved in doing tarot parties here in the local area, and that is always alot of fun!

If you would like a face to face reading with me - but unable to have an office or house party - you might be interested to hear that I've been invited to come back as a reader at the Pittsburgh Renaissance Festaival again, and this can be a neat way of you meeting me for a one on one connection! I will let you know more details as the time gets closer.

That's pretty much it for now - and I look forward to talking with you soon!
Like all the fire in my astrological chart and Sagittarian sign - I LOVE to spread good cheer!
Enjoy your month!

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