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March 02, 2009

What's New! at Suzi's Desk

Happy March! 
Hi friends, and thank you again for stopping by my website. I've made a few tweaks here and there with the website. Nothing truly major. I am simply biding time with work and family - until I get to spend my time outdoors. 

If you have a comment or suggestion - always feel free to drop me a note here! Be sure to also sign up for these monthly updates here - as each month, I will be letting you know what's up, along with some astrological news for the month, and anything else that i think could be useful or cool. 

If you are on twitter, you can now hook up to my little messages to see whats going on using your cell phone. Connect with me here.

I have also made some very neat purchases online, and thought that I would share their websites with you. For those of you that know an expecting mom with a baby on the way - I purchased an adorable gift for the baby from the Diaper Baker! Tell her Suzi from Starcana sent ya!

Another awesome online gift shoppe if you love soaps and other wonderful scented treats is from my friend Tanya, The Dirty Housewife! Check out her website and make a purchase! And tell Tanya I said hi!

And Dragon Oak is another cool place I recently made a purchase from with super neat pagan and wicca supplies, lke altars, magic wands, and other talented goodies! Simply good eye candy too! Tell Gypsy Beth hello!

Like my fiery Sagittarian sign (and a wild fire), I LOVE spreading good cheer!
Enjoy your month! and Merry shopping!

Blessings, Suzi

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