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February 12, 2008

Zodiac Signs, Love Signs, Seduction Tips

Happy Valentines Day My Friends!
Below I have included some general love tips from my website to romance your special partner. Whatever their zodiac sign is, sweeten the deal with more than just the typical box of last years chocolates and valentine card.

The Moon is in Gemini on February 14, so use your romantic talents to warm their heart with goodies that would normally excite them... but challenge your creative juices to make it a RED-HOT memory this year! The Sun trines Mars 11:39am EST so take advantage of this deliciously receptive moment to serve romance and breakfast in bed! If that isnt possible, then start the day by sending them a "Love Text Message" of what's in store for them later!

Later on at 5:20pm, the Moon squares Saturn... and if you haven't tried hard enough to meet your partners high expectations of this day, there is a good chance that feelings could become hurt and resentful. It's definitely a dark cloud moment, so be sure to use tender loving words to really express what your intentions are.

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Zodiac Love Signs
and How to Romance and Woo Them!

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Romance fiery Aries with plenty of things to do, with devoted attention. Aries is charmed by playful behavior and a good challenges. Rules the color red hot anger and passion, speed, raw energy, blood rushing heat, melting, and endless love.

Romance fiery Leo with compliments and your best back massage. Leo is spoiled by surrounded beauty and gentle words of kindness. Rules the color gold for richness, royalty, warmth, courage, popularity, sunshine, and confidence.

Romance fiery Sagittarius with plenty of places to travel and good hearty conversation. Sagittarius is charmed by one's humor and truckloads of laughter. Rules the color purple for spirituality, horizons, higher thinking, and personal power.

Romance watery Cancer with gentle whispers and meaningful hugs. Cancer feels loved with a good, hot meal and a quiet night of cuddling at home. Rules the color teal for moodiness, ocean, playfulness, memories, and nurturing.

Romance watery Scorpio with complete loyalty and open truth. Scorpio needs strong emotional responses, and a secure partner. Rules the color black for transformation, secrets, shadows, release, and the subconscious.

Romance watery Pisces with bundles of passion and peace. Pisces surrenders to relaxation in a hot tub and sweet nothings. Rules the color deep blue for illusions, good health, dreams, calmness, serenity, safety, and well-being.

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Romance earthy Taurus with baskets of flowers and meaningful gifts. Taurus approves of hard work pursued in romance. Rules the color green for growth, forests, security, needs, fertility, vegetables, pastures, and money.

Romance earthy Virgo with romantic movies and your house key. Virgo appreciates independence and personal space. Rules the color gray for strength, stone-cold, balance, cement, foundation, dark clouds, and business.

Romance earthy Capricorn with undying commitment and stability. Capricorn prefers to be in charge at home and in workplace. Rules the color brown for ancestry, security, roots, reputation, family, rich soil, heritage, tradition, and earth.

Romance airy Gemini with plenty of communication and open friendship. Gemini enjoys partnerships balanced with independence. Rules the color yellow for intelligent conversation, mental awareness, skin, energy, and light.

Romance airy Libra with sentimental words and information. Librans craves information, partnership, solitude, and to be in the “know”. Rules the color pink for gentle love, lips, sweetness, flowers, togetherness, purity, and candy.

Romance airy Aquarius with romantic games and mind puzzling behavior. Aquarians are mental survivors, and enjoy a good challenge. Rules the color shocking blue for protesters, technology, humanitarians, rebellion, and uniqueness.

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