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February 13, 2008

One Free Psychic Question

On my astrology psychic tarot website, I had created a special web page to share mystical knowledge, by offering occasional free answers to your burning questions, and simply call it 'One Free Question". It's always a fun treat to spend occasional free time and do a free reading here and there. Plus it's a nice way to market my website, as well as to 'help' and do 'something good' for others, and educate fellow readers. I usually try to answer at least one question monthly, and if I have time, I usually will add an extra question as my continued way of 'paying it forward'.

With the enormous amount of emailed requests that I take the time to read - I also have to siphon through all the emails and delete the emails that I will ignore. Yes, I said it. Ignore. As an example, 85% of the questions ask me :::drum-roll::: "Am I, or will I get pregnant?" And although I make it clear that I do not answer these questions.... no one  actually cares. ::: shakes head :::

Seriously girlfriends... if I am curious if I am pregnant or not - the last thing on my mind would be to call a psychic number. In reality, I know it's just a phone call and getting a reading is always fun... but you run a risk to your health and to your baby - by not getting the proper procedure and testing. Yes, I heard you say "Just chill - It's just for fun'. Yes, exactly, and that is why readings are considered entertainment only, because they are just for fun and entertainment only. An unwanted pregnancy is not fun, and should be handled physically, emotionally, and mentally by a professional. 

Plus pregnancy is not be the only reason for missing a period or two. There are many health-related issues to check into, and to rule out. I am not trained in helping you run into any of those areas, and that is why I will always suggest that you contact your physician first for professional advice and consultation. Pregnancy is a health-related question that I personally choose to ignore, as this 'fun' question can seriously affect the mommy-to-be, the potential life source within, the father, and everyone else involved.

Thinking back - when I became pregnant with my son (which was a long time ago) yes, I KNEW at that moment I was pregnant, I knew it immediately, and can still tell you the date and time that it happened. BUT..... Even though I knew and felt it at that very moment... I would never just trust my feelings and intuition. Yes, it's nice to 'be in the know', but it's much wiser and safer to get a reliable pregnancy test. I didn't call for a psychic reading - but instead, I immediately ran out and bought myself the pee kit for ACCURACY and to release the wonder and worry of 'Am I or Not?', and scheduled a doctor appointment the next day when the stick gave me the good news. (of course I HAD to prove to my husband that I was right, cause my intuition didn't mean squat to him. The proof was that little plus sign saying it was positive!) But seriously, the LAST thing on my mind was to dial a psychic for an answer on my health. I wouldn't even throw tarot cards out, and simply trust that. Mostly, because that is not how readings really work or what they are about. (Plus, with many psychic reading services charging close to $7.00 a minute - it is way cheaper to drive to the pharmacy and pick up a pregnancy test box for ten bucks - for a 99.9% GUARANTEED answer!)


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