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February 03, 2008

Superbowl 2008 and New England Patriots

It's finally the Superbowl! yayyyyyy! Just like everyone else, me, my husband, and my son, have been been looking forward to the excitement of this Super Sunday since their last game! We've got the fireplace kickin', the popcorn popped and  buttered, and the Miller Lite foamin'! I've had a number of friends both online and off, asking who I think is going to win the game, and of course -  I am going to say 'Go Pats"! 

I lived in New England (Massachusetts) for a few years, left for a short period... and moved back there for another few years. I met my husband (my new england boy) during my second move up there. We've been talked about moving back up there in a few years after our son graduates from school/college. My best friend (aka my buddy from college, my bestest friend in the whole world, and my twin soulmate) and family lives there, and she's counting the days till we move back.... along with our other new england pals,  and the good-hearted families who adopted us!  :-) How wicked cool is that?
I absolutely LOVE New England!!!!!!! 

So despite living here at the home of the Pittsburgh Steelers....... New England is my REAL love, and has been in my blood for a very long time. So I am definitely backing up the Patriots and their quarterback hottie Tom Brady! He's a cute Leo pussycat, but when Saturn moved into Virgo back in September, Tommy shows all that he IS the King of the jungle! 

My OTHER Tommy will be there tonight too! Tom Petty and the heartbreakers! Mint!

Can it get any better? (That depends if Brady would have a wardrobe malfunction.)

Go Pats! 

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