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February 27, 2008

Celebrity Psychic - The Devil Card

I was spending some time organizing and printing some of my classic emails... and I definitely got a kick out of this one and figured that it may be time to share it with some of you. Of course, I HAD to save this particular message (and you'll see why) - as this was actually a REAL and AUTHENTIC person!!! as I was contacted by the director of a television show!! (But for possible privacy issues - I have blocked their last name and contact information.)

~ ~ ~ snip ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Dear Starcana,

My name is Jay XXXX and I am a casting director for Fox's family reality show, "Trading Spouses". We are now casting season four and we are searching for a Psychic Family for our next production. Your website caught my eye and I wanted to extend an invitation for your family to audition. We are looking for diverse, interesting people and I hope you will consider.

If you are not familiar with the show, it is sort of like a foreign exchange program for Moms. Families who are chosen have a one week commitment during principle shooting, and each family receives $50,000. Parents must be married, and have at least one child (age 6 ) living in the home.

If you don't wish to audition, but know someone else who can, please send them our way. If you refer a family that makes it on the show, you get a $1000 finder's fee.

You can check out our company's credentials at the following link:

Please call or email me for more information. I'd love to tell you more. If you email or voicemail, please include your contact number. Thank you and I hope to talk to you soon!


Jay XXXX, casting director

Trading Spouses Casting
West Hollywood, CA 90069

~ ~ ~  snip ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Now come on..... HOW COOL IS THAT! A keeper, right? I could've been a celebrity psychic! A star amongst other stars! lol. My 15 minutes of fame. A Leo Moon's dream. "To be, or Not to be".

Did I actually take the time and energy to make an audition? Hell no. Oh yeah, a $50,000.00 check would come in MIGHTY handy. But to put my husband and my son in the critiquing eye of the public was a HUGE decision to go over. There is just way too much ridicule and exaggerated drama on those reality shows to put my family (or myself through). If the price was much, MUCH higher... who knows what I could have decided on. I would need to be tempted and seduced a little more than a few gold coins. On my end, there is much more to be bargained with than one realizes - and you truly need to be careful as to what you wish for. 

Now do you need a good example of the Tarot card - The Devil? It offers and seduces you with temptation, desires, sex, money, fame, financial wealth, etc. Is it really riches of the world? Probably for some, sure. This is a classic explanation of the Devil's card in the tarot, presenting you with situations and people in your life that offers you a false sense of happiness. The Devil asks,  "What are you willing to sell your soul for? What will you trade for power, for money?" Am I willing to embarrass myself on national television? Would I risk doing that to my family for temporary happiness? ($50,000.00 ain't really that much now).
(Then you KNOW that the TV network would add the spooky "twilight zone" music when I would enter the screen. dooo do do doo, doo doo do do.....)

I've seen plenty with all that I have done in my life, and all the various places that I have lived in.... to see how temptation seeps into people's lives. The illusion that money, financial wealth, big business stature, wealth, fame, power brings happiness...... is not the "riches of the world" in my eyes. I have seen too many families divided, business partnerships destroyed, and friendships terminated - because of it. I've walked away from many things in my life that intrigued others - because I can not comprehend or understand it. I learned a long. long time ago about what is REALLY more important in life, and I will always do my best to make good decisions that do not threaten the happiness of me and my family.

Yes, now the real REALITY of it all........ everyone I know, laughed and said I was an idiot for passing up the 50,000.00. I would probably still do it again if it was presented to me. Truly, I'm looking for more than just the "illusion" of some temporary happiness. 

I've made many questionable decisions in my life, so I am far from being any kind of saint..... but it's still a good theory to think about, because once the money fades, the power fades, the fake friends fade, and the "happiness" eventually fades too. And after you have traded your good reputation, your good friends, your good soul, etc. on it all.... what have you got left to show for it?

I mean, SERIOUSLY.... there's a 50,000 dollar check with my name on it.... then there's a hefty percentage for my Uncle Sam's pocket. That isn't enough to purchase three brand new SUV's for me, the hubby, and my son - and still have enough left over to splurge on family and friends, and bank whatever is left over. I've got too much honor and pride, as well as a reputation to protect! I'm not an idiot, but more of a negotiator. If I'm gonna take a chance (or bargain on a few good souls) - I'm going to have to be propositioned with something a lot more sweeter than a few weeks worth of chump change!

Anyway, hope you enjoyed a creepy episode of my life.

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