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February 07, 2007

Earth Goddess - Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn

These are my own original interpretations for the Court Cards, along with my creative descriptions of the elements and the astrology signs. As above, so below - I share the light AND the dark of each personality. Sincerely,

About the Earth Goddess...
The Goddess within the earth elements is a practical soul. She is the natural Provider. The Earth Goddess is strong and she is determined to succeed in her goals. She works hard, and is always working to structure and build- in both personal and professional areas of her life. She works hard for herself and for those she loves - to bring security, business, and reputation. Earth has a goal, and it is to work, build, provide, and own. Like our grand mountains... earth provides us stable land with rocks, and trees to build out homes and cities with. She provides us with rich soil to grow fruits and vegetables to feed us.

Earth is solid, raw, breathtaking, secure, and plentiful. She supports and provides us with many gifts. Her appearance is both earthy and strong. Take a look at her strong bone structure, and her dark hair and eyes that resemble her very own soil. Saturn (Capricorn), Venus (Taurus), and Virgo are Earth Goddesses.

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