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February 01, 2007

Release Emotional Pain

Dear Starcana - When will I find love again?? Will it last?

Hello Mona -
I drew the 3 of pentacles (reversed), temperance (reversed), death (reversed) for your question. You are finding your independence and self worth through your personal journey right now. I think that anything that you want, including love in your life - is available to you. It is about experiencing what YOU are capable of adding to a relationship - because of your self confidence and especially - liking yourself. Someone has taken those important qualities away from you, and right now... it is important to work hard in rediscovering yourself first.

As you do this, you will be able to let go of emotional hurts from your past that will give you permission to trust others again. How long that will take - is up to you. You can concentrate on your own personal healing - or you can continue to bring this pain along with you, which can act as a heavy anchor - restricting your progression toward love and personal fulfillment.
I would suggest that you take a temporary break from searching for love and enjoy being Mona again.


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