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February 01, 2007

Express Your Deepest Fears

Dear Peichick,
Your email only had two names with two birthdays... and no question attached - so I will assume you need an answer of the two existing energies and if this is something that would be lasting. I pulled the 6 swords, the 3 of cups (reversed), and the page wands (reversed).

He is doing his best to understand you and not assume anything in regards to your relationship with this person. I see him very balanced, yet less emotional which seems to cause you concern. I am seeing your sadness with feelings of rejection - although that is not his intention to make you feel this way. There is a good chance of you making a decision to let this one go, or continuing to stay in this relationship - although you seem unsatisfied or unfulfilled. Rather than letting things go (because I do see your attachment) - try to be bold and express your deepest fears with him. Give him a chance to respond to your unhappiness - rather than accepting this at a loss - because I do see potential.


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