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February 01, 2007

Sagittarius or Pisces

Dear Starcana - I am dating to two guys one is a Sagittarius and the other Picses, which is bad and which is good and why?? Should i run or stay??

Hi Rum -
I threw out some cards on your question: Knight of Pentacles (reversed), six of pentacles, and two of pentacles (reversed).

Without a date of birth for either guy - I will go strictly with the general sun sign / zodiac personality descriptions.

You are an Aries, which is a fire sign, and life can be a delicious dip in a bowl of cherries with the playful Sagittarius. He is guarranteed to bring you laughter, passion, and spontaneous adventures. The down side is that Sagittarius is also a fire sign. There will be power struggles between the two of you, and as much as you enjoy a good challenge or heated discussion - he does too. You can continue fighting and being stubborn - as you both enjoy a good competition. As a mutable sign, he eventually gets bored, and will just get up and leave for a new adventure.

Picses is the cozy little fish who is all about sensual lovemaking, pampering you for hours, and in a few hours... doing it all over again. His water can help tame the excitement and rage that most fire signs are imbedded with - but his water (and emotions) can completely dowse your spirited fire, and leave you bored and lifeless.

The decision would be up to you Rum, but if you prefer a stronger soul to keep up with your warrior spirit - then the Sagittarian might be more your style (at least until he gets tired of all the questions and drilling that you can be known for.)

As mentioned earlier - I pulled a few Tarot cards... and neither guy stood out more than the other, so I would probably suggest for you to run... especially since you have many goals of your own. Your goals seem to be put on hold - with too much if your concentration on these two guys.

You can also enjoy it while it lasts - but dont be afraid to go out and party with your friends. You never know who you can meet!

You can always visit my Goddess descriptions for the elements. I wrote them to describe females - but you can interpret them for the guys too! :-)

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