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March 11, 2007

Fire Goddess - Aries, Leo, Sagittarius

These are my own original interpretations for the Court Cards, along with my creative descriptions of the fiery elements and the astrology sign connected. As above, so below - I share the light AND the dark of each personality. Sincerely,

About the FIRE Goddess...

The Goddess within the fiery elements is an adventurous soul. The Fire Goddess is the natural Spirit. She is the warrior, and she fights and protects what she believes in. She believes in love, passion, excitement, change, and life. Fire is the hot flames that dances and tease your senses in a blazing bonfire. It's the flame on a lit candle that you stare into. It's the flame that burns the incense to sweeten the air. She is beautiful, fierce, and it's ever-changing. Fire has a goal, and it is to burn and shine.. and to look good while she is doing it! Fire and the Fire Goddess is naturally stunning. She is bold, playful, warm, aggressive, and she brings light into a room.

Just seeing her big smile and those sparkling eyes compliments her warm personality. Fire is tempting, and it's inviting. Even the hair of a Fire Goddess stands out - as it is usually alittle wild and untamed - resembling her elements of flickering flames! Mars (Aries), Sun (Leo) and Jupiter (Sagittarius) are Fire Goddesses.

Whether in work or play... the Fire Goddess is always on fire, and she lives a busy and active life. Her ego is her fuel. Fire signs always try to bring their Spirit, fire and light into their life - and yours. Fire rules the heart, where passion ignites - and need to "express" the fire - which ranges from rage to infatuation.

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