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May 28, 2006

Meeting the Page of Pentacles

While it is a natural part of our day as readers to help others - it's a whole other thing for some of us to read for our own personal dilemmas. It is frustrating, when you are filled with insight, or sometimes just common sense on many circumstances for others - but when the tables are turned, and it's OUR problem - all of a sudden we're lost for words! Geez... WHY is that? (I am sure that there are dozens of explanations for this, but that's another post.)

Okay, now gimme a break - as I am not much of a writer, but I am trying to add a little more to my blog, other than some readings here and there. So let me think and hear me ramble.....

la la la la......

But as I was saying, when I need a solution, I tend to be that of a seeker. Rather than waiting for life to happen, I prefer to make it happen. When I am bored or dissatisfied, I can TRY to do the "respectable" thing, and just hold on a little longer to TRY and make it work, but that isn't always a wise choice. You know... when you HAVE to try.... and then try so hard.... then it really isn't meant to be (at least at that specific time period).
Life should never be so hard, and when you understand that - it is when you start to live.

So as I mentioned earlier, I have this situation and now looking to do the "respectable" thing and find out ways to make things work. Answers will usually come to me in different forms, from listening to music, to sitting outside, but it's mostly when I am driving when I get most creative. My best ideas are when I am out driving around, listening to the music.... and there I am, fumbling with my purse to grab my phone and record my thoughts before I forget them!

After a few days of seeking guidance, I received an answer to my problem (yayyy!). This time the answer came to me while I was surfing on the net, and came from a nice, friendly site. A few things that this woman spoke about within her website spoke to me, along with some of her other writings and her wit. I was so relieved to have reached a conclusion to my problem, that I decided to take a moment to thank her for sharing her site, and her words of wisdom. And since, we've had some motivating conversation.

If you havent noticed by now (LOL) I am an inexperienced blogger, and I've received some helpful blog tips from this wonderful woman! So I found myself with another unexpected gift from her. She shared her blog goals with me - mentioning a problem that she was having with the look of her banner, so I decided to surprise Lady Skye Frye
with a gift... a new banner, as a way to say thanks. She was thrilled, and of course I was happy that she liked it.

Here is her new banner, be sure to visit her website

Now here I start thinking... hmmmm, now how can I turn this into a Tarot related topic? And it came to me, that this was a nice experience to help some inexperienced readers to interpret the Page of Pentacles. While pulling this card, I am this child-like energy who searched for something, and I find that gift (within her site). The inspiration I was looking for, along with her blog tips, were both that very same energy
of the Page of Pentacles, as she holds an unexpected gift for me.

As that Page of Pentacles, I too offer a gift to her. Which this may sum this card up pretty good... symbolizing that "you get - what you put out", or "passing the wealth".

Thanks for listening. :-)
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