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May 12, 2006

Tarot for Inspiration

Dear Starcana

Oddly enough, I've had goals for success since a very early age, despite some of the unusual complications that have interfered with my plans. I guess my
main question would be "Should I continue with this dream that I see as my true path - or is it a hopeless journey where I will one day wake up and realize it really was just a dream?". Thanks. Yours Truly, T.J. from California

Dear T.J. According to the personal birth information that you have provided - along with the tarot cards that have been chosen for you.... the Tower, Strength, and the 5 of Wands.... I can see that you have many serious struggles within your life, starting at a very young age. It has obviously been a very long and hard climb toward the top. I do feel that you will find that success that you have been searching for - at the top of that mountain. I see you reaching your goals - despite the times that have been quite hard on you. You have dealt with more hardships than one can handle, and have always got back up on your own two feet, only to experience another downfall. In some odd way, you feel as if this dream is worth all the agonizing effort that you are investing into it.

Some define the word "success" in so many ways. Reaching one's "personal wealth" may range from financial achievement, to renewed health, spiritual well-being, or possibly the whole package. The list continues, because it's a personal interpretation to that specific individual. So depending on the certain type of prosperity in which you are searching for - you may feel that it all serves a purpose - to reach this point.

Unfortunately, the last few years of negative experiences had developed from your own personal resources - as you struggle with personal
power, and change. It seems that you were presented with several gifts from the universe, in hopes to help you with your weaknesses, and your stubborness refused to accept help. When a negative situation like this continues longer than it should... the force of the universe can be quite overwhelming - taking everything away from you, and leaving you to feel as if it may have been the worse thing to happen to you - when in all, it was really just for your own good.

You should expect to have many admirers who look up to you with both respect and envy. You earned that publicity with the enormous obstacles that you have ovecome, and now others want to be like you, or possibly want what you have. Learn from your past lessons about issues concerning
self-control and understanding. Whether you fight for it - or against it. The process should be a naturally one, not an aggressive one. Whatever is suppose to happen.... will. Do not be threatened of what MIGHT be taken from you. At times, you will feel in need to protect what you have worked hard for, but from what I see - this is not what is reality, but only within your own mind.

No matter how beaten down that you may have been, or felt... your moon which resides in Aquarius (which interesting enough is related to the Tower card - ruled by Uranus) has been your loyal savior. Your lunar guardian Uranus, has helped you to approach the darkest challenges as a responsible adult, and conquer.

The strongest form of energy is where you have traveled from the darkest areas in your life - to your brightest. You have walked many
spiritual journeys throughout the years, to reach "who" you are today. Your self-esteem beams with total awareness, and a new understanding.... learning that life isn't suppose to be this hard. You have taught yourself what is important to hold onto... as well as, what to let go. Your maturity level has increased, as you welcomed the comprehension of "choice". You now make less demands on others, and less demands on yourself. You don't need to hold on so tightly anymore. You've worked hard for this knowledge, and you've certainly earned it.

You are on the right path TJ, and by the age of 38, you can expect to reach your personal goal. You will feel safe and secure within your
dream come true. What you dream TJ is truly happening and materializing - because YOU believe it is. Life will be good as you reap the rewards.

As you walk WITH life now (rather than against it), your future holds even a brighter star for you -
just when you thought you knew what you wanted in life. After you reach success - you accidently (or possibly, coincidently) find your TRUE calling in life - and without a second thought, I see you giving it all up, all that you have worked so hard for, for the true inspiration of your life!


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