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May 03, 2006

Boyfriend Problems

Dear Starcana. My Sagittarian boyfriend and I (Gemini) moved in together back in February. Things are not going as well as we had planned. We never get to see each other because of our schedules, and when we finally get time, we fight. I don't think that he is happy as we were earlier before this move, and I feel the same way. Is our relationship just going through a lovers phase - or are we headed for doomsville? Please help me! Signed, Sleepless in San Francisco

Dear Sleepless, I can truly see the dark gloom that hangs over your relationship. Shuffling through a deck of Tarot, you've been dealt the 10 of Swords (reversed). Wheel of Fortune (reversed), 6 of Cups (reversed), and the 3 of Swords. You've really have experienced pain, and have been hurt over and over again, and I find you are preparing yourself for another hurt. All your present thoughts on what has been happening within your home seem to be sharp and concise, leaving you absolutely no room to see any hope at all. In all honesty, you both have suffered with plenty of upsetting experiences in the past, but I don't feel that either one of you have grieved completely on your individual losses. Without letting go of the past, this leaves unsettled conditions within yourselves, which are upsetting your personal relationship. I see emotional attachments to the past, along with present insecurities on both of you. Because you have both experienced loss before - anything that has been purchased during this time will hold sentimental value - which neither of you will want to give up (all over again). These unsettled conditions suggest a future tug-of-war on who owns what, so you may want to get yourself prepared legally with that bit of information.

This move seems as if it was based on a spontaneous decision, with lack of preparation and planning - appearing to be not the best choice at that time. You are feeling like you are being held back by that instant decision now, by ways of losing your independance. There is also a sense of unstableness around your boyfriend regarding his anger, and I might suggest that you talk to your friends or family, or seek professional advice on this matter.

When moving in together, you seemed to think that he was going to make your every dream come true, and now you find yourself quite aware that this isn't going to happen. Either he was a pretty smooth talker, or you were a quite naive. Being in a relationship is hard work, and neither one of you are willing to put the extra effort needed to pull it back together. Unfortunatley, because you both aren't fighting for what you want - I do see the two of you parting in the middle of summer, towards early July.

As I mention regularly, readings are NEVER set in stone Sleepless - as we all have a choice, as well as free will. Your feelings are correct, as the two of you are headed towards a near departure IF both parties continue to let everything that you have built - to slowly decay.


Cards from the Robin Wood Tarot
© Robin Wood 1991. Used with permission.

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