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April 04, 2010

Whats New with Starcana April 2010

Goodbye. After all the snowy blizzards in this area - it is a real pleasure to see grass, trees, and sunshine again! In the past few months, I had been contemplating on making some changes in my work, especially as we get closer to Pluto (regeneration) going retrograde and Saturn retrograding into Virgo (work) this week. This shift was inevitable. But if you were aware of my Daily Horoscope Happenings, you might already know that I had recently decided to put my daily astrological writings on hold. Rather than being the adventure that they started out as in the past year, they turned into a lot more work than anticipated. I enjoyed sharing my interpretations, but they were taking up too much of my time - as other projects sat on the back-burner. Perhaps in the future, I may return to them - but for now it is toodle-loo.

Hello. In the meantime, I am continuing my astrological insights here on my main blog. And rather than writing them on a monthly note, I am shifting them to a weekly schedule. I do look forward to this new variation, and hope that this is just as enjoyable for you! To be sure that you don't miss any of my Starcana Astrological Insight writings, be sure to subscribe to this blog by RSS or by email.

Site Updates.

- I have updated my opportunities for you to grab Free Birthday Minutes, to earn Referral Rewards, shop for occasional Monthly Specials, and a chance to give Gift Certificates on my Starcana Specials page.

- If you've always wanted to know more about astrology and how it influences you and the day you were born, I have added Professional Astrological Reports that you can order to my website. They are affordable and a fun way to rediscover yourself again! Learn your rising sign, know your moon sign, and have a copy of your natal birth chart!

- My available hours are: Monday thru Friday from 10am-6pm Eastern Standard Time. I will not be around as much as local 'face to face' party readings become more available with the warmer weather, plus more time to enjoy the outdoors and casual walks! As the colder months set in, I'll become accessible again.

Network. If we share reciprocal links - be sure to update the old Horoscope Happenings link with my main blog Starcana Astrological Insight

For New Subscribers. If you're new to my website and like tarot, I post a monthly tarot message per your sun sign on my tarotscope blog: Starcana Tarot Insight. For more tarot writings, check out my partner blogsite 'AstroCreeps and TarotFreaks' for my latest writing on taking control of troubled worries with creative meditation and the 9 of swords - on my series of 'Tarot Affirmations'. If you have a curiosity or interest in astrology, tarot, dreams, and more - you may have an interest in my partner website 'AstroCreeps and TarotFreaks' where me and a few girlfriends (TheTarotLady, AstroGrrl, and TaurusRising) created a free and public forum called: AstroCreeps and TarotFreaks for those of you with an itch to learn astrology or tarot with us and some some great, friendly people!

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