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April 18, 2010

Weekly Astrology Insight: April 19-25

Weekly Astrology Insight: April 19-25

Monday April 19 We find ourselves picking up the pieces for others, rather than putting order into our own lives as Sun inconjuncts fearful Saturn. Moon shifts from friendly Gemini, into motherly Cancer, and our natural instinct wants to nurture and take care of those around us. While it is a generous deed to attend to others, it's best to take as much quality time into getting our own lives in order to avoid future blame and extra work on our plate.

Tuesday April 20 Sun enters dependable Taurus, giving us a chance to experience the strong and silent traits of the earthy bull. We become less talkative, and more productive in our lives. Rather than 'talk the talk' - we're ready to 'walk the walk' - to prove what we are made of and what we are worthy of. Our steps toward loyalty and dedication are building blocks to a lasting friendship in our relationships, as well as with our work and finances. This is a great time to study what we have in our life, and to figure out how we can add more value to what we already own.

Wounded healer Chiron leaves socially-conscious Aquarius and enters recovering Pisces until 2019. Where we've concentrated on 'the bigger picture' with ideas to better the world for others, it is time to redirect some of this energy toward ourselves. Thoughts and ideas turn into movement now, allowing the therapeutic waters of Pisces to flow evenly and wash over the world and over ourselves. Generous amounts of imagination, self-love, and compassion can overwhelm us and form an ocean of forgiveness and love again in our lives. As Pluto (release) and Saturn (restructure) both continue retrograde, we are closing a chapter in our lives of toxic and broken foundations (Capricorn) in our professional and personal relationships (Libra). We can choose to close this cycle physically and let go of the past, or we can close the gaps and meet each other halfway.

Self-healing will be on the rise, especially as Saturn retrogrades in Virgo (health) to help us re-examine and reshape our physical, mental, and emotional well-being. We may find ourselves dealing with old reoccurring health issues that will be forcing us to take a second (or third) look at the way we have been taking care of ourselves - as we deal with faltering health issues, necessary visits with our physicians, becoming available to new fitness programs, making better food choices, taking our vitamins, and so forth. Emotional and mental health care also rises as part of the self-healing, where more folks turn to therapeutic counseling, natural alternative health choices, meditation, etc. During this shift, we could see a fresh era of new music brewing in the very near future.

Jupiter is also in Pisces now, filled with much in the way of generosity and kindness. We make bigger contributions to the less-fortunate, as Pisces represents the selfless and helpless. Many may actually begin to anticipate the benefits of the new healthcare system. Jupiter in Pisces brings us an abundance of study, higher thinking, and blessings from the Universe. If you use to follow my Daily Horoscopes, I always referred as Pisces in the hippy-psychedelic form. The last time Chiron was in Pisces was back in the sixties when 'All You Need is Love' was the way. We can develop a new outlook and yearn for love and peace now, searching for compassion, spiritual growth, and a Higher Power. It's all about us living with each other, like the fish (Pisces) who travel in a school together, rather than swimming it alone. As Earth and Mother Nature continues to take tantrums, we are more likely to see more communal living and shared housing, as we're forced to become more cooperative into 'living as one'. What we learn, we teach and share with others - to live in harmony. Just like the lyrics of 'I am the Walrus' from The Beatles... 'I am he, as you are he, as you are me, and we are all together'.

In addition, as Chiron moves into Pisces, we also reach an end of a long cycle, whether within the last decade, but more than likely from our childhood memories and upbringing. Burdens that we have repeatedly experienced and suffered through, are coming to a close. Valuable lessons are learned, problems are solved, karmic debt is paid. To see how Chiron could be affecting you in your life, look at what house is ruled by Pisces in your natal birth chart, and where this healing begins to take place.

As I have mentioned in a few previous posts that started back in January 2010, a (Shocking) Uranus, (Abundance) Jupiter, of (Water) Pisces that we shall experience over the time ahead should not be viewed as devastation, but more in the way of Earth healing herself (Chiron), rather than waiting for us to do it for her. Nature doesn't wait for anyone, as she simply flows with the course of the Universe.

Wednesday April 21 Lyrids Meteor Showers. Usually will start around 11pm and into the wee hours of morning, but let's cross our fingers for clear weather!

Thursday April 22 Regarding Earth Day, I've been doing double work of tweeting my tremor hashtags and adding them to my twitter favorites to log date and time of the original experience, then transferring it to my website for my own file. I've recently decided to do it all - just once now - by starting a blog to log my experiences that will automatically log the date and time for me as well. If you have an interest, visit Intuitive Vibrations.

Friday April 23 Venus squares dizzy Neptune, and sextiles unique Uranus. We may see only what we want to see today, which could cause us to make poor choices for our future if we're not careful making responsible decisions based on realistic facts. Venus rules money and relationships, so these areas will be the most highlighted. While Mercury is retrograde and busy causing fogginess and confusion, our perspective and communications may appear delirious. Does this have to be negative thing? Of course not. We're simply asked to be aware of our thoughts and expressions first, before repeating any past mistakes. Be crystal clear now of intentions. It's best to put off some decisions later, as we'll be craving for a change from what we originally wanted earlier. Moon in Virgo will make us more conscious of our emotional needs, and we'll base our desires on what we need, rather than what we want. Virgo is pretty finicky that way, but it is for our best.

Saturday April 24 Venus (relationships and money) trines overachiever Saturn, and with the hard work that we have invested, our desires become grounded. With Moon in critical Virgo, we feel our need for perfection pays off. Procrastination of efforts can cause for nervous tension now if you feel you've come up empty-handed. If so, take the time to reorganize your steps tduring these retrogrades to get focused and motivated again. If at first you don't succeed, try, try again.

Sunday April 25, Venus (relationships and money) enters social butterfly Gemini, which gives us a lighter energy in our desires, allowing us to detach from the need to 'hold on tightly'. In our connections with others, some of us may need a breath of fresh air and search for new ways of inner expansion with more trips outside the house to mingle with others. Life can feel a lot more fun when we carry less baggage, especially while we're in the midst of figuring what we need to be confident, as we leave the rest behind. We're searching for new ways to communicate and crave new friendships outside the home. If a relationship is strained now, this can create the other partner to want to hold on tighter - upsetting the apple cart. Utilize this time to talk with your partner about your need for a bit of space to avoid the misunderstandings that Mercury retrograde delivers. Mercury squares impatient Mars, which can cause aggressiveness in one's expression that can lead to overbearing commands and heated arguments. Rather than voicing yourself immediately, try listening instead to get further ahead. Lessons can be learned during the retrogrades. We become settled as Sun trines healing Pluto. Our willpower over self-control and intuition heightens and we're able to create magic that attracts and grounds our individual needs.

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Great job! A lot to look forward to. Have a good week. Eileen

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