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April 11, 2010

Weekly Astrology Insight, April 12 - 18

We have a new emotional cycle on Monday April 14, as Luna enters courageous Aries 8:29 am EST. This is a time that we find ourselves ready to 'start fresh' and experience life on a whole new inner level. It is a time to flow with the Universe, to achieve more - rather than sticking with old routines. While in Aries, we're restless and fearless, with a desire to wander off into the unknown, to discover new ground. What would you like to experiment and start in your future? Imagine it. This is favorable energy to start projects, create personal changes, start new programs, etc. Perhaps hanging onto old methods has become stale and unproductive, try expanding this personal or professional aspiration in a different direction. With this cardinal moon, we are feeling ready to finally take our foot off the break, especially while Mars struts his stuff in proud Leo. Hold on to your reins of passion right now, so that you do not jump the gun and act too quickly. We may FEEL ready, but Mercury is in immovable Taurus, who is much more concentrated on the rewards of patience when doing some smart planning - which can stifle our enthusiasm to immediately rock and roll. It is a time to feed off of our needs, to know (in specific detail) what we want to achieve. Plant the seeds of intention, write it down, make a list, and highlight where your own determination can see it through.

A door for opportunity is available to us if we do our part on Saturday April 17 as Venus sextiles Jupiter. Abundant Jupiter harmonizes with flirtatious Venus, who rules relationships and money. This can bring in fortunate favors for finances, business partnerships, cooperation between individuals, romantic lovers, shopping, contract signing, verbal and written agreements. Moon in communicator Gemini will add flavor to our approach to others.

We're in-tune with our surroundings as Sun sextiles psychedelic Neptune on Sunday April 18. Our intuition and hunches are spot on as we open ourselves to alternative methods. We have a potential to produce great growth if we go with the flow. The downside of this could be that we enjoy the attention that we are receiving a little too much - allowing others to perceive us as we allow them to perceive us - rather than as we are. Stay real. Mercury, the planet of communications, also stations today to begin his retrograde journey for the next three weeks. Retrogrades are a short period when the planet appears to be moving backwards, which also sends us into a backward motion. Expect some mental confusion and fog which has the ability to create misunderstandings in the way that we communicate with others. It will be important to think clearly as to what you want to project now, so speak slowly and clearly - to avoid misinterpretations. Mercury also rules short trips, learning, and communicating tools. Possible travel mix-ups and delays are possible, studying for tests and exams could feel impossible, and technical toys that we use to contact others; like computers, cell phones, ipods, faxes, as well as machinery, appliances, and vehicles have a good chance to behave badly on us. Add a little clumsiness to this period, and we could end up accidentally dropping and breaking something, or experience a little fender bender. Back up your computer, repair vehicle/appliance issues if you already know that something isn't quite working right... pronto.

Last, you've heard me go on and on about my personal experiences with earthquake tremors and visions, but you should check out Jamie Funk's Pluto Retrograde Article that shares other's astrological insights regarding Pluto retrograde and the shifting within the earth. I don't feel so whacky after all.

Have a great week!


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