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January 01, 2010

Astrological Happenings, January 2010 Horoscope

Happy New Year friends!

It's a brand new decade, and we all get a fresh start and clean slate for 2010. Can I get a whoohoo?!! So what plans or resolution do have you to create a better year than last? If you haven't thought about this seriously, then take a few minutes now, to create a list of just three things that you would like to say goodbye to. You can name an attitude or resentment that you carry, an individual, finance struggle, procrastination, etc. Then beside each 'goodbye item', write down what you are going to replace it with. For example, one of my resolutions read: 'I am saying goodbye to paperwork procrastination, and replacing it with daily bookkeeping'. I wrote this on a post-it note and have it available as my personal mantra to keep me focused as well. Be sure to read your list out-loud to transform negativity into positive outcomes. Ask the Universe, or simply pray, for what would help to enhance your life, then mention what you are willing to do, to help create this good fortune. Vocalizing always helps to 'seal the contract'. The strength of yesterday's lunar ecliptic energy is decreasing, but her cardinal/emotional vibes are still quite mighty, thelping us to FEEL like this is the right time to make changes. During the next six months, we'll be closing emotional doors for self-protection, so that we may stabilize our own inner circle. We'll also be choosier as to who we allow into our personal lives.

The lunar vibrations of motherly Cancer is a quite potent way to start off our new year. We can expect to receive or work for more love and compassion in our lives. This particular warmth could come from our outter surroundings.. but because this is is an extra watery moon, we will be more likely to see our own reflection and actions, through our connection with others. Pondering, you may even ask yourself 'was this really the doings of others', or 'was this something in-which I personally manifested'? Intense self-nurturing can return to us like never, helping us to rediscover our inner-child, while reconnecting us with our individual needs, so that we can take better care of our personal securities. We're still available to others, but our defenses are turned up on high for self-protection. Just like when we were kids and we still played with the bullies we fought with. We had fun and played, but our defenses were available if we needed to protect ourselves. For our country, the latest terrorist act was a good lesson to show us what we need to know in regards to enjoying friendly relations with others, but protecting our homeland and shielding it from harm should be on priority.

Speaking of a clean slate for 2010, there are many individuals who have a hard time letting go of individuals or emotional situations from their past. If you're in a similar position, here is a cool quote I found that may interest you for 2010. "Don't worry about people from your past... there is a reason they didn't make it to your future." And truly, we all have our own individual paths, some of us growing much faster than others, or some growing and extending in a different direction. It doesn't make either individual wrong or right. It just happens. Simply thank this individual for what you learned during your time together - then bid them well on their journey, and begin on yours. With an astrological note, we start this new year with disciplinarian Saturn traveling through Libra until 2012. Libra rules the seventh house; our personal relationships, our enemies, and our professional partnerships. We will be coached by Saturn now to 'quit talking about the uneasiness that you are experiencing in this area, and to do something about it'. Saturn in Libra is our search for balance and fairness in our connections, and our weakest points will be found, so that we can either rebuild the friendship, or let it decay. Mars, the planet of action, turned retrograde last month, so we may feel a bit stunted from making any major moves until March 2010. We can use this valuable time to re-charge our own batteries, and figure out a way to create some healthy boundaries, to keep others from overloading on us. We all have lessons to learn in reshaping our relationships, so each of us can experience equality and happiness.

Taskmaster Saturn stations on January 13, to begin his REtrograde journey for the next four months. During this phase, we are encouraged to slow down, return to ourselves, and REview our recent steps. We're asked to REevaluate our current situations/relationships, so that we can REstructure what isn't working, so that we might REbuild a better tomorrow. As Saturn strolls through our partnerships, we should discover where weakness lie - giving us an opportunity to REconstruct stronger foundations. We can also REturn (mentally or physically) with our past history or with past individuals during this time as we REtrace past choices. When or if Saturn finds the flaws and we choose to avoid fixing them, we can expect a breakdown, a break-up, or a breakthrough - but we have always have a choice in the results. Saturn is extremely tough and never gives up, and he expects that of us too. We must give one-hundred percent of hard work and dedication to what we are searching for, and if we're not sure, Saturn will create various obstacles to help us be sure. Will-powered individuals who invest genuine time and energy to achieve goals will find success, while less-enthusiastic's walk away empty-handed.

Our first Solar Eclipse and New Moon of the year appears on January 15, in ambitious Capricorn, and we can find ourselves 'emotionally ready' to roll-up our sleeves and get down to business this year. As doors close, new doors are opening - trust the process. The Capricorn vibrations helps to increase our devotion and enable us to be more committed to our goals. After three weeks of being in retrograde, Mercury also stations today, and prepares for his direct journey. Communications begin to improve, decreasing misunderstandings and glitches in our technological toys and appliances. Two thumbs up for signing on the dotted line with contracts, and for purchasing your major items.

After a year of travel through the interactional world of Aquarius, Jupiter journeys into the mystical realms of Pisces January 17. Jupiter (abundance) in Pisces is very spiritual and connected with the metaphysical circle, which can allow us to expand our faith into bigger horizons, and simply 'believing' again. Jupiter in Pisces enhances and magnifies our dreams, wishes, intuition, and imagination. Think of the possibilities as to how these vibrations can change our luck and invite new opportunities in our world. It's a time of magic, miracles, and blessings. Some of us may be turning toward religion again or experimenting with an alternative faith to find the answers that we have been in-search of. Either way, we're reaching for something bigger than ourselves. Jupiter is always volunteering to spread his love and goodness in BIG ways, while packing some hope and faith in for good measure - but it's up to us as to how we apply these 'bigger than life' gifts to our lives. You can check your personal birth chart to see what house is ruled by the murky waters and clouded vision of Pisces... and where Jupiter helps us to trust our inner vision, and to grow - using conscious morals, honesty, advanced study, philosophy, and good fortune. On the flip side, Jupiter can also make the dream appear to be bigger than life - creating too much talk, and not enough action - accumulating thoughts of hopelessness, guilt, and blame. It is critical to find a healthy balance of your own effort, to reap rewards.

Pisces is the last sign of the zodiac, representing closure, karma, and endings. Jupiter will expand on this, along with Pisces' other abilities such as compassion, forgiveness, and healing. Many can be willing to change now, and go with the flow of a powerful source. Travel by water may be heightened this year, and we could see more precipitation, or possibly more flooding. With an increase in our emotions, we need to learn how to control them, or we could be adding on additional weight. We may see more feet issues during this time. With Pluto in Capricorn affecting our joints and knees, along with the obesity epidemic, this will add pressure to the feet. Saturn in sweet Libra can influence higher sugar levels which are connected with diabetes, extra weight, and again affecting the feet. A year of wellness can be greatly benefited by concentrating on healthy food choices, exercise, and meditation. Uranus has resided in Pisces since 2003, stirring the waters - creating inspirations and changes in the way that we believe. The influential weight of Jupiter will 'super-size' these happenings to create a big change that could result in shock, chaos, and powerful insights.

We crave for changes as Venus enters the chaotic world of Aquarius January 18. We want something different and unique, with an urge for spice in our life. We could become a bit frivolous when it comes to taking care of our finances, assets, and relationships as we search for a light at the end of the tunnel. As we escape our routines to chase life - we find ourselves surrounded with a crowd of individuals that we don't know, which excites our interest for the strange and unknown. Our curiosity spikes our intrigue, and we become more socially-concerned and generous with selfless acts and good will. We then get a taste of enriched intellect as Sun enters inspirational Aquarius January 19. We become more independent, desiring more freedom from our typical crowd. We appear careless and rebellious as we wonder if the grass is actually greener on the other side. As we become allies with solitude, we become reacquainted with ourselves and our inner spirit. We do as we please now, no rules, no regulations, no limitations. We are the lone wolf who is free to do as we please. We enjoy socializing, meeting new people, and getting involved for good causes. Opening ourselves to the 'bigger' world, opens our minds to 'bigger' things, bringing enlightenment and a new faith in people. We end the month with a Full Moon in majestic Leo January 30. Secrets are revealed, answers come to light, and our mood and behavior is in the spotlight. And Leo LOVES the spotlight! Leo Moon is great for putting ourselves 'out there', so be sure to look your very best!

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Thank you for your loyalty and support of my ramblings and my 'Happenings'. I look forward to bringing you more insight in 2010. Wishing you a Blessed New Year filled with joy, peace, and prosperity.


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